Local North West (liverpool Wirral) Conversion Companies

Discussion in 'General VW T6 Chat' started by joe_j_barnes, 14 Jan 2019 at 15:42.

  1. joe_j_barnes

    joe_j_barnes New Member

    Hi all,

    Was wondering if you can recommend and local converters to me around Wirral Liverpool.

    Am looking at staged conversion at this stage, roof , sound proof carpeting , electric etc.
  2. Brom

    Brom Member

    Might be worth talking to Nu-Venture Motorhomes at Wigan, just up the M58.
    They do bespoke conversions; they did ours, and we can thoroughly recommend them.
    You can watch our conversion on YouTube - Dantheman321, a series of eight videos.
  3. Eli1264

    Eli1264 Member

    JOBL in Ellesmere Port, JOBL Design – Your home away from home..
  4. ShaunR

    ShaunR Member

    Toby at T4life in Preston top bloke

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