1. Greybeard

    Sold T6 Transporter HQ LED DRL Black Headlights V1

    For sale; £200. T6 Transporter HQ LED DRL Black Headlights V1. Plus postage at cost if required. I would prefer to drive an hour to meet up, if suitable. We’re in Trowbridge Wilts (BA14 postcode) These were fitted end August 21’ and swapped out 18 months later for VW OEM full LED headlights...
  2. S

    Sold Transporter HQ Stealth Tailgate Spoiler - Brand New - £100

    For sale is a brand new in the box Transporter HQ Stealth rear spoiler for T6 vans onwards with a tailgate I bought this for my T6.1 and never got round to having it sprayed and fitted and have now sold the van Also included are 2 tubes of adhesive Current price on Transporter HQ is £181 plus...
  3. mrwicks

    THQ flush fit sliding windows leaking

    Hi all, After suffering the classic VW flush fit window leaky horror stories that we all know about I took the plunge and decided to get a local reputable camper converters to install a pair of THQ new generation flush fit sliding windows. After feeling pretty happy that I'd seen the last of my...
  4. J

    T6.1 THQ Aero Lip Splitter

    Hi Has anyone fitted the THQ canards and areo spoiler to their van ?? I’m after a photo to see what it looks like before I purchase Thanks Jim
  5. R

    Show me your THQ LED headlight equipped vans (V3 Black edition) Team Indium Grey

    So who's got an indium grey T6 with THQ V3 LED Black Edition Headlights and got any pics to share? I think I want some but want to see the combo before I pull the trigger. Cheers
  6. R

    T6.1 style taillight comparison: Travelinlite Vs THQ

    These lights seem so similar. Is there much difference in looks, quality or function? I really want 2x dogs and 2x reverse lights (and no errors!)
  7. I

    Wanted T6 THQ Headlights

    thq headlights wanted ideally black v2 v3 thanks
  8. Smarterzipoo

    For Sale T6.1 Gloss Black lower grille

    Brand new gloss black lower grilles for T6.1 still in box. Brought from THQ Collection preferred Southampton £100
  9. tommy_t6.1

    THQ T6.1 headlights - beam pattern

    I've had the THQ headlights on my T6.1 for about 15 months now and love the way they look. I fitted some LED bulbs and all seemed good, although the actual light output wasn't the best I could live with it. A few months ago I was driving at night in heavy rain and I couldn't see anything. This...
  10. j4ckal

    Sold T6 THQ V1 LED headlights with HID kit.

    Up for sale are my (recently purchased from here) Transporter HQ V1 led aftermarket headlights. They come fitted with a HID4U stealth 55w/5000k HID kit. Headlight units and HID kit are approx 6 months old. These are to fit the T6 (not 6.1). Offers around £300 and collection only please from...
  11. FYPO

    For Sale THQ V2 Headlights (Faulty)

    I purchased these headlights from another member in 2021, the passenger-side DRL had some lights out. I split the headlight and found the DRL is split into 2 PCBs. The wire linking the two PCBs had a poor solder joint and had fallen off. I resoldered the wire and all was good. November last...
  12. 993porky

    THQ V3 Bulb adjustment

    Hi everyone I have recently fitted THQ V3 headlights and really pleased but I’m not sure everything is right as when I have lights on I seem to think they are bouncing, it’s when in traffic jam an nudging along behind other vehicles I always think when looking at vehicle in front of me that my...
  13. secretK9agent

    Dogbone lower T6.1 grille insert disaster - Advice?

    Replaced the lower inserts with THQ gloss black replacements - disposed of originals A month later the paint is cracking on replacement inserts - THQ sent new ones. The replacements again have paint issues and multiple broken clips on opening from box. I'm done with replacements. I'm now left...
  14. RickyG

    THQ DRL-LED headlights upgrade on a T6.1?

    Anyone replaced to these? Any issues if so? Also rear light replacements (sequential indicators, LED- tailgate model) on the same van? Any information appreciated.
  15. sipep

    Wanted THQ T6 Sequential Indicator Barn door LED Rear Lights

    Looking for barn door rear lights.
  16. Andyf

    Wanted THQ T6 Sequential Indicator Tailgate LED Rear Lights

    Wanted THQ T6 Sequential Indicator Tailgate LED Rear Lights preferably in black cheers
  17. 360ian

    Rusty Lee Sliding Swivel Base

    Hi all, I recently fitted the Rusty Lee sliding double seat base from TransporterHQ. The seat base is absolutely brilliant and it's so easy moving the seat round with the slider on it but Im having trouble locating the bolts back into the securing positions after swivelling. The rear 3 seems to...
  18. C

    Heat from Transporter HQ Headlights with LED’s

    For those that have the transporter HQ headlights with the LED option, is there enough heat given off to melt off and snow or ice over winter? On my old defender I had to use LEDs with an inbuilt heater in the lense to keep them clear, so just weighing up whether to go LED or H4/7.
  19. Wafu

    T6 Caravelle near side main beam out

    Hi all wise ones. My current problem is as the title says. I have a 68 plate, Caravelle executive and have up grades the lights with THQ V3 lights some years ago. No problems until the other week or so. The V3 lights have LED main lights and standard Main beam H1’s fitted. I noticed a little...
  20. Gazbadge

    Sold THQ stealth tailgate spoiler

    As above for sale. It's brand new however it was damaged on delivery. I was sent another and never had to return this one. It's been repaired and to be honest has repaired really well. It's unfinished and unprimed. See pic of repair and a couple of pics of the one on my van. £80.00...