1. J

    Alpine Halo 9, reversing camera issues! - T6

    Hey All, I have a halo 9 head unit in my T6 and i have just changed from a rearview mirror rear camera to one that connects to the headunit. I have connected camera power to reverse light and ground. I cut the power cable from the old camera and connected to this to keep the wire length...
  2. vwski

    Audio: anyone seen these A pillar tweeters...

    Saw these the other day... Think they look really cool. Anyone seen / heard them yet?
  3. C

    Alpine vs Focal Speakers, anyone been able to compare?

    I've just installed a Focal amplifier and the 200mm Focal speakers with T6 mounting kit into my van. The good: 1. The tweeters are pretty nice. Much less fatiguing than the OEM ones. The bad: 1. The woofers are pretty poor. Very boomy and lose composure when turned up loud (I've used the...
  4. catfood12

    Alpine SPC-108T6 speakers - Custom fit T6 door speakers & tweeters

    Saw a reference to these on the 'What have you been doing' thread. They look awesome. Anyone tried them yet ? Looking to be about £400 for the kit. There's a smaller 165mm door speak option available too.
  5. scunny nige

    Alpine halo 9 issue

    Hi I took the screen off the alpine halo 9 to paint the suround on the dash , put it back on an now nothing wont turn on ,checked every fuse , is there an internal fuse on the head unit Cheers nige
  6. W

    Alpine ILX-F903 Fitting to T6

    Hi, I have a shiny new Alpine ILX-F903 waiting to be fitted. I have the fascia adapter and USB retention sorted. However, I am a bit lost as to what interface/adapters I need to order. I have a Startline so no MFSW but its does have MFD-Plus so I would like to retain the audio info coming up...
  7. Texxaco

    What is this on my MFD?

    Having fitted my Alpine X802D-U HU after it coming back from Alpine I now have this small issue. The Image below only shows when I am listening to Apple CarPlay, everything else such as Radio stations show correctly on the MFD. Anyone shed any light?
  8. GingerDub

    Reverse camera for Alpine Halo9

    So....I have the Alpine and have purchased a camera. The camera has the yellow plug and relevant power and earth pigtails. Question - do I need to run a wire from the Alpine to the reverse light live as well or does the power to the camera signal to the stereo it needs to switch the view? Any...
  9. O

    Who needs an Alpine Halo.. DIY for under £200

    Decided i needed a new stereo for my t6 and really liked the look of the alpine halo but didn't like the price. After research I came across the pioneer sph-20dab, cheap at £120 all i needed was a cheap tablet at £60 and i have a system that meets my needs.. plus i can unclip the tab and take to...
  10. C

    Alpine roof dvd interference

    Just installed a alpine roof dvd, but having a issue when the van is running I get loads of horizontal lines going across the screen, but when the van isn't running all is good and crystal clear. Do I need some sort of relay to stable the current if so which one would I need links would be...
  11. robbig216

    Alpine Halo 9 stereo error?

    Im wondering if anyone knows what the Er:2 means, it's bugging the hell out of me
  12. OllieGBR

    Kenwood 8019DABS vs Alpine Halo 9

    I deliberated for many weeks over the merits of these two units, opting for the Kenwood unit. Now I've had it for a few weeks, I thought I'd share my experience. The unit itself was easy to fit. I also opted for the reversing camera as I'm still in the middle of my build and this was...
  13. jason robinsonuk

    Reversing cameras and Alpine stereo

    hi i am going to fit a alpine halo 9 whats the best camera to go with it? thanks
  14. U

    Alpine Sat Nav

    I have had a Alpine 803u sat nav installed, all works well but when I turn the ignition off and the lock the van the radio turns off, which is what I would expect. If I return to the van and unlock the doors the radio comes on. The problem is when I then lock the van again without the key...
  15. OllieGBR

    Alpine Halo 9 vs Kenwood DMX8019

    Has anyone had experience with either of these units? I like the Kenwood, my wife prefers the Halo 9. I know from @Absolut5 what the differences are, just can’t choose. I worry that the Apline unit might vibrate as it’s a floating screen? cheers Ollie.
  16. Ethan Andrews

    Reversing camera and Pioneer stereo

    I am after fitting a reversing camera to my T6 which only has the non camera composite media unit. I have weighed up all of the options, and it all comes down to money And how good the systems are. I also want car play. And with that in mind I wonder if there is any point in buying a...
  17. Wheelz

    Old Alpine (sale) Or A Kenwood?

    Im still at a loss as to which head unit to go for!!! I’m split between the Alpine and Kenwood Stereos....... Both look great! Just seen this .... iLX-702D 7” Digital Media Station, featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Alpine are about to release the upgrade to this head unit hence the sale...
  18. jason robinsonuk

    Alpine Halo 9 wiring kit?

    hi all i have a friend selling a halo9 unit but it hasn't got the alpine wiring kit for a t6 can this be bought separately thanks jason
  19. B

    T6 Head Unit And Speaker Upgrade

    I have the standard media composition head unit in my T6 and want to upgrade the head unit with a decent speaker upgrade. I am undecided on which head unit to go for Alpine X802D-U or the Kenwood DNX9180DABS. Are any of these plug and play so I can keep the original operations. Which would you...
  20. H

    Alpine Halo Issues

    I've recently bought a van and the previous owner had changed the original VW Discovery head unit to an Alpine Halo iLX-F903D. Which to be honest I'm not that impressed with for several reason. He also upgraded the front speakers and fitted a sub under the seat, but to be honest I don't think...