First Blood.


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Well, the van has claimed it's first victim. My thumb. Slammed the driver's door on it on Tuesday. Huge black nail and broken thumb. Won't be doing that again. View attachment 45306
Ouch. Can’t possible “like” that picture/ post, how can you like that someone has broken their thumb in a door.
Hope the pain subsides soon.


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It could of been a lot worse!.... it could have been my thumb;)

Ps. I'm another one who can't bring himself to like the picture:(.... oh who an I kidding :rofl:


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I did the same years ago in the side door of a Tranny van!

I didn't break it, but within minutes the nail was being forced off from the quick end.
The throbbing was so bad I got up at 2am and drilled a hole in the middle of the nail to release the pressure.