1. P

    Wallas XC Duo on / off button issue

    Hi, we have a problem with our Wallas XCDuo struggling to turn it on and off as the button seems to be playing up. Does anyone know if it's a common problem or an easy fix? Or does anyone know somewhere near Chichester that might be able to fix it? Thanks
  2. Q

    Chinese knock off diesel stove has CRACKED after only a few weeks!

    Ok people might be saying the old buy cheap buy twice but I wasn't willing to pay 1800 smackers at the time anyway. I still don't know if I am given that a gas setup could be achieved for a similar price all in with installation and such. The crack happened after driving for around 7 hours in...
  3. C

    New prospective T6 owner seeking advice!

    Hi everyone. I'm at the start of my T6 journey and looking for advice. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place - if so please let me know where I should be and I'll delete and repost. Wife and I are very keen to buy a T6 (teenage kids don't want anything to do with us now so might as well!) but...
  4. Q

    Questions about diesel hob - heating efficacy, cost calculations vs gas and what is the cheapest without compromising quality?

    Hi guys. This forum kept popping up while doing research about diesel hobs. Btw I will preface by saying that all my considerations are for a ford transit connect where economic use of space is of primary importance. I am part way through a conversion. Done the insulation yet no electrical...
  5. T

    Espar Combi Hob/heater compared to Wallas Duo

    Hi Guys, Hope you help, looking to purchase a Espar Combi hob/heater has anybody had any problems and what are the thought between Espar and the Wallas Duo Many thanks Tommy
  6. S

    Wallas XC Duo & voltage issues

    Hi Firstly forgive my lack of knowledge of electrics, but i'll try and explain things as best I can. I am looking for some advice before going back to my convertor about an issue we have with the Wallas XC Duo and battery voltage. Our setup is Wallas hob/heater, fridge, lighting supported by...
  7. La Dodgy Vita

    Anyone used a Ridgemonkey on a Wallas diesel hob?

    Santa brought me a Ridgmonkey XL for Christmas and I can't wait to use it on my camping stove and firepit. However my van is fitted with a Wallas XC Duo heater / hob (which is fantastic). Now I've found a few threads on this forum about the whys and wherefors on using a Ridgemonkey on a diesel...
  8. T

    Wallas XC Duo noise

    Afternoon all I recently upgraded to Wallas Duo Heater (not cheap!). When both on heating and cooking mode it makes a loud pulse sound every 2 seconds (this is as well as the normal van noise which isn’t annoying)I think this will get very annoying when heating the van in the winter. Can...
  9. G

    Do diesel cookers smell?

    Looking at getting a T 6.1 Camper, some suppliers offer diesel cookers, does anyone know if you get diesel smells when using hob or cooker inside Van Thanks
  10. S

    Fuel line routing - Wallas XC duo

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to route the fuel line from the tank up to my kitchen unit to connect to a Walkas XC duo - is it yet another hole in the floor , or is there a route through from underneath into the area at the side behind the drivers seat? thanks Simon
  11. S

    Diesel Hob Vs Gas Hob.

    Hello. I was not sure whether to resurrect the old diesel hob thread from 2016/2017 but I am sure it can be merged it needed. We are currently looking at converting our van. One of the examples we were shown had a WALLAS diesel hob/heater which looked quite good. Have read up on them but a lot...
  12. C

    Got It Back

    Just got my T6 back from T4 Campers in Yorkshire, great job on the interior including the troublesome internal water tank. Vamoose bed with 6” extra cushion on the side making it that extra bit wider and much more comfortable, first chance to check out our Wallas unit as both cooker and heater...
  13. Mark Woodhouse

    Which night-heater?

    I'm looking at fitting a ebrspacher or webasto night heater and wondered if anyone has fitted either and can recommend location to fit and which one is best to go for, I currently have rib bed and insulated but no kitchen unit fitted as yet
  14. Keaney

    Wallas heater and cooker

    Only just found out about this bit of kit from Vandoc, does anyone have one? How does it compare with a eberspacher? Very tempted with the no gas idea but the exhaust looks terrible on the Wallas. Also noticed some conversions at busfest having a ceramic diesel cooker. Definitely make me...