1. 6

    FREE 2x Tyres Avon AV12 215/65 R16C nearly new

    Nearly new 2x Avon AV12 215/65 R16C 109/107T taking space in the garage. Fitted Oct last year and only on for a few months/1k miles before being replaced with winters. Collection a few miles north of South Mimms M25.
  2. RossBamsey

    Tyres - Will 19’s wear faster than 18’s?

    After some advice please Been looking for some new alloys for my T6 as the stock wheels look tiny I had my eye on a set of 19” wheels and was going to go for a 245 / 55 tyre but a friend who has a tyre garage (and a T5 himself) advised that the van eats through tyres and I’m better off getting...
  3. DCC

    The perfect 20” tyre size

    Let’s forget about load rating and focus on what you all think the best size of tyre on a 20 x 8.5/10 staggered setup would be, striking the balance between practicality and aesthetics. Feel free to post pics
  4. F

    Amarok Talca 20 inch tyre sizes?

    Bought a set of Amarok Talca alloys for my T6. Had 245/40 20 load rated tyres fitted all round as was under the impression 245 was the widest for 8j. The spokes on the alloys protrude way beyond the tyres. Does anyone have these wheels on and which tyres have you got? Many thanks.
  5. B

    Sold 4 x Continental ContiVanContact 215 60 17 109/107t tyres

    Excellent condition, no puncture repairs. Barely used, now replaced with winter tyres. Two have 7mm+ tread remaining and two have 6mm+ tread remaining. Load rated for T32. £100 Collection from Bolton area
  6. J

    Caravelle wheels - no idea - help

    Wondering if anyone here has any advice on switching my wheels - I’m clueless I have 17 inch Devonports on a Caravelle. I love them but wanted a change to mostly black alloys. What’s all this about load rating etc?! What size do I need. Help . Usually the van is fairly loaded & loaded to...
  7. GONA66

    For Sale 2 x 255/40 ZR 19 Tyres.

    FOR SALE , 2 Falken FK510 255/40 ×19 5-6mm of tread , and are 100Y load rated. Only £90 the pair , space needed. Collection only North West.
  8. Texxaco

    Sold Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric 265/40/R20 104Y tyres x 3

    Evening all, I have three Goodyear Eagle F1 265/40/R20 Assymetric 3 104Y extra load tyres up for sale. Perfect load rating for the T32 variant although they will suit all 20 x 9 wheels. Been on my van for less than 300 miles, looking for £385 for the three, collection from Chester area or...
  9. Y

    Kumho Tyres?

    So I know I need to get some new summer tyres - the old ones have a bit of life left but with a summer holiday in France in June I know I need to change them before then. Existing tyres are Goodyear Eagle F1. Size is 255/45 R18. Given the way everything is skyrocketing in price I am tempted to...
  10. Skroob

    For Sale Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tyres 245/45R20 103V

    I’ve got four of these brand new tyres, which I was going to fit to a set of alloys specifically for winter, but I’m now going down a different route. I’m looking for £150 each, and I’m located in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.
  11. Jamie2.0

    T30 rated tyres on a T32…opinions….

    Whilst looking at vans recently I was told by a VW dealership that they’ll sell T32 vans knowingly with T30 rated wheels in agreement with the owners if they think the owners aren’t going to be loading the van up as say in commercial use (little bit shocked by this but not surprised). My...
  12. OllieGBR

    275/40/20 to 265/40/20

    Due to a blow-out on the M25 and having to be recovered, I used the opportunity to move from 275/40/20 to 265/40/20 tyres on the front. An expensive move, but always thought the 275’s were too big of a tyre for the steering pump to be moving. I also fitted ‘decent’ tyres, Goodyear Eagle F1s...
  13. M

    For Sale Set of 4 Contivan 200 tyres. 215/60/17. £60.

    Set of 4 which I removed to fit winter tyres, went with the Nokian all seasons so don't see the need to put these back on. All 5mm tread, good sidewalls etc. 2 of them have been plugged at some point in the past. These were on the van when I purchased it and ran around 2000 miles with no...
  14. GONA66

    Tyre Date Code .

    Where do i find the Tyre Date Code, so i can check eligibility . Tyre or Sticker !
  15. Pedro20001

    For Sale Bridgestone 215/60r17 tyres x4 , less than 1000 miles

    For sale set of 4 bridgestone duravis 215, 60 r17 r109 / 107T load rated tyres. Less than 1000 miles. £200 ono DERBY / NOTTINGHAM Area.
  16. LakesT6

    Caravelle Owners - Continental ContiEcoContact 235/55/r17 103 safety recall

    Spotted this on FB and thought it was worth sharing on here. Continental ContiEcoContact 5 tyres which were fitted to Aracaju wheels on Multivan and Caravelle models are being replaced FOC by Continental. If the tyres are OE then the replacements are being done through the VWCV dealer network...
  17. T

    275/35/20 tyre recommendation

    I’ve been running some toyo proxy sports for the last 20k miles and found them to be excellent but now don’t seem to be easily available So what tyres in this size are people running? I can get Michelin from Costco or blackcircles seem to come and fit or I can go to a local place but have no...
  18. T

    Vibration under acceleration (new tyres fitted)

    Hi guys, I had new tyres fitted by a mobile tyre guy on Thursday. He had a hard time getting the wheels off (front only) due to them being rusted on and spent a while smashing away with a rubber mallet. This weekend I drove the T6 for the first time and at 70mph, whilst on the power, it vibrated...
  19. Jimmi

    For Sale 4 x 255/60/18 Yokohama Geolander

    Removed after 2000 miles Collection only £200
  20. L

    Tyre replacement - pairs or all four?

    Hi lads, I have done nearly 27,000 in my kombi T32 on continentals. The fronts are needing done and the backs I reckon I will get another few thousand miles out of them. Would you’s just change the fronts or do all 4 at the same time? Your knowledge would be appreciated :)