1. F

    Do VGC flush-fit leak like OEM sliding windows?

    Hi All, I am selecting windows to fit to a swb panel T6 and really like the flush fit sliders from VGC. Can anyone advise how prone to leaks these particular windows are as I know the older OEM flush sliders were leaky. If there is mention of VGC slider leaks my back up plan is indented sliders...
  2. C

    Aftermarket Flush Fit Sliding Window Drain

    Is it normal to have aftermarket flush fit sliding windows without a drain? Unless I have totally missed the drain holes I'm a little confused as to where the water goes if any water should go into the runner in which the sliding part of the window travels along.
  3. Wills

    Fitting Vanshades Window Pods In Sliding Door With Flush Opener

    As the subject.... I’ve got VGC flush fitting sliding window glass in the NS sliding door. I’ve attempted to fit a window pod today but the slider upper rail is so proud it’s stopping the blind from seating flush with the upper door face. The rail and the blind body is butted up to each other...
  4. Cham13

    VGC Vehicle Glass Company

    Hi all, I just wanted to share this with you. I've recently purchased a full window kit for my T6. After quite a bit of research, weighing up the pro's and cons of price, quality etc...I opted for VGC (Vehicle Glass Co.). The service, advice and product was spot on. Not the cheapest on the...
  5. Cham13

    Where to buy your windows from?

    Where is the best place to buy windows from? There are so many suppliers out there and you clearly get what you pay for, so what are the best suppliers that people have used? I'm particularity interested in a supplier that can supply rear quarter blanker windows that you can't see through...
  6. VGC Ltd

    Rear Quarter Sliding Window - VGC

    Hi Posted a few images in another thread, but this is specific to the window. Hope you like them!