1. KombiKommando

    B-pillar swivel table

    I seen a van with a small turn out table behind the front passenger seat (I've taken to becoming nosy at other vans in carparks..... ) it was a small table about the size of a dinner tray, (you know, the one your nan used to have on her lap....) looks like it was attached to the pillar next to...
  2. t6blo

    Sold Round 600mm Driftwood Table, Cranked Leg and Quick Release Brackets

    In the process of selling my van so these have got to go.... 600mm Round Driftwood Lightweight Furniture Ply Table Cranked Aluminium Table Leg 2x Quick Release Mounting Brackets In great condition - there is a little stain on the rubber table surround...
  3. davepage1

    Mito wall table rail on a sliding door, has any one tried and found it still allows the door to open?

    I've done some searching but can't find anyone who has attached a table rail to the inside of a sliding door? I would ideally like to try and use the Mito table rail but would it hit the side of the van when opened? Has anyone experimented with this? I've a twin slider so am a little stuck.
  4. j4ckal

    Sold Fiamma tripod pro and table leg with storage clips.

    Just found this in the loft whilst getting the Christmas decs down :laugh: Was used in my previous T4 (table and shorter leg to fit inside van were both sold with it). Had planned on keeping for use with the new van but I've got another table now. £30 cash/pp(gift)/bt on collection only...
  5. Nigel L

    Basic question on folding table

    Ok, so with no actual handover when collecting our new Camper (COVID!) and only a video from the converter to demonstrate a few things, roof/bed/fridge etc, we have hit a problem. How does the table fold down? have attached two pictures of the table leg, and cannot see how it folds down!! Or is...
  6. Texxaco

    Show us your table top.

    As the title says, looking for inspiration for our swivel table top? Already had a look a Chippys Workshop.
  7. Skyliner33

    Sold Caravelle Table for Rails - price reduced.

    Used, but in excellent condition. £375 £335 ono. More photos if needed.
  8. Mocko1962

    Alternative rear seat table

    Used cut down version of swivel table bracket to give table on rear seat and full size swivel bracket and table when double seat swivelled ... works for us as the big table blocks the kitchen area off restricts access to cupboards
  9. P

    Caravelle table conversion

    Hi all. I'm a seasoned Air cooled owner and have just bought a T6 Caravelle exec. I'm wanting to convert the little slidey around table unit onto some kind of infotainment console. TV, games machine, ports & sockets, some kind of wireless router. I presume I'll need to install a leisure...
  10. CrickCampers

    For Sale Brand new Unwanted boxed up Swing out table leg

    Unwanted Swing out table leg, still boxed & untouched. Cost £60 with the Vat. Collection from Crick, near Junction 18 M1, or may be able to post. £45.00
  11. Deaky

    Sold Fiamma Pro tripod, leg and table collar

    Ideal for a versatile camping table. Use it inside or outside the van. £45 collected from Bilston or Telford. postage £10
  12. RyanGerry

    Is there a difference between the T5 and T6 Caravelle Table?

    Just about to buy a Caravelle table and just wanted to know if there is any difference between the T5 and T6 one or are they the same?
  13. Sim73

    Table Rail

    Can anyone recommend a table rail/ rail? The standard ones have the brackets on either end of the rail and this is no good for what I need. I am wanting to fit an additional rail, but the area is small, so I need the rail to go right to the end of the cupboard space (if that makes sense). I will...
  14. R

    Jammed Sequoia Table Leg.

    We had a great trip away to East Lothian last week, but the Sequoia table leg we have has jammed and we can't remove it from the base. Just to make it clearer the black plastic collar is jammed and I cannot unscrew it. Has anyone got any experience of this happening and how to solve this...
  15. Wafu

    Caravelle Cup holder cassette replaced.

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been done before but I thought i'd show how I changed my Table drink's cassette. I removed the whole table from the van. Extend the table to full height. I then looked underneath and then removed the bright steel screws and the half 'shell' plastic that then...
  16. M

    Table size for shuttle

    Hi all, been reading the forum for a while but brand new member. I’ve already posted this message but think I did it in the wrong part of the forum! I’m looking to buy a used shuttle in the next 6 months to a year when the right one becomes available and I’m currently planning what I want to...
  17. CrickCampers

    For Sale Still for sale... Swing Out Table Leg (from Clearcut)

    Unwanted Swing out table leg, still boxed & untouched. Cost £60 with the Vat, from Clearcut conversions. Collection from Crick, near Junction 18 M1, or may be able to post, but at the moment I'm not allowed out to play! £40.00
  18. C

    Caravelle Table Cup Holder Pop Out Arm Springs

    Hi folks Does anyone know where I can obtain replacement springs that pop out the arms on the Caravelle table cup holder? This seems to be a common problem! Cheers Colin
  19. IMG_4946


  20. T

    Sold Reimo Table With Swivel Bracket

    Hi, Having a garage clear-out. Is anyone interested in a Reimo table with the swivel bracket and arm to attach it to the van? Actually got two tabletops (one grey and one wood-finish) but only one arm/bracket set. It would need to be collected from Sevenoaks, Kent. Thanks, Tom