team kurkuma yellow

  1. Leehoops

    Converting Uma

    Hi guys , I would like to introduce myself - I’m lee (Hoops) I’m reasonably new to the forum after ordering my T32 highline panel van in feb 2019 , I’ve been following all you knowledgeable people Since then to gain as much info as poss ! I’ve had a T5-1 from new in 2013 used as a work van to...
  2. tommo

    Frankenstein! T5.1 to T5 facelift

    Hi all, Alex from Italy, this is Frankenstein, "Franky" for friends :D is a 2012 T5.2 140bhp LWB...converted in a T6 2017 model... with a very very hard work! here a little gallery of the work in progress. in dec 2018 i bought this van from Brema in Germany, a little bit rusty...
  3. Leehoops

    Team Kurkuma Yellow

    woo hoo it’s landed at last , I’ve got a month to get some bits done myself then it’s off to the converters,
  4. Repete

    Repete´s New Ride.

    Hello all. Might be the time to take a step forward after sniffing around in this nice and very informative forum for awhile. Yesterday I went VIP member as an appreciation of all the info I already found here. Thank you all for sharing knowledge. After having driven a Fiat Scudo Panorama for...
  5. Highline Kurkuma Yellow Metallic.

    Highline Kurkuma Yellow Metallic.

    Multivan Highline Kurkuma Yellow Metallic.