1. C

    Incorrect size tyres on Amarok wheels

    Hi Folks, appreciate a bit of advice on wheels/Tyres. Just bought a set of VW Amarok 18" 7.5j wheels with delivery mileage on ebay for a great price. But they have 255/60 Tyres, as opposed to standard 215/65. This gives a bigger rolling radius and speedo will be about 10% out. Is this...
  2. spook

    Sold A Set Of 4 X 18" Amarok Wheels With Tyres

    I HAVE A SET OF ,, 4 x 18" amarok wheels with tyres ,, PICK UP NORTH EAST £600
  3. LT2019

    235/50/18 vs 245/45/18 vs 255/45/18

    Hi Folks! Looking at new wheels/tires for T6 Highline. Sticker in the door only provides one size for 18inch wheels, which is: 255/45 R18 xl 103H 8jX18 What rims widths would you recommend for each of these? Which tire would provide the most comfort and less road noise? Current on 2015/65...
  4. G

    For Sale Rare 18" Springfield Alloy Wheels With Pirelli Tyres

    I'm selling the genuine VW 18" Springfield alloy wheels that came on my 2017 van. I know these are rare and sought after, but I prefer the look of the slightly larger BBS XA wheels that I swapped them for. All in good condition, with 245/50/R18 Pirelli Tyres. (Three tyres almost new, one more...
  5. SkyMonster

    Recomended tyres for Sportline wheels

    Im going for a set of T6 Sportline wheels 18" is there any recommendation on tyres. Edit: Just found a thread with the info but if anyone has info mi would appreciate it