1. F

    Infill for sliding door steps

    Does anyone know of an infill that I can put in one of the sliding door steps that will level off the floor. It’s a shuttle twin slider and I use a Vangear pod against one of the sliding doors but have to use two extended legs on the pod as it sits over the door step. Ideally it would be...
  2. dErZ

    Vangear Maxi, Maxi XS or Evo Micropod 9722

    Has anyone got any of the above? We are looking to install in our LWB shuttle.
  3. S

    Camping and cooking pods

    Morning all, i have been a T2, T5, T6 , caravelle and cali user in lots of different family situations. i am settling on. a caravelle for flexibility of car/ space/ occasional overnighter/ scuba support vehicle and looking at the vangear, slidepods, embee style drop/slot in units. Really...