1. C

    For Sale 255/45/19 104 tyres almost new

    Selling these as I've taken them off for winters. Very little use so around 7mm left. Ran them in all conditions and they were surprisingly grippy for budgets. £195 for all 4. Located near Aberdeen.
  2. Mkgolfnutters

    For Sale Pair 275/40/20 Uniroyal Rainsport 5 tyres £200

    Less than 100 miles travelled on them would prefer collection due to size and weight but can ship for an extra £40 Based Newport Pagnell - can meet at J14 Services Price new £153 each plus fitting Reason for sale - our van is too low to accommodate them. £200
  3. K

    For Sale Continental VanContact Eco Tyres x 2 / 215/60/r17

    Got two tyres for sale - taken off of my van recently when I got new tyres for alignment etc. About 4.3/5mm on outside, and 5mm of tread in centre No punctures or sidewall damage. Was keeping for spares but need to free up space. Looking for £30 - collection in E17 or could look at postage...
  4. The Bean

    For Sale Michelin Lattitude Cross Tyres x 5 no

    As per title. Good amount of tread left, over 6mm plus! £220 collected GL15. 235/65 R17"
  5. Mkgolfnutters

    For Sale Uniroyal RainSport 5 275/40 R20 Y (106)

    I have for sale 2 Uniroyal RainSport 5 275/40 R20 Y (106) done less than 150miles taken off the van can take to Busfest this weekend £240 £240 the pair.
  6. D

    Tyre choice for T32 Camper

    My campervan T6 T32 DSG 150 has 215/60 R17 C Continentals as fitted when bought from Bilbos. They get me round corners and stop well BUT the van ride is somewhat harsh. Can anybody advise if different tyres might help with the ride? I’m recalling my last motor, a Toyota AWD RAV4 and the magic...
  7. dubber36

    For Sale Avon ZV7 255-45-19 tyre

    After having a spate of punctures, I bought this tyre to keep as a spare. Now the van has gone, it's been collecting cobwebs in the shed. 255-45-19 104XL, so suitable for all vans. I've not got a tread depth gauge, but I'd guess at 4mm. No signs of ever being repaired. Ideal for a spare, or...
  8. P

    Which 17” tyre?

    Hi all, I am after some advice on what size of 17" tyre to run. I have a 2019 T6 fitted out as a camper which currently has the factory 16" steel rims with 215/65R16C Goodyear Marathons. It is a two wheel drive TDI340. I have been able to pick up a set of Amarok Aldo 17" Alloy wheels (17"x8J)...
  9. S

    Is this tyre damage an MOT fail ?

    Hi Do you think these tyres are an MOT fail ? thanks
  10. T

    Tyre Damage

    Hi Everyone. Accidentally slipped off a low wall and it’s taken a chunk out of the tyre sidewall. I’d be grateful for some advice. Is this still safe to drive on? Thanks in advance!
  11. Velma2

    Sold Clayton’s. £200

    Vw Transporter T6 Genuine Alloys from my Highline With Good Tyres. Lots of tread left and are in good condition. One has very minor scuff that may polish out . See photos. (Hardly noticeable) Only done 16k miles when replaced with new set. Have been cleaned and have a cardboard wheel boxes to...
  12. Filer25

    Vwt5 4motion with staggered wheels

    Hi guys I’m in need of some advice I have T30 4 motion with staggered wheels (judd t311r 20” Front 9j et38 Rear 10.5 et 42 Tyres are front 245/40/20 Rears 265/40/20 question is can I keep this set up until the fronts need changing then change the fronts to 265/40/20 ? Or do I change them now ?
  13. 1982disco

    Help on tyres for 18” x 8” alloys

    Hello I have purchased a set of 18” x 8” alloys. I have stock suspension on my t6.1 t32 4motion kombi. I use the van for work so I don’t want low profile. The local garage is suggesting a 255/45x18 tyre as the profile to go for. Can anyone advise if this will work.
  14. L

    Quiet Tyre recommendations

    I'm looking for quiet tyres for my 2019 LWB T6 Camper. (17" Devonports currently ContiVan Contact 200 215/60 R17C). I'm not sure how reliable the manufacturer's noise ratings are. The priority is a quiet motorway tyre. Any recommendations?
  15. T

    For Sale 5 x Yokohama Geolandar 235 65 17

    FOR SALE - 5 x Yokohama Geolandar G015 for sale (tyres only). 235 65 17 108H. £400 collection from Leeds. - 2 x front tyres have 7.4mm - 7.5mm tread. - 2 x rear tyres have 8.1mm - 7.8mm tread. - 1 x tyre (fitted to spare wheel) is brand new and has never been driven. I bought the tyres brand...
  16. L

    All season vs all terrain tyres

    Hi there! I'm looking for an AT tyre with rolling resistance and wet breaking class not higher than C for my T6.1 California (only 10% "off road") and high load index (109/107T or 104H) for 215/60R17 but there is almost none. So I thought maybe all season would be enough. I know Michelin...
  17. Orchardapple

    For Sale Falken Wildpeak 255/55 R18 109H

    Hello! I have 4 x Falken Wildpeak 255/55 R18 109H tyres available. I bought them through Stitches and Steel around two years ago however only drove on them for around 500 miles. The tyres are in excellent condition as you’d expect and have been stored in a dry garage while off the van. They...
  18. V

    Which 16” tyres?

    Hi there. So I've got a T6 with camper conversion (beach style). It has OEM 16inch steels that I had sprayed black. I like the swamper look but want to be able to still carry a spare underneath, and also fit under 2m barriers. The total height is currently 193cm. Tyres are currently...
  19. Notsobigsi

    Oversize tyres worry

    Hi all been reading through the various posts regarding tyre size and im looking at the falcon wildpeak at trails my gut says goes go with standard 235/55/17 to play it safe or go with the 65 profile but my concern is fuel economy/performance and long-term drive train damage to the dsg with the...
  20. J88arv

    For Sale 275/45/20 tyres

    Hi all I’ve had two 275/45/20 fitted on my van on the 3rd of this month after an MOT highlighted worn rears. However I normally run 275/40/20 and sadly these are rubbing which is sending my nuts. I’ve done around 30 miles in them but I need to change back to the original size would happily...