1. Pie

    Foam inserts for tow-bar - cheapest vendor?

    Where is the cheapest place to get the foam inserts you need when fitting the Westfalia detachable tow bar. Just Kampers do them but it's £38 for the 2 needed !!!! Thought that was a bit pricey. Cheers
  2. H

    Towbar Preparation Question

    Hi, I am specking my T6 and have opted for the towbar prep. I am a little confused as to exactly what VW provide here and wondered if anyone has specified this on a new build before and can clarify please? In addition to the actual mounting points for the towbar and coding, I am confused if...
  3. C

    Towbar option

    has everyone gone for the full vw wiring loom for the westfalia or the cheaper option which isn’t coded. What’s the differences please. Had just a standard fixed on my last t5 which wasn’t coded and was fine. Going on a T6 Kombi to pull a caravan. Cheers
  4. Sean O Leary

    Westfalia detachable towbar additional parts

    Hello All, Got my Weatfalia detachable towbar during the week and fitted it today. Just for anyone who is ordering one prior to fitting you will need the parts in the picture below which you can get from your VW dealer. It is the support for under the bumper when you remove the crash barrier, I...