1. secretK9agent

    Dogbone lower T6.1 grille insert disaster - Advice?

    Replaced the lower inserts with THQ gloss black replacements - disposed of originals A month later the paint is cracking on replacement inserts - THQ sent new ones. The replacements again have paint issues and multiple broken clips on opening from box. I'm done with replacements. I'm now left...
  2. RickyG

    THQ DRL-LED headlights upgrade on a T6.1?

    Anyone replaced to these? Any issues if so? Also rear light replacements (sequential indicators, LED- tailgate model) on the same van? Any information appreciated.
  3. sipep

    Wanted THQ T6 Sequential Indicator Barn door LED Rear Lights

    Looking for barn door rear lights.
  4. Andyf

    Wanted THQ T6 Sequential Indicator Tailgate LED Rear Lights

    Wanted THQ T6 Sequential Indicator Tailgate LED Rear Lights preferably in black cheers
  5. 360ian

    Rusty Lee Sliding Swivel Base

    Hi all, I recently fitted the Rusty Lee sliding double seat base from TransporterHQ. The seat base is absolutely brilliant and it's so easy moving the seat round with the slider on it but Im having trouble locating the bolts back into the securing positions after swivelling. The rear 3 seems to...
  6. C

    Heat from Transporter HQ Headlights with LED’s

    For those that have the transporter HQ headlights with the LED option, is there enough heat given off to melt off and snow or ice over winter? On my old defender I had to use LEDs with an inbuilt heater in the lense to keep them clear, so just weighing up whether to go LED or H4/7.
  7. Wafu

    T6 Caravelle near side main beam out

    Hi all wise ones. My current problem is as the title says. I have a 68 plate, Caravelle executive and have up grades the lights with THQ V3 lights some years ago. No problems until the other week or so. The V3 lights have LED main lights and standard Main beam H1’s fitted. I noticed a little...
  8. Gazbadge

    For Sale THQ stealth tailgate spoiler

    As above for sale. It's brand new however it was damaged on delivery. I was sent another and never had to return this one. It's been repaired and to be honest has repaired really well. It's unfinished and unprimed. See pic of repair and a couple of pics of the one on my van. £80.00...
  9. S

    For Sale Transporter HQ T6.1 Tailgate LED Rear Lights (Halogen) £100.00

    Transporter HQ T6.1 LED Rear Lights for halogen conversion to LED. Using the original halogen factory fitted rear lights to LED rear lights, no rewiring, plug and play, using original plug socket. For further details: VW T6.1 Sequential Indicator LED Rear Lights - TAILGATE - Red Clear - T6.1...
  10. Mixersmate

    uprated rear spring rubber bushes

    Morning all - Has anyone had any joy with aftermarket rear spring rubbers? I'm getting around 7/8 months out of a set, its always the passenger side that starts to squeak first! THQ have uprated ones on their website but out of stock, hopefully someone has a link to some they can...
  11. Benh76

    Sold Transporter HQ T6.1 LED headlights

    Bought these and fitted to van for only a few months before I sold the van. Now have a T6 so these later style lights no longer needed. With LED DRL’s and Twin projectors these light units provide a much better light output. The LED DRL (daytime running lights) are illuminated once the key is...
  12. Chrisaky82

    Sold Fuel Lagoon Screen Cover THQ

    Fuel Lagoon T6 waterproof windscreen blackout cover with storage bag printed with Transporter HQ logo in grey covers windscreen and front side windows. used a handful of time and packed away dry every time. £40 collection from South Manchester, can post for around £10 extra
  13. Texxaco

    Sold T6 ABS Plastic front splitter gloss black

    For sale - £60, save £70 on current price, collection only Currently out of stock at TransporterHQ. Been on my van for 3 months, hardly driven so pretty much brand new with no damage. VW T6 Lower Bumper spoiler, ABS Plastic not fibreglass! Made from ABS Plastic High Gloss Black 1 x VW T6...
  14. 360ian

    TransporterHQ T6.1 tailgate spoiler fitment

    Hi guys, I’m wanting to put a spoiler on my T6.1 tailgate, I’m intrigued by this one from Transporter HQ; There aren’t any photos of it...
  15. C

    T5.1 to t6.1 headlight diode

    Hi, First post here, did subscribe to the vip section in the hope of finding this information out without posting but could not find what I was looking for. I am doing a t5.1 to t6.1 facelift, I have sourced the parts myself, so did not but the ‘complete’ travelinlite kit. Have just been...
  16. C

    Sold THQ T6 Sequential Indicator Tailgate LED Rear Lights

    Thinking of selling these on if anyone is interested. Tailgate rear lights with the sequential indicator. Took me 10min to swap out on my originals. Nice looking lights with mega bright reverse lights and sequential indicators. £195...
  17. Octane85

    Bulb warning after fitting THQ lights

    Hi all, I’ve emailed THQ with this but always happy to hear if anyone has any thoughts. I fitted the v3 headlights along with the H7 LEDs THQ and osram night breakers for high beam and the THQ T6 style sequential rear lights. All lights work fine and as expected. However, I’m getting a bulb...
  18. Troj

    Sold T6 THQ V1 Headlights with THQ LED H7 bulbs

    Transport HQ V1 headlights for sale - in great condition. No scratches on lenses (maybe some dead fly residue, but I'll clean that off). Includes THQ LED H7 bulbs (fitted) - replacing the candle in jam-jar standard bulbs, so you can actually see at night. Carefully removed from my van and...
  19. Epic-Rob

    T6.1 THQ V1 headlights a bit dull

    So just fitted a nice new pr of THQ Drl lights in my 6.1. replacing the std lights that have THQ H7 LED in the dipped beam and std halogen in the beam They look the part and all work as they should, so eagerly waiting for dark to go and try them out - but very underwhelmed at the light output...
  20. S

    THQ LED bulbs give uneven coverage

    Hi, after bit of advice from fellow members regarding headlights. I have the V3 DRL headlights fitted on my T6 with upgraded bulbs. Problem is the lights don't appear even when turned on (when shined against a wall etc). Looks like the driver side has more projection than the passenger which...