1. R

    T6.1 dipped headlights abroad

    I,m currently in Germany in my T6.1 California Ocean, I have led lights. Do I need to do anything to change dipped beam as now of course driving on the right. I thought you could change via the info display but can't find anything......
  2. Colner

    Led Headlights And Beam Deflectors - Travel Mode?

    Hi, I've read (somewhere!) that LED headlights can be configured so they don't dazzle when driving in Europe, is that correct? If yes, can anyone tell me where to do this in the MFD options? I can't find them... Many thanks Brian.
  3. AndyAK66

    Led Headlights Adjustment For European Travel

    Is it possible to adjust LED headlights for European travel, I'm sure I've seen it somewhere in the manual but can't find it again
  4. R

    VCDS fault code 5275648 left/right driving switch over active

    Just scanned my T6 Caravelle and found fault code 5275648, see attached pictures. Can any VCDS experts on here help me decipher this. I did google it but couldn't really find any info, just a few referees to tourist solution mode and it will throw up this code when activated. Cheers