additional headlamps

  1. R

    Lazer Grill Lights

    had anyone bought these VW Transporter T6 Grille Kit - Volkswagen - Vehicle Integration Kits - Products Not sure the difference between ST4 and the triple R 750 not cheap but thinking about it any input appreciated
  2. Dannyb6467

    Led Light Bar. Advice Needed Please.

    I want to get a LED Light Bar fitted to the front of my van. Trouble is...I can find a good auto electrician who can wire it but they don't want to mount the bar as they have no experience in mounting these onto the van. It will probably be a case of someone having a general idea of where to fit...
  3. H

    Lazer Lamps

    is anybody running these? Lazer lamps. Look ok but pricey?