Alpine 903D Halo and speed sensor wire

    Hi - I bought an Alpine halo 903d and included with it was the quad lock and can bus supposedly for a T6 here in France. My question is the speed sensor wire and to some extent the connect2 interface plug, as there seems to be nothing that it actually connects too. I searched the existing...
  2. DanHow

    New T6.1 owner

    Hi all, New to the forum and new to van ownership. I've recently purchased a previously converted T6.1 as a daily driver and have a couple of questions/ issues to iron out before heading off on the road. 1. Previous owner fitted Bilstein B14 coilovers with 20" Riviera alloy wheels and H & R...
  3. S

    Alpine speakers on deal

    Hi all just bagged myself what I think is a good deal via ebay on the T6 alpine speakers (6.5”). This seller also has the bigger ones and the T6.1 I think...
  4. Buildrightmatt

    Alpine Halo 11 fitting

    Hi, im fitting the alpine Halo 11 to my T6 highline, the quad lock for the van has a green and blue block that don't seem to connecting anything. Are they needed?
  5. K

    Sold Alpine Halo9 Headunit only

    Hi, I'm selling my Alpine Halo9 ilx-f903d head unit as I've upgraded to the newer f905d. As it was pretty much a straight swap I have all the cables from the new headunit to include minus the camera/aux cable so you'd need a new one of these, I think they're about £15 on eBay. You will also...
  6. P

    Everything Alpine - Help from someone cleverer than me

    Hi all. Purchased the Alpine ILX -905DT6 and ready to install. I want to upgrade the speakers too and have decided on Alpine SPC10_T6’s. Now then, my question, do I go for the 106’s or the 108’s? I‘ve done some research at my knowledge level and have read that the 106’s would sound great with...
  7. Dav-Tec

    Alpine Halo 9 & 11 Connection issues with Wireless CarPlay

    Hi everyone, Just an update to support people with the Alpine 9 & 11 head units. If you are experiencing connection issues with wireless CarPlay please update your head units' firmware. using the following link which has the firmware and instructions. CLICK ME PLEASE NOTE YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO...
  8. S

    Alpine Halo 11 for T6.1

    So I'm going to take the plunge and buy the new version of the Halo 11 for my T6.1 to replace the standard unit "The iLX-F115D Alpine Halo 11 is the second generation of Alpine’s world-famous Halo product line, featuring a gigantic XXL 11-inch high-resolution WXGA touch-screen" etc. Is there...
  9. B

    Apline iLX 705D head unit reverse sensors and DAB wiring questions

    I have just got hold of a Alpine iLX 705D and having a few issues wiring to my '65' plate T6. All steering controls work, FM radio and I fitted the usb retention kit which works great too. Where I need help is regarding the DAB and reverse sensors, firstly the DAB there are 3 connectors left in...
  10. Absolut5

    Alpine out , Signature Audio in

    As the title suggests, this T6 Caravelle owner was left very underwhelmed with the Dedicated Vw Transporter audio upgrade, he was frustrated with losing the fader feature on the factory headunit, lack of dedicated bass control and the overall sound quality, lacked impact in the low end response...
  11. grumpydad

    That "Oh No What have I done" moment - completely dead after fiddling with the head unit [Resolved]

    Hello, I hope someone somewhere can help me! I am very new to car maintenance and it seems I have inadvertently killed my new car. We bought a 2016 T6 Caravelle a month or so ago. It had had a few modifications done to it, including a remap, a suspension upgrade, and an Alpine ILX-F903D head...
  12. S

    Alpine iLX-F115D Halo 11 OR Kenwood DMX9720XDS

    Cant decide between these two, fitting in a 6.1, I think both will look nice and do exactly what they say on the tin KW quite old though! What do yous think?
  13. H

    Alpine Halo 9

    I've recently bought a van and the previous owner had changed the original VW Discovery head unit to an Alpine Halo iLX-F903D. Which to be honest I'm not that impressed with for several reason. He also upgraded the front speakers and fitted a sub under the seat, but to be honest I don't think...
  14. Bynxy

    Alpine Halo 11

    Hello and happy new year has anyone fitted an Alpine Halo 11 to there T6 as I am going to upgrade to the current head unit and one of the options is the 11" screen over the 9" if so do they think the screen is too big or the right size thanks Liam
  15. Cairngorms

    Fitting T6.1 SPC-106T6.1 Alpine Speakers - From a Rookie!

    I was apprehensive about posting about my fitting experience to this Forum. What I see members doing is phenomenal. I am totally in awe. But there have been a couple of very small bits of advice that I've picked up that's been super-handy. If this post helps someone like me - a total rookie - to...
  16. vwski

    Audio: anyone seen these A pillar tweeters...

    Saw these the other day... Think they look really cool. Anyone seen / heard them yet?
  17. C

    Alpine vs Focal Speakers, anyone been able to compare?

    I've just installed a Focal amplifier and the 200mm Focal speakers with T6 mounting kit into my van. The good: 1. The tweeters are pretty nice. Much less fatiguing than the OEM ones. The bad: 1. The woofers are pretty poor. Very boomy and lose composure when turned up loud (I've used the...
  18. catfood12

    Alpine SPC-108T6 speakers - Custom fit T6 door speakers & tweeters

    Saw a reference to these on the 'What have you been doing' thread. They look awesome. Anyone tried them yet ? Looking to be about £400 for the kit. There's a smaller 165mm door speak option available too.
  19. osman

    Alpine halo microphone quality

    Anyone else with a halo noticed the low quality of audio that this mic provides ? Most won’t notice as you don’t think about your voice sound in a call . However if you use voice memo app on your iPhone whilst Apple car play is running you will hear how low quality the microphone sound is ...
  20. W

    Factory GPS Antenna & MFD with Halo 9

    Just finished installing a Halo 9 to my T6. Almost everything including new reversing camera working fine but a couple of niggles. Thanks to other posts on this forum I located the previously unused factory GPS antenna connector in the driver side door. Connected with up with a female to female...