wolfrace x10 wheels

  1. C

    Tyres for 18” 8.5J wheels

    Freshly delivered yesterday, 18" wolfrace x10x wheels. Would I be right in thinking tyres would be 255/45 R18 Y ?? Also can anyone recommend a brand and a supplier / fitter in Surrey, that won't damage them ?
  2. D

    Finally got a van

    Finally collected our van from the converters last night , what a job Custom design campervans have done
  3. K

    Wolfrace X10?

    Has anyone got wolfrace X10 wheels on there t6, trying to decide on 18" wheels but would be nice to see a picture of them on? Thanks Kirk
  4. Loz

    Wheel Identification Thread

    Please post your wheel pictures including the name and size so we can compile a reference. If possible also include the weight range etc. Please try and post a side on shot like the first 2 examples. This topic will be tidied up weekly
  5. Jimmi

    Black Alloys

    17 or 18 inch, anything considered need to fit a T32
  6. T6Paul

    Sold Custom Gold Wheels

    For sale is my set of gold wheels and tyres. The wheels are 19 inch Wolfrace X10 that have been professionally powder coated in gold. They are 9j et48 and work perfect to fill the arches. Tyres are 255/45/19 104. The wheels and tyres are both correctly load rated for a T32 Two of the tyres...
  7. T6Paul

    Sold Wolfrace X10 Wheels T32

    I have for sale a brand new set of 4 Wolfrace X10 alloy wheels in satin black 19 Inch to fit T6 or T5 - These are load rated for a T32 £550 Collection from Bristol Wolfrace GB-Classic - X10 (Satin Black), Wolfrace Black Alloy Wheels,