1. C

    THQ v3 light pattern issue

    hello,. hoping someone can help, I e got THQ v3 lights, with the uprated nightbreaker bulbs etc, but they are rubbish, this beam pattern looks like batman any ideas
  2. MrTesco

    H7 to THQ headlights

    Hi just wondering if anyone has gone from Factory fit H7 headlights to THQ lights? If so how do you compare light output etc better or worse with the THQ ones ?
  3. Pewt

    T6.1 TransporterHQ LED tail-lamps

    Anyone bought these lights? VW T6 Sequential Indicator LED Rear Lights for BARN DOORS - Red (T6.1 Style) | T6 Lights | Transporter HQ
  4. T

    O/S fog light not working with THQ LED tail lamps

    Hi, Just bought rear LED lights from transporter hq, fitted them everything works fine apart from the passenger side rear fog light, could this be a fuse or would a fuse gone knock both fogs out or are they faulty,I did notice a blue wire not plugged into anything, help appreciated Thanks
  5. P

    TransporterHQ T6.1 Barn door spoiler fitment

    Does anyone have the THQ barn door spoiler fitted to their T6.1 and can show photos of where it is lined up with? I've had two delivered now, the first one had poor alignment on the nearside one and the second one has poor alignment on the offside. Just want to check others who have installed it...
  6. T

    THQ V3 indicators are too dim!

    So, like many others I have a set of thq v3 headlamps. Brilliant lights, great improvement. But. I really dislike how dim the indicators are on bright days. I've been looking at solutions to this, but thought I would ask the collective on there thoughts.
  7. A

    THQ discount code?

    Anyone have a current discount code for Thq?
  8. SB6

    Transporter-HQ V2 Sequential Headlights - Full Beam and Dipped Beam Don't Operate Together?

    Can anyone who has them fitted, please check this for me. When I turn the headlight switch, to the "Auto" or " On" position, the headlights illuminate on Dipped beam as they should. If I then pull the left hand stalk towards me, Full beam illuminates and Dipped beam stays illuminated, as they...
  9. LambethBoy

    Wanted THQ V2 Black Headlights

    As above. Not ltd edition version. TFL :thumbsup:
  10. Tourershine

    SoLow Suspension

    I know Solow's aren't new by any means, and several members are already running these bad boys, but as a die hard B14 fan, I wanted to give my take on this set-up. As some of you already know, i'm pretty chummy with the Transporter HQ team. They regularly ask if they can borrow my van for T32...
  11. Peclaran

    Sold THQ H7 Headlight with LED DRL £400

    Purchased and installed in June 2020 for £575 and has done less than 300 miles as this is my second vehicle. Returned to original Caravelle Headlights so selling these. They are in great condition with no marks. If you need more images or other questions please PM me.
  12. RayF

    Sold Transporter HQ T6.1 Gloss Black Splitter Brand New in Box

    As per the title, brand new in box, I just checked it was complete. I bought this for my new van that is coming in a few months but I’ve just noticed that THQ are now doing a Matt black version and, I’m going for the swamper look with all the black trims in Matt black so would like to change...
  13. Parvus

    For Sale THQ V3 plus THQ LED bulbs

    Hi, Recently purchased THQ V3 limited edition black model, complete with THQ LED bulbs, cost £578 new. No faults and only covered a few hundred miles max. Anyone interested with offers over £400. Huge discount for anyone currently looking to upgrade headlights to LED.
  14. M

    Fitted window - Leaking! HELP

    Hi all. After a bit of help if possible please... I've fitted my driver side Window today and just been outside and noticed it leaking from the top sealing bead of the window. I fitted the other side last week and had no problems like this and followed the exact same process. Is it a case of...
  15. C

    Transporter HQ barn door curtain

    Has anyone got barn door curtains for their T6 from transporter HQ? After some advise regarding fitment as a little confused
  16. Adam_T6

    Wanted Transporter HQ T6 V1 headlights

    Hi all, Any Transporter HQ V1 headlights available or anyone due to be upgrading to V3s etc? Thanks
  17. Jay

    Tesla powered t6.

    the boys at Transporter HQ are starting an interesting an project, can't wait to see the results.
  18. G

    CamperGlass sliding-windows leaking

    I’ve just bought our first camper, a brand new T6.1 conversion done by Revolution Campers and sold to me through a local caravan/motorhome dealership. Just noticed rain water has leaked in from the side sliding windows. As it’s new it can’t be dirt etc. Any views as to warranty cover...
  19. Aledh

    Found T6 H7 Headlights OR Transport THQ V2's

    As per the title, after a set of H7 headlights or Transport HQ V2's, for a 66 plate T6. Thanks
  20. K

    Sold Transporter HQ V3 LED Headlights

    Evening all, I'm gauging interest in my Transporter HQ V3 Headlights. I recieved these 10-04-20 and fitted them the same week. They have travelled a maximum of 200 miles on my van. I have tesa taped the cables at the back for a more OEM look. I'm moving to Germany so I need to swap my lights...