tow trust

  1. Dellmassive

    Tow-Trust detachable Towbar - "TVW9VK" kit & Wire kit -- How I Done It --

    Tow-Trust detachable Towbar - "TVW9VK" kit & Wire kit -- How I Done It -- Here we go, following on from this thread . . . - Towbar recommendations please i though it was time i finaly got around to doing it myself. . . it started with a quote from the main dealers . . . and the...
  2. Dai_namik

    T6 Towbar Fitting - bumper supports?

    Hi all, I want to fit a factory westfalia detachable towbar, I have a 67 plate lwb kombi with towbar prep, can anyone advise me on what exactly I will need to do it myself, I've read a little on it and seen posts on foam pieces for strengthening the bumper after removing the crash bar etc, but...
  3. D

    Tow Trust swan neck - torque

    Evening all, This is my first post :) So, I bought a Tow Trust TVW9VK tow bar and the matching 'no trailer prep' can bus electrics. I've spent most of today gingerly tearing bits off the Caravelle and was nearly defeated by the rear bumper beam needing a wobble drive to get to the bolts...
  4. W

    Dave Cooper Bike rack on T6

    Hi. I’m looking to fit one of the Dave Cooper towbar mounted motorcycle carriers on my T6. Has anyone tried this and if so does the handlebar fowl the door? Thanks
  5. Vanda

    Tow Trust Tow-bars

    Hi I have a T6 and have just had a detachable Towbar fitted by a mobile fitter, JW Towbars in West Midlands area. Great price and great job done !! I also just wanted to share my review of the brand Tow Trust. Anyone looking for a great detachable tow bar I would strongly recommend this...