3 seat bench

  1. buggycpl

    Kombi bench seats to 1+1+1

    I am sure a quick question for experienced T6 folks in the know. Is changing from a bench seats setup in a Kombi to a 1+1+1 or even 2+1 a bit of a faff? I can see the rubber flooring would need to be changed to accommodate the appropriate extra brackets. Are there already factory threaded...
  2. J

    For Sale Kombi 3-Seat Bench

    T6.1 Rear folding Isofix seats c/w seat belts and brackets See my other thread for an Ovano https://www.t6forum.com/threads/ovano.48598/
  3. I

    Wanted Kombi seats / belts / floor for SWB

    kombi seats wanted, ideally a triple with seat belts and brackets and rubber flooring for a swb single slider, looking to buy asap? thanks
  4. M

    Sold Genuine leather triple bench seat. £900

    Bought 3 months ago from a brand new van, genuine Vw real leather black triple kombi seats No brackets but does have belts, brackets will be available when I put the rock and roll bed in shortly. Located harrogate or Milton Keynes. £900 ono
  5. vwadventure

    Sold T6.1 Kombi bench, belts and flooring for twin slider - Bricks. £750

    These will be removed from the van this weekend in preparation for full conversion next week. Seats, belts, brackets and flooring. No rips or holes. Collection from SL8. - £750 ONO.
  6. P

    Sold Kombi triple - full kit. £695

    For sale - These seats and flooring, full kit with all fixings and belts removed professionally from our 2019 T6 Kombi SWB which is being converted to a campervan. Seats and floor as good as new. Looking for £695. Near offers considered. Collection from Worthing. Please call 07749298700.
  7. I

    Found triple kombi seat in simora with brackets and belts

    looking to buy a triple simora rear bench seat with the brackets and the seat belts, also the rubber flooring based in the midlands but can travel thanks
  8. Blasam

    Sold Simora 3 seat bench

    Good afternoon all, I have a triple bench seat available for sale in Simora, comes with two seatbelts and 4 floor brackets. This is used, no rips or tears and in all in working order however it could do with a wipe. Removed from a 2017 T6 Kombi. The floor brackets won’t be available until w/c...
  9. The Van Cave

    Sold Genuine VW Rear Load Mat - SWB Kombi - Single Slider - £175

    Need to clear some space on my Mezzanine (that was a great album), so this load mat needs to go, along with a few other items that I'm listing. From a SWB T6.1 of 3000 miles. Will fit all SWB single slider T5, T5.5, T6 and T6.1 vans. This one has cut outs for a triple bench seat. I've given it...
  10. VioletVW

    Found Triple bench

    I'm looking for a triple bench for the third row. Bricks fabric would be ideal, but all others considered. Cheers
  11. A

    Sold T6 Rear Kombi 3 Seat Bench + Floor, Brackets, Seat Belts. £450

    Selling a complete set-up for a Kombi. 3 Bench Seat, Rubber Flooring, Brackets and Seatbelts Great Condition, took them out when I converted to a camper, I think the previous owner never had them in the van as he used it as a work van. £450 ono. Based just south of Aberdeen
  12. RyanT6

    Found T6.1 rear kombi 2+1 seats, belts and flooring

    Looking for rear seats preferably from a kombi in brick pattern would like the floor belts and panels too if possible. Thank you 07850693532
  13. S

    Wanted Rear triple bench seat

    Based In south west Need a rear triple bench seat, any fabric considered. Isofix points required Let me know Will consider anything
  14. A

    Triple rear bench base board?

    I’ve got a triple bench in the back of my van and want to stop stuff sliding from the “boot” and under the seat - has anyone seen a board which fixes to the back of the seat base? If not, I might make one with a hinged section nearest the sliding door, so I can open that and have long things in...
  15. A

    Wanted Simora triple bench seat

    Hi everyone, Trying to find a rear bench in Simora, with belts, brackets and floor for a single slider SWB. Or even any of these items as thinking I may have to find some of them seperately! Based near Brighton but happy to travel as far as needed! Thanks in advance.
  16. BognorMotors

    Wanted T6.1 Kombi seats - Triples and 2+1

    As above we are looking for kombis seats and full sets in brick fabric. 2+1 and triples. Let me know what you have Oli
  17. D

    For Sale Kombi Triple Bench with all fixings/trims/belts and R GTE matching leather

    Tripple bench with all fixings/trims/belts and R GTE match leather. May meet/delivery South East/London. This was bought to go in my T6.1 third row but decided on 2X singles in the end so surplus to requirements. cover matches this trim: Cost me over 1K all in. OPEN TO OFFERS...
  18. Jonwm

    Rear triple metallic rattling

    Evening all I've seen a list on here about the rest factory kombi triple rattling and how to cure it but it's not worked so wandered if anyone else had cured it. Basically rear triple with bulkhead and when driving alone it rattle over bumps, pot holes etc, it's a metallic clanging sound...
  19. abunnyuk

    For Sale 3-Seat Bench + Floor-Brackets (no s/belts) £150

    Selling the rear bench seat that came out of my T6 Shuttle LWB complete with floor brackets and their plastic covers. As you can see, there's a wear mark on the bottom of the middle seat which was likely caused by a mobility scooter constantly rubbing against it when the seats were folded flat...
  20. VWVC

    Sold Kombi Bench in Circuit trim. £750

    Vw Transporter T6.1 New Rear Triple Kombi Seat In Circuit Black Trim. Unused, from a new vehicle that was converted. This seat will fit all VW T5, T5.1, T6 and T6.1 Transporters from 2003 onwards. Triple seat will fold forward flat, tip forward at an angle, and remove completely when not...