1. RyanGerry

    Is there a difference between the T5 and T6 Caravelle Table?

    Just about to buy a Caravelle table and just wanted to know if there is any difference between the T5 and T6 one or are they the same?
  2. Sim73

    Table Rail

    Can anyone recommend a table rail/ rail? The standard ones have the brackets on either end of the rail and this is no good for what I need. I am wanting to fit an additional rail, but the area is small, so I need the rail to go right to the end of the cupboard space (if that makes sense). I will...
  3. R

    Jammed Sequoia Table Leg.

    We had a great trip away to East Lothian last week, but the Sequoia table leg we have has jammed and we can't remove it from the base. Just to make it clearer the black plastic collar is jammed and I cannot unscrew it. Has anyone got any experience of this happening and how to solve this...
  4. Wafu

    Caravelle Cup holder cassette replaced.

    Hi all, Apologies if this has been done before but I thought i'd show how I changed my Table drink's cassette. I removed the whole table from the van. Extend the table to full height. I then looked underneath and then removed the bright steel screws and the half 'shell' plastic that then...
  5. Carl1974

    Table storage

    Hi everyone I’m after some help with the above please. After having my conversion completed I am looking at ways to store my table. At present I have it stored behind my rib bed. The table is as shown.
  6. M

    Table size for shuttle

    Hi all, been reading the forum for a while but brand new member. I’ve already posted this message but think I did it in the wrong part of the forum! I’m looking to buy a used shuttle in the next 6 months to a year when the right one becomes available and I’m currently planning what I want to...
  7. CrickCampers

    For Sale Still for sale... Swing Out Table Leg (from Clearcut)

    Unwanted Swing out table leg, still boxed & untouched. Cost £60 with the Vat, from Clearcut conversions. Collection from Crick, near Junction 18 M1, or may be able to post, but at the moment I'm not allowed out to play! £40.00
  8. C

    Caravelle Table Cup Holder Pop Out Arm Springs

    Hi folks Does anyone know where I can obtain replacement springs that pop out the arms on the Caravelle table cup holder? This seems to be a common problem! Cheers Colin
  9. IMG_4946


  10. T

    Sold Reimo Table With Swivel Bracket

    Hi, Having a garage clear-out. Is anyone interested in a Reimo table with the swivel bracket and arm to attach it to the van? Actually got two tabletops (one grey and one wood-finish) but only one arm/bracket set. It would need to be collected from Sevenoaks, Kent. Thanks, Tom
  11. Rear


    Intrior rear view
  12. czmate1999

    Lightweight Camping Furniture...

    Hi All, Just looking into some lightweight camping furniture and wondered if anyone had any experience of the below? Table link to youtube review...
  13. D

    Marks On Pull Out Table.

    The table in my T6 has a problem. I was cooking a meal and placed a hot plastic container on it. I now have a light coloured heat mark about 8 inch diameter. Any ideas on how to remove it ? Forgot to mention the table has a matt finish.
  14. andy greenwood

    Double Swivel Passanger Seat !!

    We have had our 1st campervan for almost 11 months now. It was already fully converted when we bought it. We love it to bits but there are a few things that i am not so keen on . One of them is the front passanger seat ussue ....if we are having some food and we have the table up, the seat is...
  15. andys

    Table Support Channel

    Anyone any idea where I can get a section of metal channel with this profile? It's from the edge of my table that clips on and slides along a rail when you angle it up, then locks in place when you put it down. I want it to make a storage container/shelf/cupholder that clips on next to my...
  16. Bernie the Bolt

    Table In Caravelle

    Hi all, I’ve just bought my first Caravelle and my kids have managed to get one the cup holders stuck in the rear table. Anybody else suffered with this? And was it an easy fix? Cheers Bernie
  17. Andyman

    Caravelle Table Drink Holder Broken

    Has anyone any idea on this? Please One of the drink holder arms was missing from the centre table and I thought nothing of it until I found it in the glove box inside the Manual pack I tried to fix it and whilst it clips into place it is not springy and so holds nothing secure Looking at...
  18. T

    Bodans Conversion

    Hi So we are booked in to have our conversion done by Bodans in the Autumn and we are pleased with our choice. They could not have been more helpful, have been very responsive and don’t seem to get annoyed by our queries. We are having the roof and bed put in before this so we can use the van...
  19. O

    Kiravans Or Exploria Swivel Seats

    Hi guys, we have just got our first van (waiting to collect it this week!) and are new to van life (cannot wait) and the forum. I saw a similar discussion over a year ago so hope it is not a problem reigniting the issue. We are looking to get some swivel bases to our front captain seats. We have...
  20. Lawce

    Kombi rear table

    I am looking for a table for my kombi so my little girl can colour and watch her DVD player etc whilst we are travelling, she generally sits behind me when on the move. Has anyone done anything or got any photos/ideas? It is still standard in the back. Thanks