1. Chrispyduck

    Who is the "premier converter"

    New to forum and looking for advice. I am scouring the VW dealers nationally for a T6 to convert. Spec wise i would like the DSG Highline.........not sure on the T28 or T30 ???????? there seems to be a few about but not sure who is best to buy from. Also any recommendation for a full...
  2. ei-aprilia

    VanWorx Maxxtrax

    Saw one of these on the road yesterday, I have to say it looked absolutely superb. Checked their website to see how much and holy smoke! £100,000!! Still cool though!
  3. O

    T6.1 splitter options

    Hello Anyone know where I can get a splitter for the new T6. 1 front? I would like one like this ; VW T6.1 RACELINE GT LWB 199ps DSG HIGHLINE PANEL VAN | Raceline Bespoke Design I have tried e-mailing them but got no response so far Olav
  4. IestynD

    Vanworx Xpress

    Hi all, I wanted to put a link to my other forum post which includes work completed by VANWORX Express. T5.1 Kombi - Update Thanks
  5. IestynD

    My T5.1 Kombi - build thread.

    I thought it was time I updated this thread, I'll reference this thread in a number of other forum sections, for example the recommend a business one and maybe later the suspension one. So, if you have stumbled upon this from another a link... welcome, wherever I’ve put a link I’ve started that...
  6. Y

    Vanworx 112cm Rib - Looking For Info

    Anybody with a Vanworx Slipper conversion and 112cm RIB bed? What do you think of the RIB? Pleased with it? What are you able to store underneath it? How much fore/aft adjustment of the RIB position is there provided by the RIB mechanism itself? I'm debating whether to have my RIB fixed in...
  7. Anthony Ball

    My Vanworx camper - I'm in love !!

    Got my van back this week from Vanworx down at Portland , absolutely chuffed to bits with it, it's absolutely stunning and me and the Mrs (and kids) are very , very happy !! Can't speak highly enough of Vanworx , they have really pulled the stops out for us , just need some nice weather now Van...