additional headlamps

  1. Robs1000rr

    DRL feed for additional LED lights

    Hi I have a bonnet light bar I would like to tap into the live feed to the drl lights so it comes on when they do but not sure what colour wire I need to spice in to . If anyone can let me know or even provide a picture of location that be great. Thank you
  2. L

    High beam piggy back adapter for extra driving lights

    Hi Does anyone know if you can use an amarok high beam piggy back adapter for extra driving lights on a transporter tdi340 2021 model van??
  3. G

    Light bar in lower-grille

    Hi, new user here from Finland with 2015 T6 LWB Caravelle. Owned a 2010 T5.1 previously and changed it to T6. T6 has 47000km/29200miles. I bought a Lazer Linear 12 Elite and used plate mount to attach it before leaving to Lapland for hiking trip. But now it seems that it´s throwing too much...
  4. Dannyb6467

    LED Light bar....anyone got one fitted??

    Hi folks...Concidering fitting a light bar or similar to give me plenty of light for working. Has anyone got any photos of where you fitted it / them please? Thanks, Dan
  5. H

    Lazer Lamps

    is anybody running these? Lazer lamps. Look ok but pricey?