1. 360ian

    TransporterHQ T6.1 tailgate spoiler fitment

    Hi guys, I’m wanting to put a spoiler on my T6.1 tailgate, I’m intrigued by this one from Transporter HQ; There aren’t any photos of it...
  2. C

    Sold THQ T6 Sequential Indicator Tailgate LED Rear Lights

    Thinking of selling these on if anyone is interested. Tailgate rear lights with the sequential indicator. Took me 10min to swap out on my originals. Nice looking lights with mega bright reverse lights and sequential indicators. £195...
  3. Troj

    Sold T6 THQ V1 Headlights with THQ LED H7 bulbs

    Transport HQ V1 headlights for sale - in great condition. No scratches on lenses (maybe some dead fly residue, but I'll clean that off). Includes THQ LED H7 bulbs (fitted) - replacing the candle in jam-jar standard bulbs, so you can actually see at night. Carefully removed from my van and...
  4. Epic-Rob

    T6.1 THQ V1 headlights a bit dull

    So just fitted a nice new pr of THQ Drl lights in my 6.1. replacing the std lights that have THQ H7 LED in the dipped beam and std halogen in the beam They look the part and all work as they should, so eagerly waiting for dark to go and try them out - but very underwhelmed at the light output...
  5. S

    THQ LED bulbs give uneven coverage

    Hi, after bit of advice from fellow members regarding headlights. I have the V3 DRL headlights fitted on my T6 with upgraded bulbs. Problem is the lights don't appear even when turned on (when shined against a wall etc). Looks like the driver side has more projection than the passenger which...
  6. Magpie1832

    THQ V3 DRL intermittent

    Hi all. Just noticed when I drive about the DRLs are intermittent. One minute they are in then they're not. I have thq v3 ltd black lights. All other lights work fine. I spot them on then when I stop to look at them they are off. Its baffling me now. Anyone had the same before. Cheers
  7. T

    THQ Gti style seat covers

    As above really, do these fit well? Are they good quality? Or are they saggy / baggy? I’ve seen some seat covers and they look baggy when fitted and do not go properly around the sear bolsters, but if course, the marketing pictures everyone shares looks perfect :) Thanks!
  8. 1271A

    Sold Sold Transporter HQ V2 headlights. With H1 and H7 bulbs

  9. Skyliner33

    THQ letterbox windows coming soon!

    Oh, new style opening windows. Bet they wont leak. Not much use when moving though.
  10. chafey69

    Sold THQ V3 headlights

    For sale , a pair of THQ V3 DRL headlights, complete with H7 & H1 bulbs. Bought new in Feb 2022 , no scratches, or stone chips, work get the most out of them, I highly recommend buying the THQ H7 LED bulbs to set them off.....collection prefered, Newcastle-under-Lyme...
  11. G

    THQ T6.1 aftermarket headlights: black or chrome

    Has anyone got the THQ 6.1 black led headlights fitted and could post a photo, I’m trying to decide If chrome or the black version would look better on the van, I’ve got a Ascot grey Startline with the big black bumper Thanks
  12. dave_b

    rear rattle ?

    Has anyone experienced a rattle from THQ rear lights? Something in the back of the Van rattles over short sharp bumps and the only thing I changed was the lights. Going to swap them back and go for a drive, but was curious if anyone has had a rattle from the rear LED’s?
  13. L

    THQ v3 DRL strip failure

    Hi There, Bought the THQ T6 headlights (with THQ LED H7) about 18 months ago, really happy with them, they make a huge difference over the standard OEMs and look awesome. Ran into a bit of a slight issue (noticed it yesterday) with the passenger side light, the main beam (H1) dipped led (H7)...
  14. Barley53

    Sold THQ H7 LED bulbs

    A set of Transporter HQ led H7 bulbs, box opened but the bulbs have never been used. According to the THQ website, they will only fit THQ headlight units (all versions). THQ are currently selling these for £65, I'll post them to the UK for £45 or collect from Royston, Hertfordshire for £40.
  15. fezza68

    Sold THQ VW T6 Sequential Indicator LED Rear Lights for TAILGATE – Red.

    Selling my rear led sequential indicator lights in red. These are for the tailgate version and my bus came with led rear lights so was a straight swap. In perfect condition with no marks or scratches and perfect working order. Only selling due to upgrade. Open to offers. Will post but prefer...
  16. Bav

    THQ flush-fit sliding windows

    Transporter HQ are imminently due to release their own version of the flush, sliding windows that [allegedly] don't leak. See here:
  17. Dellmassive

    T6.1 LED sequential - REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE (Barn Doors) -- How I Done It --

    T6.1 LED - REAR LIGHTS UPGRADE (Barn Doors) -- How I Done It -- Its that time again . . . . Rear light cluster upgrades. ++++ This time with the pre-made LED T6.1 copy setup. These units come with sequential indicators and a FULL LED setup. this is what the site...
  18. Jason Kew

    THQ V2 DRL problem

    Hi everyone, my nearside THQ V2 DRL is only on intermittently, the DRL lightbar works fine on side lights and headlights on etc.. thinking it's a loose connection somewhere.. is there a colour coded wiring diagram available to find the DRL cable.. there's a lot of wires in that box! Very many...
  19. T

    Removing Connecter from THQ bulb. Help Needed.

    Should be an easy one I hope. I'm trying to remove the original THQ bulb (lamp) and replace with Night breakers. Fallen at the first hurdle! How do I remove the gold connecter without ruining the connection. I assumed it would just slide off but I'd pretty stubborn and dont want to wreck the...
  20. BennyBoy

    THQ v1 Light Issue - HELP

    Hello I have had the THQ v1 lights since they were launched with LED bulbs in the dipped beam without any issues at all from day one A couple of days ago driving home the driver's side dipped beam flickered and went off and bulb light came on. No issue will change bulb but that didn't work...