vw heritage bristol

  1. Vinci

    VW Heritage, Bristol

    first service at about 14000. It was recommended that I use a VW dealer for at least the first service, and the nearest was Heritage. They were very efficient, even picking the van up from my house and returned it late afternoon, clean. Very pleased with them. As it a company vehicle, might well...
  2. Stripy

    Flat battery

    Hi peeps I haven't used the t6 for a month except for moving it on the drive a fortnight ago to wash it, jumped in it today and the battery was flat only showing 10.6v. It's a full camper with a solar panel, the leisure battery had 12.9 v, I take it the split charge only works one way? Do you...
  3. gmaster

    Garage recommendation in Bristol?

    Hi All, Where would you recommend I go for my vans first service? Ideally in, or near Bristol (12,000 miles)? I have previously used Heritage Automotive, Bristol but they can be terrible!! Am I being silly not going back to them? After all it's just a service? I had an Ad Blue error code pop...
  4. P

    VW yet again AMAZE me!

    Hello All Just had an text from VW Heritage reminding me my Van is booked in tomorrow to see them with loan vehicle, that's all good as I booked it in several weeks ago so happy days ...................... Unfortunately as I read the text further VW Heritage Bristol not where I booked it into...