trim tool

  1. Hobbo

    Removal of dash USB/Aux-in socket

    Hope someone can help with this- I was having problems with the USB socket connected to my Pioneer head unit. The female USB was loose, when I took the plastic plate off the USB cable came out completely and is stuck somewhere in the dash. I can just about see it, but no end of fishing...
  2. chearmstrong

    Removing chrome grille trim on T6.1

    Hi. I’ve checked some other threads but I can’t seem to find the technique for removing the chrome grille trims - specifically on a T6.1. Hi have some new blue ones I want to add. I’ve tried a trim removal tool and credit card but I can’t seem to get them off. I don’t want to force too much in...
  3. T

    Undo hidden clips

    Hi - I‘ve bought a T6 and need to remove the tailgate ply to get to the locking mechanism (long story). It looks like it’s been attached with hidden clips under the lining. Are there any special tricks for removing ply attached with hidden clips? Apologies if daft question - total novice at...
  4. Jay

    Trim removal tools

    Im after a set.of trim removal tools. Theres loads on amazon, can anyone recommend a decent set
  5. Nick Reed

    Hi all

    Hi, been a member for a while but never really have time to have a look around. Having a bit of time on my hands (for some strange reason!!) I’ve been having a good look Some real gems of information on here and all the comments are really friendly. While I’m here anyone recommend some good trim...
  6. W

    Panel Trim Clips 3d0867333

    The white 22mm ones are easy to find on the net- they're everywhere; but does someone know of a reasonably priced replacement for the black 32mm ones part no. 3D0867333

    Silly Qs But, Purchasing A Pack Of Trim Tools?

    Worth purchasing a trim tool kit? or would a simple Alan key and a few flat blades screw drivers do the job?
  8. Montecha

    Removing The Heater Control Surround / Trim?

    I've finally got an 'OEM+' heater control trim that I'm happy with, and going to fit. Before I just wade in with my trusty trim tool and lever it all off an break something, any hints/tips from those that have done this before? Do the buttons come out with the trim, or do they need to come out...