Two things please? Rock and roll mattress topper and heater blown fuse!


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Thanks to everyone on here who gave me advice- I've just got my van back from conversion and it's bloody brilliant! Got a 150 ps LWB T30 highline which goes very well. Firstly, after having a look on here and on other websites, I can't seem to find a mattress topper that fits the Fabworx rock and roll! It's 185 x 110 cm in size- anyone got one or found something? I note people talk about the Duralay but they don't seem to fit! Secondly, when the van was plugged into the house mains via the 3 pin adaptor, I turned the Webasto heater on and it blew the fuse in the Sergeant PSU twice. Disconnected it from the mains and it's fine! Is there something I'm supposed to put in the connection to stop that happening please?