1. david173

    Found 985N Tailgate Struts Pair

    As per title looking for a pair of OEM uprated 985N struts for my tailgate if anyone has any available?
  2. Taylorm

    Found T6.1 Caravelle 985n Tailgate Gas Struts

    T6.1 Caravelle 985n Tailgate Gas Struts Please let me know if you have a new pair for sale or anywhere I can purchase a decent set. Thanks
  3. Spaghetti

    Vw Bike Rack - 1200n/900n Struts

    Hi All, Just fitted a VW tailgate rack, and with the 900N struts on, it's a bit lazy lifting. With a pair of 1200N struts on, it's a bit urgent with the way it opens. Question is.... Has anyone put a 1200N one on side and 900N on the other, long term? any adverse effects? It seems to open...
  4. mhill

    Uprated Tailgate Struts

    Where I've put so much silent coat on the tailgate then plylined the interior carpet my tailgate is so heavy that the factory struts won't hold it all the way up. I ordered a set of these on ebay for a bargain price of £27 but they are several mm too long and have no chance of fitting. I've...