vanshades pod

  1. J

    Sold Van shades

    Van Shades T6 window pods in Flame with anthracite frame. 1 x sliding door (aftermarket market sliding window or fixed window) 1 x fixed panel behind d drivers seat (aftermarket sliding window or fixed) 1 x T6 tailgate Sold £420 for the set £260 for the pair. Collection from Essex but...
  2. N

    Sold Van shades blind for sale

    Window pod J for sale, bought for my t6 swb but never fitted and solid van now been sat in garage since dec 2020 when I bought it price £50 collected or buyer to arrange courier at their cost
  3. CAB

    VanShades Barn Door Window Pods

    Vanshades Barn Door Window Pods We have just had a pair of Barn Door Window Pods fitted (see Vanshades). The Barn Door pods will not be to everyone's taste. For a start, the fit is not smooth, like the side windows presumably are. The problem is, the barn doors curve both across the door (hinge...
  4. Wills

    Vanshades Window Pod Covering With Milano Lining

    I'm covering my window pods with foam backed Milano lining and am struggling with the tight angles. It has a good 4 way stretch but when glued down, can pull away from the foam in high stress areas. Anyone got any tips on “how to” please? I’m considering removing the foam in these areas so the...
  5. Wills

    Fitting Vanshades Window Pods in Sliding Door with VGC Flush Sliding-Window

    As the subject.... I’ve got VGC flush fitting sliding window glass in the NS sliding door. I’ve attempted to fit a window pod today but the slider upper rail is so proud it’s stopping the blind from seating flush with the upper door face. The rail and the blind body is butted up to each other...
  6. Ann3x

    Vanshades Chairpod - Power Latching

    I've got myself a chairpod from vanshades that mounts to the tailgate (similar to the cali seats): Chair Pod *NEW* - VanShades Thought about fitting it at the weekend and realised that I'll have an issue to fit as itll block the door release switch (my door is power latched)... Anyone found a...