air vent

  1. Ayjay

    Uneven Air Con Blowers

    My van has Climatic air conditioning and with the heat today I started the engine and set the air con to the lowest temperature with maximum fan and blowing into the face (as in the picture below). The air came out of all vents cold enough but I did notice that the the strength was rather...
  2. M

    Heater issue. 2018 T6 Shuttle

    hi peeps. heater went doolally on Saturday. passenger and rear is fine, nice n warm, but drivers is cold. its showing no faults, both probes in side vents are working. my friend is baffled by this, says it could be little radiator in matrix, half full of sludge. he's come across this problem...
  3. A

    Air vent toggle

    Does anyone know where I could buy a replacement dash air vent toggle as I've got one missing. Also would the van X T5/T5.1 ones fit ? Cheers
  4. JTT6

    Found Passenger dash air vent

    I have just installed a VanX glove box and managed to snap a clip on the dash vent in the process. Has anyone swapped their vents for the vanx ones or similar and have the originals no longer needed. Happy to pay a fair price.. Mine still fits but its really loose now and bugging me...
  5. davek

    Wanted Near side Dashboard air vent 2017 trendline T6

    Just fitted Van X Matte Black Glove Box, only took 45mins, looks good, but....., Got a bit excited and put a crack in the fascia of the near side air vent as i took it off, (think it was faulty, wasn't my fault, honest!) Anybody got one spare, for sale, promise I'll be careful next time, did...
  6. M

    Wanted WANTED - T5 2015 - Driver side door step and also Drivers side air vent.

    Hi Guys Im looking for 2015 T5 Drivers side (and passenger if available) Plastic door steps and also a drivers side air vent assembly - the old one has a hole cut in it and all me change is disappearing into the dashboard when I go round corners . Thanks Matt
  7. The Van Cave

    Comfort Gloss-Black Dash Air-Vents

    Hi all, I want to change the dash vents in my Kombi for those that come with the comfort dash so that I get the separate wheel to close the vents. It’s bloody annoying having to adjust the vents every time you happen to close and then open them. Does anyone know part numbers and where I can...
  8. JonB

    Air Vent Removal

    hi all, Does anyone know how to remove the driver side air vent on a comfort dash? I’ve got a rattle that’s coming from that area and want to rule out the air vent or something behind it. Tried the usual stuff like the a pillar trim . Thanks Jon
  9. Sjacko20

    Wanted Passenger Side Air Vent Surround

    I’ve been a bit ham-fisted and snapped the surround, wondered if someone who has replaced theirs for the piano black dash might have one lying around? Just the surround required not the vent.