1. Jay

    Tesla powered t6.

    the boys at Transporter HQ are starting an interesting an project, can't wait to see the results.
  2. G

    CamperGlass sliding-windows leaking

    I’ve just bought our first camper, a brand new T6.1 conversion done by Revolution Campers and sold to me through a local caravan/motorhome dealership. Just noticed rain water has leaked in from the side sliding windows. As it’s new it can’t be dirt etc. Any views as to warranty cover...
  3. Aledh

    Found T6 H7 Headlights OR Transport THQ V2's

    As per the title, after a set of H7 headlights or Transport HQ V2's, for a 66 plate T6. Thanks
  4. K

    Sold Transporter HQ V3 LED Headlights

    Evening all, I'm gauging interest in my Transporter HQ V3 Headlights. I recieved these 10-04-20 and fitted them the same week. They have travelled a maximum of 200 miles on my van. I have tesa taped the cables at the back for a more OEM look. I'm moving to Germany so I need to swap my lights...
  5. J88arv

    Transporter hq v1s with leds

    Hi all finally got my thq lights and love them, change the look of the van immensely. However I’ve noticed a light on the floor which I don’t think shouldn’t be there. Any ideas?
  6. R

    THQ V3 headlight brightness photos

    Hi all. My van is booked in for new headlights, originally had v3 chrome ordered, but now swapped to V2 black (only those available) based on people's posts regarding the brightness. Does anyone have a photo of how dull the v3 are, I am only concerned safety wise tbh. Thanks
  7. Skimech

    THQ Headlight choices again

    Hi just wondering what the views were Of people that have had both V2 and V3. Was thinking of getting the V3 but for the money should I go V2? I’d appreciate some advice please.
  8. simonnwt6

    THQ v3 no dip LED on sidelight pos?

    Hi all, Just noticed on the new install that when I turn lights on pos 1 , sidelights, as I sometimes drive with tears in as well that the front LED dim. Seems weird to me if I’m switching from DRL to sidelights they go darker :/ Have Carista but I doubt thats going to help. Anyone know if...
  9. Mocko1962

    THQ LED H7 Lamps (Bulbs)

    Has anyone fitted these with headlights in position and where did the locate the canbus resistors ?
  10. Yzfr1

    Wanted Transporter Hq V2 Headlights

    Now that THQ have released their Version 3 headlight.....I'm happy to buy a set of Version 2's if anyone is upgrading. Cheers. Pm me.
  11. Buzznitro

    Transporter Hq Suspension Vid

    Just for some good info saw this today gives some interesting guides.
  12. ddktm

    Transporter Hq Video On Lights

    Just thought this may be of use.
  13. Dugdog74

    Led Bulbs Fitted Now And It’s All Going Wrong

    Can anyone save me removing my b***dy bumper and headlights for about the 100th time please. I’ve fitted all singing all dancing led bulbs to my Transporter HQ sequential head lights, only now I have the bulb out light on which I can live with until I get someone to Vagcom it but more annoying...
  14. andy greenwood

    Thq Rear Led Lights

    Transporter HQ rear Led lights.... Has anyone got these fitted on their van and if so what do you think of them ? Any issues ?
  15. K

    Transporterhq Headlights (v3)

    I spoke to the guys at THQ about their current range of headlights. They're really helpful guys and said they're currently testing a version 3. They sent me a video and they look great. LED lightbar with dynamic indicators looking to be available in Jan 2020. Hopefully they will provide LED...
  16. nobbyq

    Transporter Hq Lights To Oem H7

    has anyone done this , i don't like the dotted line of the drl on them looks cheap , so thinking about either forking out to geniue led's or h7's .?
  17. fezza68

    H7 Osram Nightbreaker Lazer

    Hi all,has anyone tried these in the thq v2 headlights yet?.
  18. Johnod17

    Transporter Hq

    Had some time today and visited Transporter HQ to look at the V2 lights. Was showed the two types (black and silver),when I inquired when was the next available slot to fit they told me they could do it straight away .What a great service . I would highly recommend this company for there...
  19. J

    Thq's Drl Headlamps

    Has anyone fitted an HID kit to the THQ V2's yet ?, I find the dipped beam output to be a shade poor and am considering fitting one ( if I can find somewhere to stick the ballasts ), it made one hell of a difference to my old 5.5 passat .
  20. K

    Thq Led Drl Lights V1 Vs V2

    Looking at the THQ lights, apart from the sequential indicators is there any difference between V1 and V2?