1. S

    Sold Thule WanderWay 2-bike carrier VW T6

    Asking for £275. I have had this Thule WanderWay 2-bike carrier about 2 years. Excellent condition and stored in the garage during winter. Product Code: 911001. I had this on my Kombi T6. 2 locking keys, 2 locking arms, Thule tool to lock onto van. I can show you how to fit/use if you...
  2. amo1968red

    Thule Motion XT Alpine

    Anyone got experience of fitting a Thule Motion XT Alpine on their van? I'm toying with the idea of getting one, cos they're nice and low...but they're bloody expensive. I've got no issue as far as actually fitting one, as I've got roofbars and Thule cross bars on the van already, but I'd be...
  3. Paddy00000

    For Sale Clear out - bits n bobs

    Hi, a few remaining items to sell after selling the van. Let me know if you have any questions. Collection only (LE10). Fiamma Tie Down S (Black) - Used on our F45s - £15 Thule levelling ramps - used once - £35 T5 carpet in blue - £15 10m electric hookup and bag - £15 Fuel Lagoon T6 front...
  4. Blondesparky

    Wanderway Thule

    Good evening, we have a four way Wanderway bike rack and the clamps that attach to the bike frame have seized. I have tried Penetrating fluid but to no avail. Any other help would be good. Thanks
  5. D

    Sold Thule Elite G2 Standard 306560 Bike Rack

    This rack is for a motorhome / caravan, not a T6. I have a Thule Elite G2 Standard bike rack, bought for a project that never materialised. It has been very lightly used by a previous owner but is almost as new, see photo where anodising has dulled, this seems to be common, maybe a reaction to...
  6. JonriceT6

    Thule omnister rattle …..

    Hi everyone Recently had a conversion done, and have the MOST ANNOYING rattle coming from my windout awning. By reading other forums and similar issues Im thinking it’s the support arms inside rattling against the casing. I believe I have the anti rattle clips inside but these aren’t obviously...
  7. RyanGerry

    For Sale Thule Black Aero Roof Bars and Gloss Black Roof Box

    Selling my Thule Aero black roof bars along with a gloss black roof box. The box has a few light marks due to storage. There’s a few pictures of it fitted to the van, but I’ve removed it now as it’s no longer needed. Looking for £250 for the lot. Located Tidworth SP9
  8. VanDamMan

    For Sale Thule ProRide 598 …x 2 ……£75 each

    For sale 2 x Thule 598…. excellent condition… including instructions and keys….£75 each collection or next meet…
  9. Gino D’Campervan

    Thule G2 compact bike rack

    Does anyone have any experience with this bike rack? Pros v cons vs the Fiamma version would be appreciated!
  10. Jimmi

    Any German Speakers? Brenderup trailer question.

    I bought a Brenderup box trailer and it has this badge on it. It’s unbraked so as I understand legally it can’t be more than 750KG when loaded. But I’d quite like to know what this all means.
  11. G

    Thule Roll out awning question

    Hi Has anyone fitted the new Thule 4200 roll out awning? It is the new version of the 4900, can it be fitted to a multi rail? Also Does it increase the height above the poptop much, I have a standard skyline poptop fitted. Thanks for any help
  12. S

    Thule roll out awning - do you use those side/front panels?

    Hello, question, we have a lwb with SCA roof and now the thule ormister 4900. We are coming to the uk for summer hols and were thinking to just have the rollout awning... but with the weather being what it is we're thinking to get the front panels and the side panels to make a bit of a proper...
  13. W

    Fiamma F45S or Thule Omnister?

    Hi All, Looking for your opinions for the best wind out awning - Fiamma 45S or Thule Omnister? Also, any recommendations of professional fitters in the Cardiff area to fit to a T6 with skyline pop top would be appreciated. TIA
  14. A

    Sold Thule 757 Footpack

    Hello, I have for sale 4x Thule 757 footpack a with locks and key. Looking for £60 including delivery. Thanks
  15. M

    Wanted Fiamma F45s or Thule Wind Out wanted

    Hi All I'm looking for a Fiamma 45s 260 in black ideally with the brackets for the 'C' Rail (aka factory roof bar prep) if anyone has one for sale. If no Fiamma I'll be tempted by any Thule ones out there too in Anthracite Thanks in advance
  16. P

    Which Awning??

    Hi all, I bought a new T6 about a month ago and am so loving it. Had our first trip out in it (sleeping) over the weekend and went to Durness in northern Scotland and then a couple of nights at Applecross. (The later was awesome!!) I'm now after an awning and wondered what advice people can...
  17. D

    For Sale Buzzrack ‘buzzwing 3 ‘ towbar mounted folding 3 bike rack £100

    For sale my lockable buzzrack 3 bike rack, includes lighting board and key. Please note the titling mechanism doesn’t work (think it needs a new bolt washer and nut). This video gives you the idea Collection from Lincolnshire
  18. D

    Wanted Thule Backup Box

    Looking for a Thule Backup storage box. Ideally located in North East England but would consider further afield. Thanks!
  19. P

    Thule 9403 electrics

    I’ve just acquired a Thule 3 bike rack to fit on my T6 towbar. However the electrics don’t seem to be working - no lights or brake lights coming on. The outer cap is damaged so doesn’t sit in the rows at electric adapter comfortably. Could anyone help please? Many thanks
  20. P

    For Sale Thule 298 expert bike racks

    Hi all, I have 3 brand new unopened Thule 298 expert bike racks for sale. Cost £120 each. Looking for £280 for the 3 collection only. Thanks