1. R

    Tyres needed

    Hello guys. My name is Ben and I'm new to the forum. I'm hoping someone here can help me track down a set of tyres. The story is, I was at Busfest in 2019 and purchased a set of 17" KMC Holeshot's with 245/65/17 BF Goodrich KO2 tyres to fit on my T30 LWB. These have been great and served me...
  2. Long tall John

    New 2022 tyre tests are out

    https://www.tyrereviews.com/Article/2022-Tyre-Reviews-All-Season-Tyre-Test.htm https://www.tyrereviews.com/Article/2022-Tyre-Reviews-All-Terrain-Tyre-Test.htm https://www.tyrereviews.com/Article/2022-Auto-Bild-SUV-All-Season-Tyre-Test.htm
  3. JonriceT6

    20” different tyre sizes front and rear.

    My front tyres need replacing and I’m wanting to change the profile. Currently they are 275/35. Question is , am I able to change to 245/45 or 255/45 on the front and keep the backs 275/35 until they need replacing.? This may be a silly question but I’m clueless
  4. D

    T32 load rating 101 legal?

    Hi I have a T6 T32 which has had 18” alloys on since I bought it. At the last MOT all four tyres were replaced due to cracking. The tyres fitted and passed by ATS were load rated 101 (825Kg). I’m now in the process of uprating the GVW of my van with SV Tech (great reviews from everyone that’s...
  5. W

    Standard 16 Highline wheel…what’s the best replacement tyre?

    The wheels are now in gloss black. Getting nearish to a change of tyres, I would like a good chunky looking all rounder. Must be a decent ride as the van is used to tow a large caravan and is a daily drive as well. Looking for some ideas please…
  6. tommy_t6.1

    Tyre fitter in Cornwall

    Just come down to Newquay today and when I was leveling the van I noticed my nsr tyre is pretty much bald on the shoulder. Can anyone recommend a tyre fitter in or around Newquay? And maybe someone who does wheel alignment? Ideally need to get the tyres swapped out ASAP. Don't fancy going a...
  7. Trouts

    For Sale x2 Nokian Weatherproof 245/45 R18 100V XL

    as per title. x2 Nokian Weatherproof tyres just come off the van after approx. 10k light miles. each has 5/6mm tread left. only changed 'em as I wanted all four to match. looking for £80 £60 for both please. based just north of Manchester but can meet if it helps. thanks guys :cool:
  8. S

    Tread lifting on tyres

    Hi All, my T32 204 4motion DSG (bought recently) is in having some bits looked at including a couple of vibrations/noises. Seems one is the flywheel (waiting for extended warranty claim to be approved). The tech in the video from the dealer is saying the tyre treads are lifting and this might be...
  9. t6blo

    Asda Tyres or Blackcircles - any other online tyre supplier that does fitting too?

    As title, Asda Tyres or Blackcircles - or any other online tyre supplier that does fitting too? thanks
  10. RDT

    For Sale 2 x Davanti 215/60R17C & 2 x Continental 215/60R17 tyres from a T32 - £50

    2 x Davanti 215/60R17C & 2 x Continental 215/60R17 tyres from a T32 - £50 Collection Junction 40 - 44 M6
  11. Bronco

    For Sale Cheap tyres! 255/40/19. 100 load rating. 3 in total.

    2 Rapid mud and snow 6mm. and one Accelera mud and snow.4.5mm (Note eBay links do not work. I just screen shotted for the pics ) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165425338188
  12. GavMc P11GT

    How do I know if different tyre widths will fit my wheels?

    Currently running 245/40/20 on the front of our van looking at 265/45/20 I’m not lowered yet but could be happening in the future! How do I tell if those 265’s will go without buying them and trying them? Thanks!
  13. foggy3061

    Tyre size calculator

    After seeing so many people recommend the WillTheyFit.com tyre size calculator, i thought i'd add this Excel version. The reason being, willtheyfit's calculator has a possible issue, the new tyre size isn’t grounded (see crude red arrow) in relation to the original tyre size so doesnt reflect...
  14. 6

    FREE 2x Tyres Avon AV12 215/65 R16C nearly new

    Nearly new 2x Avon AV12 215/65 R16C 109/107T taking space in the garage. Fitted Oct last year and only on for a few months/1k miles before being replaced with winters. Collection a few miles north of South Mimms M25.
  15. RossBamsey

    Tyres - Will 19’s wear faster than 18’s?

    After some advice please Been looking for some new alloys for my T6 as the stock wheels look tiny I had my eye on a set of 19” wheels and was going to go for a 245 / 55 tyre but a friend who has a tyre garage (and a T5 himself) advised that the van eats through tyres and I’m better off getting...
  16. J

    The perfect 20” tyre size

    Hi guys, I have 40/275 tyres on 20” rims. Would it be possible to put 45/275 tyres on, or would they rub when putting on a full steering lock?
  17. Alan Ginger

    Are these tyres load-rated? 255/45/18 103

    I have a T30 Campervan: I purchased Bridgestone A005: 225/45R18/103Y: Max Load 875kg at 50 psi i got my first puncture and when I was having the puncture repaired it was pointed out that these tyres were car tyres and not van tyres. I have had a look around the site and I am heading down a...
  18. F

    Amarok Talca 20 inch tyre sizes?

    Bought a set of Amarok Talca alloys for my T6. Had 245/40 20 load rated tyres fitted all round as was under the impression 245 was the widest for 8j. The spokes on the alloys protrude way beyond the tyres. Does anyone have these wheels on and which tyres have you got? Many thanks.
  19. B

    Sold 4 x Continental ContiVanContact 215 60 17 109/107t tyres

    Excellent condition, no puncture repairs. Barely used, now replaced with winter tyres. Two have 7mm+ tread remaining and two have 6mm+ tread remaining. Load rated for T32. £100 Collection from Bolton area
  20. J

    Caravelle wheels - no idea - help

    Wondering if anyone here has any advice on switching my wheels - I’m clueless I have 17 inch Devonports on a Caravelle. I love them but wanted a change to mostly black alloys. What’s all this about load rating etc?! What size do I need. Help . Usually the van is fairly loaded & loaded to...