zito zf01 wheels

  1. The Van Cave

    For Sale Zito ZF01 Staggered 20" Alloy Wheels

    Hi All, After running them for just over a year, I'm selling these stunning wheels to make way for something different. They will be professionally refurbished prior to sale, but I've chosen not to have the refurb done yet, I wanted to leave the colour choice up to the buyer, so the plan is to...
  2. The Van Cave

    What shall I do to these wheels?

    So, after running these wheels through a filthy winter they are in need of a refurb, but the question is, what do I do? It took me a long time to find the right wheels and I still think they are the right wheels, so I'll keep them, but do I keep them silver or change the colour? Maybe satin...
  3. DaveF

    1form Edition 1 Wheels - Anyone Fitted Them?

    Thinking to fit some 1Form Edition 1 bronze 19's to my T32 (once the weather improves!) Has anyone else fitted them? Alternative option would be Wolfrace Dortmund (also bronze) Feedback and / or Pics greatly appreciated
  4. Fish

    T32 Wheel Options.

    With all these discussions of suitable load rated (860kg+) T32 wheels and the constant checks of suitability and questions such as "What is that wheel on your van?" "Is that suitable for T32?" "Will that wheel fit my bus?" etc etc I thought it may be worth starting a 'sticky' dedicated to this...