1. C

    For Sale 255 45 18 Winters

    Pair of 255 45 18 Minerva Winter tyres. 103 load rated. Very little use so around 6-7mm left. Have another pair of Falkens winters as well but they have inner tyre wear and one has screw in it. £110 for the Minerva. I'll throw other 2 in for £20 if you want.
  2. K

    Tyre speed rating vs van top speed.

    Hi guys, new here and looking for some help. Ordered a SWB DSG T32 204ps, build is week 16. Looking to put KMC hole shots with BFG tyres on it. As the tyres are R rated, 106mph and the vehicle max speed is stated at 123mph, is this permissible?
  3. L

    Which wheels and tyres...

    I’ve just bought a 2015 T5.1 and if you look very closely you can just about see that it’s got some wheels hiding away in the arches. This is a thread of a few questions. I’m looking to buy some new wheels for the van. I really like the look of the Wolfrace X10 in gunmetal, but I’ve also...
  4. Captain Mainwaring

    18” Tyre recommendations (T32)

    Sorry if this has been done but I trawled through the forums and not found anything I am running a T32 on 255 45 18 103. Up till now I have kept Nokian winter tyres all year round because I have been doing low mileage and live in Highland Scotland where it is regularly wet and the winters are...
  5. H

    Someone choose a tyre brand for me

    Best option for new T6.1 van we are getting mid March. Rims i am looking at are 17 x 8. i am thinking 70% road, 30% light off road use for tyres. Recommendations for size and brands.
  6. johnmacster

    For Sale Nexen NFera 235/50/18 101W set of 4

    Set of 4 Nexen NFera 235/50/18 101W. Came off a set of Amarok steels I bought, seller advised me he had them for a few hundred miles only. The load rating is too low for my T32 so selling them on. Had a quick search and Camskill have these for £76, £304 for a set of 4. £160 seem fair...
  7. S

    Which tyre for Devonports

    Hi I have had a look around for an answer to this but cannot find anything so apologies if it has been covered somewhere already. I have a T32 with Davenport wheels which I want to keep current tyre are 215/65/17 but I have noticed that VW also used a 235/55/17 which seems to be cheaper to buy...
  8. L

    Sold 2 x Continental VanContact 200 215/60/17 with 5mm tread on both

    I have two Conti VanContact 200 tyres - fitted OEM on my Devonports - Have swapped to winters and now have some amarok alloys for the summer so these going spare. Looking for £60ish. Based in Cornwall. Cheers!
  9. T6 dork

    For Sale 275/40/19 XL 105Y Acellera Brand New set of 4

    as above £220 collected , possible delivery for fuel costs
  10. Dieseldonkey

    Nokian Weatherproof - Not ageing well.

    Generally, I run dedicated summer and winter tyres. However, these Nokians came with a set of wheels I purchased. Being an all season tyre, I ran them all summer. With just under 5mm tread left, I'd planned on changing them in the spring when I'll fit summer tyres. Out of the four different...
  11. R

    For Sale Bridgestone Duravis 205/65/16

    Hi there guy's I have a set of Bridgestone duvaris in as New condition, there 205/65/16c and are load rated for all models.including t32 . Cash on collection from bellshill or Glasgow area don't mind delivering within reason. They come with centre caps too if required. Looking for £200 decent...
  12. L

    Sold 2 X FREE TYRES contact 200 with about 6mm tread, too good to chuck. Free exeter area.

    Hi all I have a couple of tyres that were too good to chuck I took off a set of Devonports they surely are good to someone. pics are self explanatory but they have been kept indoors and are date stamped 2018 so still good . sizes 215/60/r17c 109/107s Collection from Budleigh Salterton near...
  13. R

    For Sale Bridgestone duravis 10 miles on them.

    Hi there guy's I have another set of Bridgestone duravis 205 / 65 / 16 c with 10 miles on them they have been just taken off the van there load rated for all models including the t32.they will come with centre caps too. Looking for £200 or near offer . Cash on collection either bellshill or...
  14. T6Paul

    19’s rated for T32

    Just wondering if anyone is running 275/40/19 (105) tyres on a T32? The wheels are 9 inch wide front and rear but I'm looking for a slightly narrower side wall than the current 255/45/19's Discuss... Thanks Paul
  15. R

    For Sale Avon AV12 tyres 205/65/16 as new.

    HI there guys i have a set of 4 x avon AV12 tyres as new , 205-65-16 and there load rated for all model incuding t32 l.w.b. cash on collection from glasgow - renfrewshire area .looking for 150.00 for them. there happy to meet up.
  16. JTT6

    Sold Wolfrace Assasin 20" Alloys with 275/40 ZR20 106Y load rated Tyres

    These will be coming off a T32 T6 Kombi and have appropriate load rated tyres. In good condition, I think only 2 are marked but please see pics for more info. Tyres have a mixed amount of tread but definitely would do you over the coming winter and then some. Looking for £500-600 Based near...
  17. Rob The Daddy

    Sidewall Damage: do I need to replace my tyre?

    Hi All, Coming out of a carpark, I bumped a rear tyre on a kerb. Annoyed with myself! Here are some pics; would I need to replace? Thanks Everyone. Rob
  18. T

    Tyre hum or wheel bearing...

    Evening all. My 2016 LWB T32 has had an annoying hum from the rear since I purchased it last year (and probably earlier...). I noticed on the long drive home but wasn't too concerned as a hum from the rear can only really be tyre or wheel bearing related. With new alloys on the list of mods I...
  19. R

    ‘Passenger’ car tyres but rated 103?

    Bit confused, I have a T6.1 campervan and want All Season tyres. I understand the load rating for my van is 103 and must be XL. I've seen the new Bridgestone All Weather Evo tyres and my size 255/45/R18s are rated 103Y XL - however they state they are Passenger car tyres. As these are rated 103...
  20. Rob The Daddy

    For Sale Haida 255/35/20 102Y XL Tyres

    For sale: 3 x Good tyres 1 x Not so good thrown in Email me with an offer. Collection in Bristol or I can recommend a competent courier via Anyvan. They came new with my van; only been on the road for a few months. I hit a kerb rather annoyingly, causing the damage as seen to the solo tyre...