1. Paynewright

    For Sale Ikea Table Legs (for bed platform)

    Set of 6 black Ikea screw on table legs originally purchased to make a platform with some ply as a quick and easy Kombi bed. Legs unscrew for storage of the platform. Legs would need trimming to height. Called Adils and currently £5 each from Ikea. All 6 for £15 - collection South Leicester...
  2. C

    New table design may interest you

    Fits at rear using boot catch
  3. landy

    For Sale Caravelle table

    Gauging interest for my caravelle table? Suitable for the standard in the velle. Been out of the van for weeks now not getting used so thinking of getting rid. Let me know if your interested and we can talk costs, condition is very good. Cheers
  4. W

    Sold Loc8 Sliding door table - £225

    For sale, very lightly used Loc8 sliding door table and door panel (UK, passenger, nearside door). Have owned this for over a year but it hasn't been used a great deal since we sold our camper and started work on a new van. It's then been sat in our spare room waiting to be used again but we...
  5. 993porky

    T6 shuttle swing out table

    Hi everyone I’m looking at adding a swing out table, but now I’m looking I’ve seen a few that mention not for shuttle/caravelle is this a problem with me having a shuttle can I fit a swing out table? any advice or photos would be great thanks Paul
  6. D

    Sold Front seat shelf T6.1

    Fits a double front seat and single , hardly used open to reasonable offers .
  7. Parvus

    VW California ‘Style’ collapsible table advice

    Hi, I’m currently looking to replace my internal folding table with something more useful. It’s rarely used and limited to the van. I’ve seen similar tables at campsites/festivals with 4 legs and can be used outside which I think is from California Beach or Ocean. My idea is to replace the 1...
  8. S

    Bulky table leg ideas

    We recently purchased our first VW camper and the conversion has the common table store behind the drivers seat. Being 6 ft with long legs I like to have the seat back but am finding this fowls with the tubular leg of the table which is losing me around an inch of space that I get with the table...
  9. Lukavell

    Sold VW Caravelle Multifunction table. £200.

    As titled. Couple of small scratches as shown on photo.
  10. D

    For Sale Caravelle triple bench / bed & table on rails

    Caravelle table for sale £250 Caravelle triple seat with headrests In ok condition £750 Collection from warrington
  11. McFlude

    Sold Swing out table leg

    Brand new swing out table leg. £58 including postage as listed on ebay; Swing Out Table Leg Kit for VW T5 Campervan/Motorhome, Side Mounted Table Leg | eBay
  12. A

    DIY table in sliding door

    My T6 has a table that has one folding leg and clips to attach it to a rail along the front of the cabinets. It’s a bit of a pain to store when not in use, and I’d like to mount it in the sliding door - a bit like the Loc8 table. I don’t reckon it’s beyond my skills - but has anyone done this...
  13. Dave Kingdon

    'Swing-out' table

    Wondered if anyone has knowledge of where to get something like this (for a T6.1), Searched the web, but can't find anything.
  14. Sackmycook

    Sold Sequoia table leg system

    Following my Vangear furniture installation, I have my Sequoia table leg system going spare. It's in excellent condition, some normal marking to base plate and cap as it flush floor mounting. Everything is there and postage will be at cost. Around the £70 new, looking for £50. Cheers
  15. KombiKommando

    B-pillar swivel table

    I seen a van with a small turn out table behind the front passenger seat (I've taken to becoming nosy at other vans in carparks..... ) it was a small table about the size of a dinner tray, (you know, the one your nan used to have on her lap....) looks like it was attached to the pillar next to...
  16. T

    Multifunction Table

    Have just purchased a basis Comfortline Premium T6 Multivan 2018. I intend to 2-tone paint or vinyl. Advice would be good. The purpose of the thread is the table. It is well used and I will remove, disassemble and clean up. The top white coating is burned in places by a smoker I presume. Does...
  17. johnmacster

    Help needed to fix a table leg to a Kombi floor?

    Hello I’ve got a sequoia table leg and want to fix it to the floor in my T6 Kombi. Considering screwing right through the rubber flooring and into the metal floor, or, cutting a section of rubber floor out and gluing a section of timber to the floor and fixing to that but unsure what’s best...
  18. t6blo

    Sold Round 600mm Driftwood Table, Cranked Leg and Quick Release Brackets

    In the process of selling my van so these have got to go.... 600mm Round Driftwood Lightweight Furniture Ply Table Cranked Aluminium Table Leg 2x Quick Release Mounting Brackets In great condition - there is a little stain on the rubber table surround...
  19. davepage1

    Mito wall table rail on a sliding door, has any one tried and found it still allows the door to open?

    I've done some searching but can't find anyone who has attached a table rail to the inside of a sliding door? I would ideally like to try and use the Mito table rail but would it hit the side of the van when opened? Has anyone experimented with this? I've a twin slider so am a little stuck.
  20. j4ckal

    Sold Fiamma tripod pro and table leg with storage clips.

    Just found this in the loft whilst getting the Christmas decs down :laugh: Was used in my previous T4 (table and shorter leg to fit inside van were both sold with it). Had planned on keeping for use with the new van but I've got another table now. £30 cash/pp(gift)/bt on collection only...