10.5j rear

  1. D

    Shuttle door-cards and 10” rear wheels

    Hi, I'm after some staggered 20 inch wheels for my shuttle if possible. Issue is the door cards on the sliding doors are thicker... Anyone running staggered on a shuttle? If so what spec wheels? Thanks in advance.
  2. S

    Judd T311R 20”

    So I recently ordered some Judd T311r from Tamar wheels, I ordered 20x9J fronts ET 38 and 20x10.5J rear ET45, my order arrived today and I checked where the rim sits before getting tyres fitted. I’m a bit concerned how close the rear wheel sits to the inner arch liner! Obviously there was no...
  3. T

    275/40/20 On A 10.5j Rear?

    Hi. Im getting some new wheels on a t32 kombi. Having 9j front et35 and fitting 265/40/20. On the back im having 10.5j et42 but am concerned fitting the same size tyre. Sure it will look great with stretch but could i run a 275/40/20 just on the rear for a little more rim protection? Van is...
  4. Dannywilds

    Show us your 20’s

    opinions on these two wheels???
  5. Carl1974

    10.5J 20” Alloys?

    Will 20x10 and a half j fit on a t28. Seen some wheels but states for Audi and merc?
  6. D

    Sliding Door Extension Hinges To Stop Rubbing

    Just installed 10J wheels and told by the supplier that there will be no worries on a Caravelle .Both sliding doors hit the tyres with a squeak ! I have heard of peeps having 10.5 J rears with no issues. Are Caravelle door cards an inch thicker ? He suggests that there is some adjustment but I...

    10.5 Alloys

    Hi guys new to the site, was wondering if these alloys will fit my t6 t32 that's been lowered.