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Rear wiper

Discussion in 'VCDS / VAGCOM Information & Requests' started by Rob, 20 Oct 2016.

  1. Rob

    Rob Senior Member Moderator VIP Member T6 Guru

    is there any options in the VCDS to disable the rear wiper from activating when reverse is selected and the front wipers are on please?
  2. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    Dont think so, dont recall seeing any options for that
  3. DaveBos

    DaveBos Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    Didn't know they did that, mind you I very rarely look out the rear window when reversing, got a camera for that.
  4. mopardave

    mopardave 150 Kombi Manual VIP Member T6 Guru

    Rob........funny you should say that 'cos I was just thinking that the other day! I suppose the answer is to make sure the wipers are off when starting up or when selecting reverse......a pain, but there it is! Must remember to switch the wipers off when parking up for the night now that winter is coming......that mistake once made my wallet smart a bit!!!!!!
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  5. Buggirl

    Buggirl Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    Very good point indeed! I must remember to do this too! If they are on auto and have wiped fairly recently to selecting reverse then yes auto rear wipe is activated! Drives me mad! On media (the head unity with mirror link etc), there is a cat set up function (had it on my other new VW last year) and you can disable it through driver controls on steering wheel functions too, but sadly not on my composition head unit.
  6. Stevefrs

    Stevefrs Senior Member VCDS User VIP Member T6 Pro

    Yes you can disable this in vcds. Central electrics and adaptations under rear wiper comfort.
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