1. VW Cantera - front

    VW Cantera - front

    T28 camper conversion lowered on KW ST-X coilovers with Cantera 255/45/19
  2. VW Cantera - rear

    VW Cantera - rear

    T28 camper conversion lowered on KW ST-X coilovers with Cantera and a 20mm spacer on the rear running 255/45/19 Goodyear Eagle F1’s.
  3. K

    255/45/19 on 9.5J rim any good

    What’s people’s opinion on this tyer size is it to stretched is it best to go 275 any one run the same The van is lowered 50mm I’ve ordered these but don’t know if to ring up and change them. The offset is et 42 thanks
  4. Thatratman

    Sold VW Cantera Alloys with 255 45 19 Eagle F1’s

    Immaculate set of Cantera’s with goodyear eagle F1 asymmetrical 255 45 19 104 tyres. I bought the wheels brand new, had them powder coated in satin black straight away and have only covered 4K miles since. Can’t find my tread depth gauge but I guess they’re good for another 8-12k miles. All good...
  5. madforitbaz

    VanStyle advising against 275/40/19

    Van Style advising against 275/40/19. They say "unfortunately due to the rolling radius we would not recommend fitting that tyre size to those wheels as it may cause your speedo to read incorrect." Now unless I am calculating it wrong it actually has a lower Radius than the 255/45/19 they are...
  6. P

    18 Or 19?

    As quite many are using 20" wheels, which by the way do look rather nice, but it is not suitable for all users. So please be kind and show your 18's and 19's to help make up my mind and hopefully gather good visual database for other users as well :)
  7. S

    19” Tyre Recommendations

    Will these be ok on a T30 - 275/40/19 - 9 offset?
  8. paul600rr

    Show Us Ya 19s

    what do people think to 19” alloys on T32 dont fancy 20” as i will be using van for fishing and taking trail bike so dont want to risk rubbing etc and think ride be to hard on 20” or should i go back to looking at 18 i will be lowering van but unsure how low to go ?? any thoughts
  9. Rossco2608

    19" Amarok Cantera Wheels

    After much thought about sport line reps / painting existing Devonports etc finally decided and bought a set of Amarok 19's (well will be paying for this week on delivery) brand new which i plan to paint in BMW ferric Grey which should look good with the Bamboo Garden Green hopefully! They...
  10. T6Paul

    19 Inch Tyre Pressures

    I'm trying to find some info on tyre pressures for a set of 255/45/19's and was hoping that someone running on 19's could help with suggested tyre pressures?... @Walski @RattyMcClelland I believe you're both running on 19's? :) Thanks Paul