1. Craig.

    Sold Alpine Halo F903D 9" with fitting parts

    Hi all, As I'm selling my van, the Alpine Halo unit is being removed and sold separately. I was going to use it in my new car but the plan has changed. It's currently still fitted and as such, has all the required installation parts (genuine VW single din fascia and genuine Alpine interface...
  2. R

    Faulty Halo 9? Where's the bass? Anyone local to me that could help?

    Hello, wondering if anyone could help me. I've installed an Alpine Halo 9 system in my T6 at the weekend and I'm seriously underwhelmed at the audio quality - there's next to no bass unless I turn the lower frequencies on the EQ up to max, and even then it's not great quality. I reconnected the...
  3. yatesuk

    Sold Alpine SPC106T61 Component Speakers & Tweeters for Volkswagen Transporter T6.1

    For sale - Alpine SPC106T61 Component Speakers & Tweeters for Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 Surplus to requirements as have change audio speakers to match new subwoofer installed in rear of van after installing leisure battery under the seat. Purchase from CEN in October 2023 but didn't get round...
  4. yatesuk

    Sold Alpine R2-S65 Speakers 6.5" 16.5cm 2022 R Series 2 Way Car Coaxial 100w RMS

    For Sale - Brand New Alpine R2-S65 Speakers 6.5" 16.5cm 2022 R Series 2 Way Car Coaxial 100w RMS 300w Peek These are the new version released at the end of 2022, RRP £249, purchased for rear speaker upgrade but plan has changed now. They come with grills and fitting kit. No offers, would...
  5. yatesuk

    Sold Alpine SPC-D84AT6 6 Channel DSP Amplifier & Subwoofer

    For sale - Alpine SPC-D84AT6 6 Channel DSP Amplifier & Subwoofer As new, now surplus to requirements as need the space under seat to install leisure battery. Purchase from Advanced In-Car Technologies in October 2023 but didn't get round to install till January. Great audio upgrade and fairly...
  6. t6blo

    Sold Alpine SPC-106T6 Speaker Upgrade for T6

    Has been fitted in my van for about a year and working perfectly. Am removing to replace with a different speaker. These sound excellent running on OEM headunit and are much much better than OEM speakers made of toilet paper or combine with amp and sub for abit more noise. All plug and play...
  7. secretK9agent

    Sold Alpine T6.1 Speaker Set

    Under a year old. Installed by VanHaven, then removed by absolut5 as replaced with their signature setup as part of a series of upgrades. £200 I also have a sub for sale and various other parts...
  8. Wolfster

    Is it worth the extra for Gladen over Alpine?

    I have a T6.1 Panel van that I’m starting to convert. I’m not sure what head unit I have but it has inbuilt sat nav and Apple CarPlay. Looking to upgrade the front tweeters and door speakers for plug and play option from either Alpine or Gladen. Originally I was set on the Alpine kit, but then...
  9. Longy82

    For Sale Alpine ILX-F115D Halo 11 Apple CarPlay Android Auto DAB Bluetooth 11" Car Stereo

    Hi everyone, I’m selling a used but in epic condition Alpine ILX-F115D Halo 11 Apple CarPlay Android Auto DAB Bluetooth 11" Car Stereo I’ve Had this in my van for 6 months. As I’ve installed rear TV and can use CarPlay I don’t really need such a big screen. Paid just over £1150 for it...
  10. T

    Problems fitting alpine halo 9 in T5.1 dash infill

    Hi im just fitting a halo 9 into my t5.1. I bought the fitting kit below but i cant seem to work out how they intended the head unit to sit in the cut outs as there too big? if i used the metal mounting brackets that where fitted to my other head unit the plastic facia then clashes and cant be...
  11. J

    Alpine Halo 9 and OEM reversing camera

    Hi All, I did a bit of a search but couldn't find a definitive answer on my question. I've just bought an Alpine Halo 9 (ILX-F903D) second hand and wondering what I need to do/purchase to utilise the OEM Reversing camera? Thanks in advance for any support
  12. N

    Alpine Halo 9 - new unit for T6.1

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience yet with the new Halo 9 unit - iLX-F905T61 . This seems to be the updated version of the F905D and F905T6 and is designed specifically for the T6.1. Seems to connect directly to the vehicle wiring and keeps access to all the stock functions esp the...
  13. M

    Who has stock Alpine Halo 9 F905

    Anyone have stock with the genuine Alpine fitting kit?
  14. Tredder76

    T6 - No tweeters installed? Update: tweeter cable kit.

    Hi all, Bought myself the Alpine T6 speaker kit to upgrade my 2018 T6, and I've just discovered my van didn't actually come with tweeters! Great... I have searched the forum, but haven't come across this anywhere, apologies if I've missed it. Reading the Alpine instructions that came with...
  15. t6blo

    Audio Upgrades - setting basic config

    With hindsight, I’d have just driven hundreds of miles to one of our resident specialists and paid them, but I’m now too far in having bought stuff myself and am now trying to DIY it to the point where I am satisfied with the sounds vs the money I have spent. I wish I hadn’t even started this...
  16. lukeadams

    Alpine Headunit screen issue

    Has anyone had any experience with an Alpine Headunit overheating? I’ve recently fitted an X803 and after around 30 minutes of use a patch appears on the headunit screen (attached). I’ve tried using the coolest setting on my dash vents but doesn’t seem to have any effect. I’m worried due to the...
  17. t6blo

    BASS in your face - subwoofers & amps

    Currently have a Composition Media running Apple CarPlay through the Alpine SPC-106T6 front components and some Alpine 6x9s in the rear. I want some more bass…. Do I still need RCA line level outputs from the head unit to feed into an amp or amps? Does the sub need a specific low frequency...
  18. lukeadams

    Alpine x801 to x803

    Question for Alpine gurus. I’ve currently got an Alpine x801d-u headunit and I’m looking to install an Alpine x803d-u headunit. Will it be a simple swap? Do I need another wiring kit?
  19. W

    T6.1 - SOS retention with aftermarket headunit

    Hello, I am installing a new headunit Alpine LX-f115d and I want to retein the SOS e-call. I have ordered the retention kit (it is out of stock for the moment) However I was wondering once the kit arrives, I would to know where it needs to be installed. As I am removing the dash panels...
  20. lukeadams

    Wanted Alpine F905

    I’m looking for an Alpine F905 if anyone’s bought one and having second thoughts