1. R8N XX

    Cuts in tyres causing cord to snap

    Well I went for a drive last Saturday. van starts vibrating violently. Stopped hopwood Services in brum this happened. NSR changed over to spare. on way home to Devon. same happened to the NSF. hows ya luck eh.
  2. Thatratman

    For Sale Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 3 255/50/18 106Y 8mm

    £320 - 4x Hankook ventus s1 evo tyres in 255 50 18 106Y. Perfect if you'd like to fill the arch a little compared to a 255 45. 8mm left on all tyres, came off my t6 due to wheel and tyre change. Collection from Louth, Lincolnshire or I can work a price out to courier. Cheers
  3. C

    18” Tyre recommendations for 8J wheels

    There are plenty of options according to the online tyre calcs but I'm curious what people are actually running? My preference would be to go a smidge oversized both in terms of radius but also width (to get some rim protection but also because I don't like the 'stretched' tyre look). Probably...
  4. Rids

    Tyre Pressures - some realisations

    Hi All, I know there are several threads on here about tyre pressures for non standard tyre sizes... But but it seems not many are running the same as me (255/50 R18 106 XL) so I've been doing some research. Firstly I found this web site very informative... The Ultimate Tire Pressure Resource...
  5. G

    Sold Budget 265/40/20 104W XL TYRES x4 £75

    I have 4 x budget 265/40s available All with lots of tread- over 6mm Brand is saferich Offers. I know I should put a price however.... no idea Collection from West Yorkshire Pics- one 2018-two 2019 and a 2020
  6. L


    Here in Oz there's great variety of roads surfaces, some are smooth and generate very little tyre roar or hum others are so coarse that the cabin noise can be a bit excessive above 80kph. Does anyone have a recommendation for the quietest tyres? And can you change the commercial tyres that came...
  7. Paynewright

    Sold Bridgestone Weather Control A005 235/50R18 101

    Hi, I’m changing the tyres on the van as the fronts are shot. The rears have good tread and will be keeping one as a spare. Anyone want a good used tyre - collection in Leicester. Approx 5mm tread across full width. Made wk46 2018. V rated. Being changed Wednesday so if I hear nothing I’ll...
  8. Thatratman

    Will 255/55/18 fit on a lowered van?

    Does any have or know if a 255 55 18 will fit on a t6? I feel the 255 45 just doesn't quite fill the arches. Set up is 9j all round and ET35 lowered 40-50mm. Looking at buying the pilot sport 4 SUV. Theres various threads about 255/55 18 but they're all regarding AT tyres and mostly standard...
  9. Thatratman

    18” tyre recommendations for a 9J wheel?

    Hi all, I’ve done lots of research but there’s little info on what I’m after. I’m planning to change my canteras for some lightweight 9x18’s all round. I’m limited to tyre choices as it’s a t32. A few questions for those with experience.. Would a 275 40 or 275 45 be a bit too wide on a 9” and...
  10. F

    20” Tyre Profiles - will a 35 sidewall be comfortable?

    Hi all Over the last few months I’ve been planning the upgrades to my T6.1 T30 with wheels and suspension (B14 Komfort) being top priority and I have to say I’m completely confused with wheel and tyre selections. Looking online and speaking to the wheel shops they are recommending 275/40/R20...
  11. C

    For Sale 255 45 18 Winters

    Pair of 255 45 18 Minerva Winter tyres. 103 load rated. Very little use so around 6-7mm left. Have another pair of Falkens winters as well but they have inner tyre wear and one has screw in it. £110 for the Minerva. I'll throw other 2 in for £20 if you want.
  12. K

    Tyre speed rating vs van top speed.

    Hi guys, new here and looking for some help. Ordered a SWB DSG T32 204ps, build is week 16. Looking to put KMC hole shots with BFG tyres on it. As the tyres are R rated, 106mph and the vehicle max speed is stated at 123mph, is this permissible?
  13. Adam H

    Inside wear on Tyres

    So the van went in for some work today, had it a few weeks now. They got it on the ramp and were greeted with this mess :D Which obviously isnt good, these are 20" wheels, I have no idea what springs or anything is on the van but according to the sale listing, its been lowered 55mm on the...
  14. Captain Mainwaring

    18” Tyre recommendations (T32)

    Sorry if this has been done but I trawled through the forums and not found anything I am running a T32 on 255 45 18 103. Up till now I have kept Nokian winter tyres all year round because I have been doing low mileage and live in Highland Scotland where it is regularly wet and the winters are...
  15. H

    Someone choose a tyre brand for me

    Best option for new T6.1 van we are getting mid March. Rims i am looking at are 17 x 8. i am thinking 70% road, 30% light off road use for tyres. Recommendations for size and brands.
  16. johnmacster

    For Sale Nexen NFera 235/50/18 101W set of 4

    Set of 4 Nexen NFera 235/50/18 101W. Came off a set of Amarok steels I bought, seller advised me he had them for a few hundred miles only. The load rating is too low for my T32 so selling them on. Had a quick search and Camskill have these for £76, £304 for a set of 4. £160 seem fair...
  17. S

    Which tyre for Devonports

    Hi I have had a look around for an answer to this but cannot find anything so apologies if it has been covered somewhere already. I have a T32 with Davenport wheels which I want to keep current tyre are 215/65/17 but I have noticed that VW also used a 235/55/17 which seems to be cheaper to buy...
  18. L

    Sold 2 x Continental VanContact 200 215/60/17 with 5mm tread on both

    I have two Conti VanContact 200 tyres - fitted OEM on my Devonports - Have swapped to winters and now have some amarok alloys for the summer so these going spare. Looking for £60ish. Based in Cornwall. Cheers!
  19. T6 dork

    Sold 275/40/19 XL 105Y Acellera Brand New set of 4

    as above £220 collected , possible delivery for fuel costs
  20. Dieseldonkey

    Nokian Weatherproof - Not ageing well.

    Generally, I run dedicated summer and winter tyres. However, these Nokians came with a set of wheels I purchased. Being an all season tyre, I ran them all summer. With just under 5mm tread left, I'd planned on changing them in the spring when I'll fit summer tyres. Out of the four different...