Deposit Placed..accessory Suggestions Please.


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Super excited, deposit placed on a 68 plate Cali Beach in Bamboo Green today!

As part of the deal I have £1000 voucher for dealer fit accessories. Not sure where to place the funds. Dealer suggested sidebars but at £600 I feel aftermarket might be more cost effective and use voucher elsewhere plus with young kids thinking sidestep would be better.

Initially been thinking rear spoiler, roof rails and bars (think they can go on Cali poptop?). Maybe LED Drls? Or the VW cooler?

All thoughts and suggestions welcomed


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F0BE74F9-88E1-4C27-958A-99385F45BEF5.jpeg I’ve only lowered mine on Bilstein B14’s and put a rear spoiler. I did try some 20” alloys but have since gone back to my Devonports