can one van do it all??


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Second time owner of a T6. This time looking to get one vehicle to do everything - but am I living in a dream world?

sometimes need to use it as a works van - shifting some big bits of furniture around and the odd sheet of plasterboard!
sometimes need to use it as the dad taxi - throwing bikes in the back - anything up to 3 bikes.
sometimes want to go away and use it as a day van - maybe an overnighter with a rock no roll bed or somewhere to sleep..

ideally want to have 1,2 or 3 seats/bed in the back in different positions (have seen a few sliding rail systems which might tick that box)
also would like to remove everything from the back in case i need the space - so modular designs probably suit best - just put them in when I need them - and having nearly put ny back out trying to shift out one of the twin seats in the past - the idea of 3 single seats does appeal...

going for swivel seats in the front and a hi-lo pop top roof - so might not actually need a bed down below if they are strong enough and long enough for a 6ft to sleep in.

in people's opinion is it best to get one place to do it all - or shop around and get specialists to do there own thing - one place to fit the roof - one place to do all the seats / carpet lining etc...

also what to people consider the best value / must have - as funds are limited - and half of its going on the pop top probably - so won't get everything on the wish list...


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Welcome to the forum.
I was looking for a very similar set up to you and found it could all be done, easily and without spending a fortune.

I have a twin slider Kombi that I use as a
Works van.

Mobile office

Day Van


And Camper


There are of course, far more salubrious approaches to gaining what you're looking for but I was after a great all rounder that ticked all the boxes without breaking the bank.

I didn't opt for a pop top as I didn't need it for my requirements.

I did install a Leisure battery, Webasto parking heater and a Reimo rail. All of which I wouldn't be without.

Welcome to the Forum, have fun and there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from this site and its very friendly, approachable members. :thumbsup:
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To put it bluntly, thats partly why i ended up with my caravelle.... The only thing i want to do is change the rear windows, make my own multiflexboard. so it a bit more private if im taking a kip. only had her a couple months and im trying to find the root of a clunk noise that im determined to get sorted.
I got a relatively good deal on her and shes top or the line (minus a few options) - Executive model.

i got a king size malm bed (ikea) and mattress in there the other week (the matress took some.. presuasion, but she is wide enough for 150cm matress) without removing any of the seats, and i could have maybe got another matress on top. This was by folding the the 2nd row seath down and turning the third row into the bed fucntion - then laying something protective over the top before sliding those near 30kg boxes on top. all in all, acrooss all the seats etc there was nearly 150kg just laying there. which i quite a bit of weight, but id imagine you could do 300 wihtout an issue.

If you need to thogh, you can remove the seats as you please as well but be advised - The seats are REALLY heavy (especially the rear one)

I would personslly just get a rack for the bikes (more so, i have one) that fits on a tow hitch as a swb isnt really long enough to put bikes in with the seats forward without getting crushed legs in the rear - this might not be a problem in the lwb - id suggest getting a tape measure to that one and just take measurement of the seats etc and legth/depth of bikes and just give yourself smiple maths excerise to see if the bike rack option will negate having to use the internal space for such endeavours.


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the suggestion the chap above with pics is probably the cheaper option on the menu - i dont have kids, so, as you say you do, if things get dented damaged and bruised, you arnt going to feel so gutted if the vehicle is cheaper.......