aftermarket tail lamps

  1. dave_b

    rear rattle ?

    Has anyone experienced a rattle from THQ rear lights? Something in the back of the Van rattles over short sharp bumps and the only thing I changed was the lights. Going to swap them back and go for a drive, but was curious if anyone has had a rattle from the rear LED’s?
  2. SAF1981

    Has anyone bought Travelin Lite T6 Tailgate LED rear lights with dynamic indicator (T6.1 style)

    Has anyone bought the T6 Tailgate LED rear lights with dynamic indicator (T6.1 style) sold by Travelin Lite?
  3. p6raf

    Van X tail light resistor issue.

    Just fitted Van X clear rear led lights, which are stunning by the way. However, disappointed that it throws up a light error on the dash. Spoke to them this morning and apparently this happens if you have other led lights fitted. Their website states "These lights are plug and play no welding...
  4. fezza68

    Sold THQ VW T6 Sequential Indicator LED Rear Lights for TAILGATE – Red.

    Selling my rear led sequential indicator lights in red. These are for the tailgate version and my bus came with led rear lights so was a straight swap. In perfect condition with no marks or scratches and perfect working order. Only selling due to upgrade. Open to offers. Will post but prefer...
  5. D

    Sold VW T6 Full Exterior Aftermarket LED Sequential Light Package

    Hi I have for sale of my T6 the full sequential light package, the rear lights are for a Tailgate Model, these lights have covered no more than 500 miles and are in mint condition. Please see below links...
  6. C12jwalls

    Travelin-lite T6.1 LED tail lamps

    I've just fitted the new led 6.1 style rear lights for the t6. Plug and play system. Comes with the link cable so you will have both lights setup for reverse lights and rear fog lights. Mine was the halogen standard lights. They do do the ones for the led rears aswell. Bargain for £325
  7. T

    O/S fog light not working with THQ LED tail lamps

    Hi, Just bought rear LED lights from transporter hq, fitted them everything works fine apart from the passenger side rear fog light, could this be a fuse or would a fuse gone knock both fogs out or are they faulty,I did notice a blue wire not plugged into anything, help appreciated Thanks
  8. L

    LED tail lamps - one brake light defective

    Hi I have Led rear lamps and on one side n/s the brake light part has stopped working . Does anyone know of a company or person that can repair it ? The lamps were on the van when i bought it so I've no chance of sending them back under warranty Many thanks Lee
  9. simonnwt6

    Aftermarket tail-lamps flicker?

    My non led OEM lights seem to have a small flicker. Hardly noticeable until I park upto car park wall and I can see the light in the wall flicker. Both sides it appears to be. Could it be the battery? It’s a Moll. Don’t have any other electric issues. Any ideas appreciated. s
  10. Berger

    T6 aftermarket tail-lamps for barn doors

    Hi sorry if this has been asked before I’ve owned 5 transporters now all previous vans have had a tailgate this time I have barn doors due to van ticking all boxes other than tailgate but well under budget, my main problem with the barn doors is the lights aren’t that nice are there any upgrades...
  11. SAF1981

    T6 Aftermarket Tail-Lamps for tailgate

    Hello I'm looking to upgrade my T6 tail lights with either OEM lights or any possible suggested aftermaket tail lights. Preferably looking for a plug and play set to fit a tailgate rear. Has anyone changed theirs or has some suggestions? Thanks and happy new year
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  13. 1up

    Upgrade Reversing light

    Good morning good people of the Internet. Do any of you feel that the reverse light on the T6 doesn't cut the mustard? I think it's nowhere near bright enough and can barely see what I'm reversing into! Have any of you done any modifications to rectify this? I'd be interested to know as I'd...
  14. Matt bremner

    Van-X LED tail lamps for barn-door

    So these came this morning and I’ve already got them on ready to leave for the weekend. Well happy with them. Loving the Audi style floating indecators.
  15. C

    OEM LED Tail Lights for barn-door

    In process of finalising my van build upgrades/options. Going for LED headlights etc which I feel is a must from others comments on this forum. Am I being stupid (using the VW online configurator) it says if you have rear barn doors and LED headlights you can't have LED TailLights, Is this the...
  16. LordGozer

    Van-X LED tail lamps for tailgate

    Hi all Just found these whilst looking for aftermarket led lights, has anybody bought these or had any experience with van-x products? Van-X | VW T6 Tailgate LED Rear Lights