vossen vfs1


    Sold Vossen VFS1 on Goodyear Eagle F1s.

    Hello, Reason for sale, is first home.. Spec is - 9J front, 10J rear, 20Inch Vossen VFS1s, and i believe the et is 35 front and 45 rear... (id have to double check) Tyres are in very good condition with plenty of tread left, Goodyear Eagle F1s with 265/40/20s Cost me new, over £3k (INCLUDING...

    Autofinesse - Aqua Coat

    so I was browsing Halfords products and was going to buy the usual turtle spray on wax which I use after washing the vehicle to help clean the water off with a cloth. However I decided to try something different and went for the aqua wash, after hearing good things about hydrophobic sprays...
  3. kn0bby

    It Might Stay Clean For 2 Mins...

    Don't enjoy this time of the year.. The snow, high winds and lots of rain has certainly covered the roads in some mess.

    The Black Kombi.

    Hi guys, slowly going to build up the kombi into a day van/camper She’s a 2017 2.0tdi DSG 7 speed with a few little extras! Thought I’d post the build progress in here So firstly, silent coating - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LO1WhPVaV6k And a little mod of the door handles...
  5. andythom188

    Any idea what these wheels are [Vossen VFS1]