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  1. V

    For Sale 2006 T30 2.5L TDI 220PS 4Motion Kombi Campervan £18.5k

    With a heavy heart I am now offering my beloved T5 Camper for sale. It has been my pride and joy for more than 10 years and enabled many adventures and great trips. However due to the new Low Emission Zone created in Edinburgh I have to let it go. It is possibly one of the quickest and most fun...
  2. T6ARF


    Can anybody please shed some light on this for me please…. I’ve searched the forum but can’t find anything. I’ve owned my van for nearly five years now and I have noticed many times (when looking directly at it from the front) that my drivers side mirror is lower than the passenger side…...
  3. T

    Parking sensor size

    Almost ready to start my t5 to t6.1 facelift but have a query on the parking sensors. The new bumper is drilled for the later size pdc and my t5 has the larger ones. I believe the late t5,1 pdc are the smaller size but they have different plugs. Can I retrofit the t5.1 version by just swapping...
  4. D

    T5 -> T6 Dash conversion

    Hi all. I'm converting a T5 (2004 AXD) dashboard to a T6 with all the electronics and wiring replaced. I need photos of the T6 with the dashboard removed, I can’t decide exactly how the wires should be routed in the instrument cluster area. Some photos. Partially removed the original wiring and...
  5. RK04DUB

    Sold 2005 T30 SWB 174PS Kombi Twin-Slider. £8000

    Sadly we’re having to let go of our beloved bus because we just cannot store her anywhere. She’s seen a few battle wounds as pictured, but is not rotting away. So: T30 174 TDi 74,000 miles (just under but in use occasionally at the moment.) Serviced last year. MOT pass with no advisories exp...
  6. P

    T6.1 barndoor tail lights for T5

    I saw a t6.1 with these barn door lights in ( borrowed pic off here but look same idea ) Could these work in a old t5 2006 model
  7. Caston82

    Third Brake Light - same T5 to T6?

    Hi i recently bought a high level brake light reversing camera for a tailgate VW T6. It was advertised as a suitable for a T5 and T6, took it to my local installer who said it doesn’t fit and only fits a T5. Is this likely to be the case?
  8. P

    Kombi bulkhead: T5 / T6 differences?

    Hi Guys, Are the T5 bulkheads for a Kombi the same as a T6? And are the SWB identical to the LWB? Thanks in advance
  9. RK04DUB

    T5 horn randomly sounds when driving

    I’ve a 2005 T5 that’s just started to sound the horn whilst I’m driving. I’ve removed the fuse, but can hear the relay clicking away. There’s no correlation between clicks and speed, wheel movement etc Anyone have any idea?
  10. T

    Sold 18" Genuine T5 Sportline alloys with Michelin PS4 255/45/18 tyres

  11. P

    For Sale Vanstyle T5 tailgate PU spoiler in primer - brand new

    I bought this spoiler for a tailgate conversion. I then came across a tailgate in the correct colour with a spoiler already fitted. Spoiler is brand new, with original box and fitting kit. Cost £60, will accept £45. Collection from Widnes or post at cost
  12. D

    For Sale T5 Captains Drivers Seat

    I have this T5 Captains drivers seat complete plastic trim, no heating or airbags which is surplus to requirements. Any reasonable offers pls?
  13. P

    Retrofit heater rear window and wiper

    Hi all, Apologies if this has already been covered but I have searched the forum and cannot find the information I am looking for. I am about to convert a 2013 T5 from barn doors to tailgate. The tailgate is from a sportline and has a heated window and wiper I would like to use. I understand...
  14. Filer25

    Tyres for staggered 20” on a 4Mo

    Hi guys I’m in need of some advice I have T30 4 motion with staggered wheels (judd t311r 20” Front 9j et38 Rear 10.5 et 42 Tyres are front 245/40/20 Rears 265/40/20 question is can I keep this set up until the fronts need changing then change the fronts to 265/40/20 ? Or do I change them now ?
  15. L

    Education on haldex required please!

    Hello Gents, I am preparing for a project and at the moment wether buying an all wheel drive T5 or try fitting the whole all wheel system from the donor car is the question. What are the capabilities of the older I guess it is the first generation Haldex system fitted on the early t5's? What...
  16. Brindle

    Sold 2010 T5.1 Day Van. £11k No VAT

    Really nice entry into the world of Transporter ownership. I bought this off someone I knew to do a nice swamper project and just having a nice fun project with my boys. So after a few months of said fun, my wife has advised that I need to “get rid of one of those bl@@dy vans” and hence this...
  17. H

    Wanted T5 Driver door card

    Has any one got a T5 driver door card local to me (Stourbridge) or both passenger and driver door cards in good condition TIA
  18. H

    Sold 2011 Single Passenger Seat - offers

    Hi all, Have switched by single passenger seat for a bench seat in the front of our kombi to fit the grandkids in. Any idea how much I should be selling this for? Have heard varying opinions. Thanks,
  19. C

    Smoking T5 - black and white!

    Hi I have issue with a friends van t5 hoping someone can help. He was driving down the road van started smoking(black). EmL came on and limp mode for short distance then died. Garage recovered it and diagnosed Dpf. New one fitted but would not start. I have now been given the task to figure...
  20. supernova

    T6 brakes on a T5?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if the T6 340mm disc's and callipers are a direct bolt on to a T5 (T30)? Cheers