1. aorv

    Thule awning brackets for roof rails

    Has anyone used these type brackets to attach a Thule Omnistor 4900 to their T6? I'm looking for a solution that means I don't have to drill into the van and also remove the awning when I need to. I...
  2. GingerPig

    Sold Thule T6 WingBar Evo Roof Bars – Silver

    Thule T6 WingBar Evo Roof Bars Like new condition Includes all fixings and T6 specific location pads Having pop top fitted so no longer required £170 *Following link for further info*...
  3. R

    anyone know were how to fit cpuk thule roof rack system

    there is a wooden batten somewhere inside skyline roof lwb ACCESSORIES APPLIANCES CANVAS GAS PLUMBING ELECTRICS AWNINGS ROOF & BIKE RACKS WINDOW COVERINGS SWIVEL BASES FITTING SERVICE MY ACCOUNT 0 CART CPUK/THULE Roof Rack System BLACK – Elevating Roof/Pop-Top £395.00 NEW for Summer...
  4. R

    Sold Thule Wanderway 2 Bike carrier

    For sale Thule Wanderway two bike carrier fitted to vehicle but never used change of vehicle is reason for sale. Offers around £300
  5. P

    Roof box placement Multivan T6

    Hi forum! I just bought a roof box, Thule Motion XT XL, and as I was placing it on the roof of my Multivan T6 I was thinking where the best placement for it would be regarding to aerodynamics. Far back, further to the front or in the middle. I have the short wheel base T6 but its still possible...
  6. Crispy

    Thule Omnistor 6300 and Reimo multi rail

    Hi :) Has anyone fitted a Thule Omnistor 6300 to their van with a Reimo Multi-rail? I like the low profile of this awning but unsure if it's suitable for a T6? Any guidance and advice much appreciated. Cheers Crispy
  7. P

    Sold Thule Force (Sport) Black 300L Roof Box + Thule Backpac 973 Bike Carrier + Thule 18 Rear-Mount system

    Thule Force (Sport) Black 300L Roof Box used twice (selling because now purchased bigger Thule Force XL to accommodate more stuff, 500L). Thule Backpac 973 Bike Carrier with Thule 18 mount fitting for T6 (selling because now planning to fit tow bar and tilt-able bike carrier system). Original...
  8. Vectra

    Thule Aero bar size?

    Anyone know what size the Thule aero bars size needed to fit a T6 is ? The ones with the rubber clamps for the roof bars Thanks
  9. A

    Help on Awning Adapters please

    Hi, I've bought a Thule 5102 rollout awning for my new T6 camper (conversion). The awning comes with brackets to fit it to the van but as my van has a pop top, the brackets supplied wont fit. So I need to find which adapter I need to buy in order to fit the 5102 onto the side wall (below the...
  10. Daza1977

    Non-OEM Bike Carrier

    Hi guys, I have been looking at the genuine Vw bike carriers for my 2018 T6 tailgate. I was wanting a 4 bike carrier but they are horrendously expensive. Especially as I want the black one............. so at the moment I was going to make do with a Menabo Shadow bike carrier. We can use this as...
  11. czmate1999

    Thule VeloSpace XT 3 Or Atera STRADA DL 3 - bike rack

    Hmmm. Stuck on these two bike racks. my needs, - Obviously robust and good quality - easy on and off. - good weight capacity for at least 3 bikes, possibly 2 electric in future. - ability to mount box or bag if needed - tilt / slide option to be able to open tailgate without bikes or rack...
  12. F

    Bike-Rack or Towbar Mount?

    What are the general thoughts around bike carriers? I want to be able to transport 4 bikes, am I best going for the VW Gen type one that mounts to the roof or are tow bar type ones better. Id like to be able to have a spoiler on the roof which is why I am thinking of the tow bar one however I’m...
  13. Phil Harris

    Bike Rack Spares

    Hi, I’m missing one of the end caps, I’ve searched on web, but no luck. Appreciate if anyone knows where I can get a replacement? Photo highlighted below... TIA
  14. N

    Thule Omnistor Awning

    So just picked the Van up from having a Thule Omnistor fitted Heres the problem, I asked for a 4900 to be fitted and have got home to realise its the 5200 that's been fitted. What would be your thoughts on this, have a got the better model or not. I prefer the look of the 4900 and the...
  15. Brae

    Thule Omnistor 4900 Fixing To Van

    Afternoon all I have a standard rain gutter and trying to find out how a Thule Omnistor 4900 awning fixes to the van ? has anyone been able to use the holes in the gutter with a bracket , I'd prefer not to screw into the body work ...I currently have Thule aero bars on and I've 2 spare holes...
  16. D

    Do Omnistor 5102 Parts Fit The Original Vw T6 Awning ?

    The awning of my VW Multivan T6 camper is damaged. I need to replace one springarm and one endplate. A sticker inside my awnings identifies it as a Thule product. So, VW actually installes Thule awnings on its T6 vans. However, VW doesn't sell parts for the awning. One can only purchase a...
  17. Grim Reaper

    Omnistor Awning Folding Arm Positioning

    Bought an Omnistor 5102 yesterday, I have made some brackets to allow me to fit it over my garage door so I have dual use when it's not on the van. First time putting it out I was very worried I was going to snap the leg lock levers off as they were very stiff, however they have become a bit...
  18. A&A

    Thule Awning Confusion

    Looking to add a Thule awning to our T6 Kombi van & not sure which model is best: 4900 or 5102? Also do i need to buy a separate adapter/fitting kit? Also the van has a roof rail as in pics is this a problem for fitting. Any advice would be great. Andy
  19. J

    Can You Open A T6 Tailgate With A Thule 927 Tiltable Bike Carrier

    We have a T6 and I'll be honest - It's a huge faff loading 4 bikes onto our Fiamma tailgate mounted bike carrier.... and then it takes the strength of 7 people to open the boot. I'm thinking of fitting a towbar and getting a Thule 927 tiltable bike carrier (we're keeping the T6 for ever :-) so...
  20. Tym

    Thule Roof Rack 751/753 Foot or VW roof prep rails

    Really new here... posted this originally in ‘wheels and tyres’ hi guys, new on here so apologies if this has been covered already. I need a roof rack system for my t6 swb Kombi. As it’s black I want a black set plus some that aren’t too big. Thule do the new wing bar evo which is both slimline...