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Discussion in 'Interiors, Seating, Lining' started by lfgward, 12 Jul 2018.

  1. lfgward

    lfgward New Member VIP Member

    Hi all.

    I am hoping to exploit some of the knowledge that members have of the T6 Kombi that I have recently purchased in regards to front passenger swivel seat.

    My wife has limited mobility and it is our intention to have a "Turny Evo" seat fitted to the van which will effectively rotate and extend outside the van before lowering to a height where she can transfer from a wheelchair to it. The seat will then lift her up prior to withdrawing into the van rotating back into the facing forward position. Unfortunately, the seat that is fitted to this chair can best be described as rudimentary. For this reason I was contemplating having it fitted into the rear passenger nearside location with the intention of having her then transfer to a front passenger swivel allowing her to then enjoy the comfort of the existing front (single) passenger seat.

    My question is: Can you swivel the front passenger seat with someone sitting on the seat from pointing back to pointing forward without removing kneecaps?

    I would be extremely grateful for any advice that members could offer.

    L Ward
  2. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    Swivels for passenger seats are all generally fixed swivels ie they rotate around a fixed point
    Now I don’t see a major issue swivelling the seat with some weight on it as long as that weight is evenly distributed across the swivel axis but I think the issue will be legroom while turning, there is a gap between driver and passenger seat but the handbrake is down there and would get in the way of lower legs
    Bottom line I think to turn the seat with someone sat in it I think they would need to be smallish/slender build and able to move legs up so heels are against bum/knees towards chest kind off seating position

    I don’t personally have swivels in my van but Luckily for you there are loads of helpful members here so hopefully someone’s kids have probably already done it or one of them will go outside and give it a go ?
  3. Twenty Four

    Twenty Four Member T6 Pro

    I know it'll be more expense but if the seat doesn't swivel with weight and the handbrake is in the way you could always fit something like a Ricon six-way seat base which will allow the original passenger seat to slide back further before swivelling.

    Are you sure the Turny Evo doesn't use the existing passenger seat anyway?

    Quote " All swivel seats use the existing seat mountings. This helps to ensure that the seat is safe, and also means the original seats can be refitted if necessary. One or two models also need additional mountings to be attached to the car."
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  4. Nigel W

    Nigel W Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    We have a VW swivel single passenger seat and the problem you will have is the backrest. It has to be wound to a vertical position otherwise it will not clear the door and pillar as it rotates.
    When we rotate ours we have to wind the backrest to vertical and then we also open the passenger door so that it clears.
    My wife is 5ft so we gave it a go and by pulling up her legs she can clear the handbrake but the vertical backrest pushes her forward into a difficult position and she wouldn’t like to do it very often but it is possible.
    Hope you can follow......
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  5. lfgward

    lfgward New Member VIP Member

    Thanks for the feedback - probably asking too much of a simple swivel seat. Twenty Four: unfortunately the makers say no. Has to be one of three versions of theirs. Its an expensive piece of kit 6K +!!! Went down this route rather than ramp to allow us to maintain van's layout and preserve the ability to park in normal spaces.

  6. Twenty Four

    Twenty Four Member T6 Pro

    OK, I'm not convinced. Turny Evo seat lift | Autoadapt

    Also GM Coachworks have nearly new ones in stock starting from £3500. Great offers on the AutoAdapt Turny Evo seat | GM Coachwork
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  7. Bryn23

    Bryn23 Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    You can swivel front to back with someone on the seat, well i can anyway, but it is tight and the chair has to be in the perfect position.

    The hand brake is an issue when dragging your leg legs around,

    Have you considered a AMF K90 under van cassette lift?

    I've got one, it does the job for a paraplegic wheelchair user.

    They have a K90 Active which is smaller that may now be available for the RHD market.
  8. Carndearg

    Carndearg Member

  9. lfgward

    lfgward New Member VIP Member

    Thanks everyone for your help. I'm onto it. Thanks 24 - you've got me onto investigation mode.

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