t32 wheels

  1. Captain Mainwaring

    18” Tyre recommendations (T32)

    Sorry if this has been done but I trawled through the forums and not found anything I am running a T32 on 255 45 18 103. Up till now I have kept Nokian winter tyres all year round because I have been doing low mileage and live in Highland Scotland where it is regularly wet and the winters are...
  2. Taff1275

    Sold TSW Chicane 20" Staggered Fitment T32 Load Rated.

    For sale I have 4 TSW Chicane alloy wheels. Gloss Black/Mirror Cut Face 20" 5x120 PCD T32 load Rated Very very good condition, not a mark on them! Staggered fitment, 8.5 fronts & 10 rears. Come with Bridgestone tires 255/45/20 fronts & 275/45/20 rears. Front have about 4mm remaining and rears...
  3. Loz

    Sold Winter/Refurb 17" Steels with tyres

    4 off 17" Steel wheels with good tyres. £100 collection only from GL13
  4. K

    T32 tyres for Wolfrace Dortmund 19 x 8.5J

    Im looking to upgrade my devonports to a set of Wolfrace Dortmund 19 x 8.5 Do I need to include an 42 offset that is an option from supplier? I dont carry much weight in the back and will be a camper soon. What size tyres suit theses wheels best with a squared off look? Thanks folks
  5. Duggers83

    For Sale T32 Devonport wheels £400

    Four used 17” Davenport wheels taken off a 2017 T6 T32 LWB shuttle. Covered approx 40k miles I assume (not owned from new). Asking £400. Location - York. Not supplied with bolts/locking nuts. Any questions please ask.
  6. kurienp

    Sold T32 - Heavy Duty 17" Steels - ET56/950KG

    For sale 4 x 17 inch T32 heavy duty ET56/950KG steels. £100 for the 4. Good for winter tyres or excellent for banding. Pickup preferred from RG14 (Newbury). Can drop off nearabouts. Travelling in the next 10 days or so to North of Birmingham so good to drop off enroute. CV19 Social distancing...
  7. R

    For Sale 16 inch Bridgestone duvaris on steel wheels

    Hi there guy's I have these Bridgestone duvaris from a new t6.1 there load rated for all vans including the t32. looking for £200 for them . there over £100 each in this size and have decent reviews too. They are 205/65/16c and are 16 inch steel wheels.and 107/109 rated.they come with centre...
  8. Bumblebee007

    T32 supplied with 102 tyres.. dealer says fine but VW HQ say otherwise..

    Our new toy 2019 2.5k on the clock Kombi 2.0tdi 150 t32 highline bmt swb, all VW accessories, showroom model.
  9. R

    For Sale Bridgestone Duravis 205/65/16

    Hi there guy's I have a set of Bridgestone duvaris in as New condition, there 205/65/16c and are load rated for all models.including t32 . Cash on collection from bellshill or Glasgow area don't mind delivering within reason. They come with centre caps too if required. Looking for £200 decent...
  10. teamfly

    Sold SOLD t5.1 matt black sportlines

    Selling my genuine matt black sportline alloys . good condition , no kerbing . Fitted with 2 toyo proxes with about 4 mm tread . 2 jinyus with very little wear . 255 45 18 , 103 rated for T32 . Looking for £600 .
  11. Stevio

    Black/polished Sportline Alloys T32 and New Tyres £800

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just bought a 2016 T6 Sportline 180 BiTDI which is waiting at home for me (Currently abroad for work) I would be looking to sell the wheels which are on it as I want some 20" alloys to replace them with. I have been assured all alloys are in great condition...
  12. goyaguru

    For Sale Devonports with T32 tyres £500

    VW original Davenport wheels with centre caps and tyres. The wheels have been removed from a 2016 VW T6 T32 4 motion. They are in really good condition (see pics) although I managed to curb one of the rims which has left a scuff mark (see pic). The tyres were fitted brand new a week ago and have...
  13. C

    Sold JBW TWS T32 rated 18” wheels and tyres

    Bought these earlier this year and have run them for a few thousand miles or so. They are 8x18in with 255/45/18 tyres. Wheels are rated to 960kg and tyres are 103 so all good for T32. All in good condition other than one that has a mark. Looking for £550. Based near Aberdeen.
  14. Mick Robson

    For Sale 20 inch ATS temperament 5 alloy wheels

    As the title says 4no newly refurbished ATS alloy wheels for sale, only refurbished to get rid of a bit of kerb rash. They are like brand new now, load rated up to 1025kg so T32 rated. Collection only due to size and weight £475.00 im near Bristol they were only changed as I prefer Black...
  15. SkyMonster

    Recomended tyres for Sportline wheels

    Im going for a set of T6 Sportline wheels 18" is there any recommendation on tyres. Edit: Just found a thread with the info but if anyone has info mi would appreciate it
  16. B

    For Sale T6 parts for sale seats wheels and suspension

    Ok so have some parts for sale 2+1 Simora 2nd row seats Just the seats slight mark on the single seat £500 Ono Standard t32 suspension only done 6000 miles offers Standard t32 anti roll bars again only 6000 miles offers Devonport wheels in Very good condition 6mm of tread one tyre Has Small...
  17. D

    Sold 17” Devonports with Goodyear Cargo Vectors - mint condition T32 load rated

    Hi all These lovely Devonports were taken off my brand new T32 this week after less than 400 miles. Tyres are Goodyear Cargo Vectors, mint condition, load rated, mud and snow approved. I’m looking for £650, could deliver somewhere within two hours of Slough for £700. Thanks for looking! Drew
  18. T6Paul

    19’s rated for T32

    Just wondering if anyone is running 275/40/19 (105) tyres on a T32? The wheels are 9 inch wide front and rear but I'm looking for a slightly narrower side wall than the current 255/45/19's Discuss... Thanks Paul
  19. Dieseldonkey

    Sold Devonport 17" alloys with Continental tyres

    Set of 4 Devonport 17" alloy wheels with ContiVan Contact 200 OE tyres. 215/60r17 and load rated for a T32. One wheel has a small mark on a spoke about 4mm long (See photo). Otherwise in excellent condition. Tyres have around 6mm tread depth with even wear. Located in Central Scotland. £400
  20. C

    Found 18in winter tyres

    Looking for some T32 rated winter tyres. 255/45 or 245/50. What ya got?