1. J

    Smev sink and hob: 9722 or 9222?

    Ok so next decision smev sink and hob size 9222 or 9722 it's going to be just me and wifey I am thinking 9722 is big enough but is it? Also is electronic igniter better than piezo?
  2. S

    Smev 9222 hob depth

    Hi all, I'm struggling to find dimensions for the depth of s gas hob needed below the counter. Specifically the smev 9222 or similar unit. Anyone know where to find this info? Or have one? Cheers,
  3. CAB

    Dometic Smev 9222 washing up bowl

    3rd time lucky! We wanted a collapsible bowl for our Dometic (SMEV) 9222 sink. A lot of research found us zilch in terms of guaranteed fit, so recording this here for anyone else who might look in future. The standard ones you buy are too big (generally 38 x 27 cm) We measured, and got a...
  4. rod_vw

    Smev / Dometic Hob Burner Cap Screws.

    Just picked this up from another forum... Burner cap screws prone to rounding or shearing on older cookers. Replacement screws for SMEV (Dometic) hob burner cap screws where it was quoted that the makers sell two for £1.98. There is a supplier on eBay selling suitable stainless steel screws...