uberbus bed

  1. Kevlmcm

    Uberflux sliding system removal??

    I have a SWB camper conversion with a RIB bed/seat on uberflux sliding rails and want to know if anyone had experience with seat removal and how easy it might be? The reason I ask, would quite like to be able to say 1 time a month remove the seats and put my track bike in the rear and take to...
  2. baronvonhorne

    UberBus Audio needs an Upgrade

    Hi everyone - newbie on here. Recently purchased my bus from Uberbus, very happy overall, but the stereo upgrade is not good (Alpine, sub, new tweets rear speakers etc). It doesn't sound great and has some interference which is constant and gets worse when the indicators are on and when it...
  3. Keaney

    Hilo and Reimo 3000 or uberbus flux

    hi this is proving to be a headache! I want a super sleek roof and from what I’ve seen think the Hilo may tol the low life one when the aluminium frame is out. Anyway with the shirted head height of the Hilo I do want a bed that’s on rails to maximise rear space, bring the kids forward and...
  4. Chopman


    We had our van converted by Uberbus and have to say that they did a great job. They do some slightly different conversions and were very happy to be flexible and accommodate some of our needs into the build. The only slight downside is that their work is in demand and so they are busy meaning...