1. S

    Fuel line routing - Wallas XC duo

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to route the fuel line from the tank up to my kitchen unit to connect to a Walkas XC duo - is it yet another hole in the floor , or is there a route through from underneath into the area at the side behind the drivers seat? thanks Simon
  2. S

    Diesel Hob Vs Gas Hob.

    Hello. I was not sure whether to resurrect the old diesel hob thread from 2016/2017 but I am sure it can be merged it needed. We are currently looking at converting our van. One of the examples we were shown had a WALLAS diesel hob/heater which looked quite good. Have read up on them but a lot...
  3. C

    Got It Back

    Just got my T6 back from T4 Campers in Yorkshire, great job on the interior including the troublesome internal water tank. Vamoose bed with 6” extra cushion on the side making it that extra bit wider and much more comfortable, first chance to check out our Wallas unit as both cooker and heater...
  4. M

    Which heating system?

    I have been looking a few different types of heating. Wallis (i like the idea of not having Gas in the van, but concerned about size/heating up for the hob) or Propex or Webasto Thanks
  5. Keaney

    Wallas heater and cooker

    Only just found out about this bit of kit from Vandoc, does anyone have one? How does it compare with a eberspacher? Very tempted with the no gas idea but the exhaust looks terrible on the Wallas. Also noticed some conversions at busfest having a ceramic diesel cooker. Definitely make me...