1. A

    Styling kit package wanted.

    Hi, hopefully picking up my first transporter T6 at the weekend. Although need to be sensible (camper conversion savings) does anyone offer a styling pack ie bumper, side skirts spoiler etc all in a package. I understand we all have personal tastes but would be nice to get a good base and...
  2. DWS

    For Sale ABT DR 19” For sale

    I have for sale these lovely ABT. DR’s 19” They came on my van when I bought it, they have 2 different sets of tyres, 2 are cheap and 2 are toyo’s, unfortunately they are only 102 rated tyres rather than 103 making them suitable for a T32. They are not in perfect condition, they are used, I...
  3. S

    I’ve Just Bought A T6 Caravelle

    I’ve been a member for a while, whilst contemplating if I should buy a Caravelle or not. It wasn’t a difficult decision, but making my mind up on what I should spend was. And today I paid a deposit on a 2016 Executive 204 indium grey with LED’s and VW dynamic suspension. It has an ABT body kit...
  4. Jamie2.0

    Sold Vanstyle Front Spoiler

    I have this vanstyle front spoiler for sale. Bought it for £135 and never used it. (Sorry just realised photos are upside down). Looking for £100 or sensible offers. Collection only from Southampton/ New Forest. Hit me up if you’re interested!
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  7. SlickV8

    How Low On 20’s?

    Hi All. Just picked up my very first T6 Kombi. T32 swb. I’ve gone for an ABT front and a few toys incl 40mm cobra springs. I had a set of 20’s fitted yesterday with Vredestien Quadrac cross climates 275/40/20 (I figures better with softer sidewall on the lower springs/big wheels and give all...
  8. S

    Sold Ats Temperament 20inch Alloys

    Set of ats temperament alloys in grey /polished. These are suitable for all transporters 5x120 9.5j et42 load rated to 1075kg per wheel Fitted with uniroyal rainsport 3 (106xl) 275 40 x20 tyres. 2 have around 4mm and the other nearer 3mm 2 wheels have some slight edge marking in one place...
  9. D

    New Skyline Aurora Roof

    Fitted two weeks ago and we finally got chance to put the roof up today.....Skyline fitted at the main workshop in Weston super mare and our roof was the third one fitted since it was introduced a month ago. We have completed about 500 miles now and have not noticed any rattles or noises that...
  10. Dellmassive

    Wheels Help......

    @Bear says; I need some help/inspiration, I am so lost in the world of wheels, I have a T32, 4 motion, which I have dropped 50mm, but the devonports still look so small. I keep going around in circles on what I want, one day , sportlines, and other day 20” , so then I found theseABT DR 19...
  11. S

    What Grill Have I Got?

    I've noticed the grill on my Highline looks different to other ones, there is a triangle shape on each side that peaks at the middle bar and only 2 bars, with one of them being chrome. What grill is it?
  12. Insert Coin

    Hilo Roof Fitted

    I've been itching to get a pop top fitted for a while now, so I was on a waiting list with my local HiLo fitter for about 6 months (he's very busy). When the time finally came to fit the roof towards the end of 2018 the guy decided he didn't want to fit standalone pop tops anymore, he'd only fit...
  13. K

    C.nut Van

    Not finished but is any VW?
  14. vev.dp

    Choose between ABT -40mm and Bilstein B14

    Hello ! I am new here))) Most recently, I became the owner of the new VW Multivan VI, 150ph DSG, 2018y, in black. I live in Spain and many parking lots are rated at a maximum height of 2 meters. By this, I seriously thought about the changes in the suspension of my van. Now I am considering...
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    ABT 2019 3
  16. 4E8E90B5-328F-4B0A-B8ED-756283B11F6E


    ABT 2019 2
  17. 13ABE0AD-9936-4B55-9232-D736F53299BB


    ABT 2019 1
  18. Dugdog74

    Newbie Here. Well Almost.

    Hi all out there in dub land. Im new to this forum although I was a T5.1 owner for 3 years before. I just wanted to say hello and let you know I’m in the market for a T6, so watch this space. :D
  19. S

    Abt Wheel Stock

    hi guys Abt wheels stockist ?
  20. S

    Abt Or Sport Line Front ?

    ABT front or sport line front ? Is ABT worth the money ? Still undecided for new black van coming £££££