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Sound Deadening

Discussion in 'Interiors, Seating, Lining' started by RAD, 18 Mar 2018.

  1. RAD

    RAD Member T6 Pro

    what sound deadening did you buy and where from? How much do I need for a twin slider tailgate Kombi?

    Googling Silent Coat and Dynamat leads me to different sites.

    Edit - currently in the process of lining and insulation the van, so any help would be appriciated
    Last edited: 18 Mar 2018
  2. Abbo

    Abbo New Member

    Sound deadening Shop deadening.co.uk - Silent Coat for deadening, then dodo lining, followed by Dacron. 3mm mdf board with 4 way stretch carpet. Jobs a good’un.
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  3. Dazmitch

    Dazmitch New Member

    How much of everything do you need to order? My van already has panels so I'm guessing these can be reused?

    I need this doing I'm not used to hearing squeeky rattles after hitting every bump
  4. Willoughby

    Willoughby Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Got a kit from Car Insulation called up and got a fair price. Only negative is some of the deadening has a foil that is razor sharp.

  5. craigblues

    craigblues Member VCDS User VIP Member

    Ive heard a few different people now mention using MDF or different board rather than carpeting the panels you get with it? Why is this? I know some traders use 6mm board also. Is there much benefit of all this rather than just using the existing ones?
  6. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    I think its mainly down to strength, you can carpet the original boards but they are only basic hardboard/fibre board and can be broken easily by moving/falling objects where ply will give you much more resistance to damage
  7. Surfrdan

    Surfrdan Member VIP Member

    I'm currently doing this to my single slider tailgate Kombi. I'm currently on the sound deadening stage and have only used 3/4 of a box of Silent Coat so far and I'm nearly finished. But I've not done the roof as I'd like a pop top some day. I may well pull the floor up and add a complete layer under there with the second box!
  8. Dazmitch

    Dazmitch New Member

    It's Bad that this sound deadening doesn't come as standard , it's not like these vans are cheap I've got a pack of silent coat 30 sheets for £40 from flee Bay the size of a4 paper so I'm hoping this will be enough to make a difference.

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