t32 wheels

  1. B

    Sold 4 x Continental ContiVanContact 215 60 17 109/107t tyres

    Excellent condition, no puncture repairs. Barely used, now replaced with winter tyres. Two have 7mm+ tread remaining and two have 6mm+ tread remaining. Load rated for T32. £100 Collection from Bolton area
  2. TW2904

    Sold Duchy Banded Amarok 18” Steels

    Duchy Banded Amarok 18” Steels - £1100. Perfect condition with no marks or kerbing. Banded by Duchy at 9/9.5 widths. Chrome wheels. Bridgestone Weather Control Evo 255/45R18 (103Y) tyres (load rated for T32). All with excellent tread (~6mm). Collection from Huntingdon or Windsor.
  3. R

    For Sale Set of 20" alloy wheels & tyres

    Set of 'Pure' alloy wheels 20 x 81/2 J, ET40 max load 2200lbs (997kg) with tyres. Good condition. Not sure how old they are. I purchased them second hand a couple of years ago as a cheap way to see if I was happy having 20" on the van. I used them on my T6 T32 4m DSG. Tyres are only cheap make...
  4. Y

    Sold 1Form Edition1 18" alloy wheels (T32 load rated)

    These are rated for the T32. Looking for £395 collected from Cheltenham, Glos. Tyres are Goodyear Eagle F1. They are usable but they are nearing the end of their life - I will measure tread depths. Wheels have seen summer use only and are in excellent condition. They have been looked after and...
  5. C

    Sold 20" Wheels and Tyres

    Set of 20" Land Rover Rims and Tyres, just taken of a t32. I've reverted back to std wheels 275/40 R20 Tyres fitted Full set of wheels nuts and lock nuts Used, but clean with little use, when weather improves I will clean again Offer around £500 Happy to discuss shared delivery, ie part way from...
  6. wuckfitracing

    Sold 4x Devonport 17" Alloys and tyres £250

    Set of 4 Devonport Alloys and tyres from my T32. £250 Location Near Worksop Notts. Tyres are all 215/60 x R17 Continental Contivancontact load rated 109/107. Tyres depths are 6.2 mm 5.6mm 5.6mm 3.0mm Centre caps and cap remover included. Alloys have a couple of marks from parking. Any more info...
  7. Skroob

    For Sale Pirelli Scorpion Winter Tyres 245/45R20 103V

    I’ve got four of these brand new tyres, which I was going to fit to a set of alloys specifically for winter, but I’m now going down a different route. I’m looking for £150 each, and I’m located in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.
  8. Jamie2.0

    Sold Inovit 20” staggered Vectors

    20” Inovit Vectors, staggarded 8.5” & 10” 5 x 120 ET37 (front) ET 38 (rear) they are stamped 880kg. All in 275/35/ ZR20 102 Y XL Acelera Phi 2 Note the wheels are related for a T32 but tyres only up to a T30. Bought late 2018 but not fitted until March 2019. I took them off back in August...
  9. The Van Cave

    Sold Special Offer: Rotiform DTM in Silver - £1125

    Hi All, To celebrate the fact that we have very recently become a Rotiform Wheels dealer, we are offering 1 set of Rotiform DTM wheels in Silver for the much reduced price of £1135. Normal Pricing is £1285. Specs as follows: Front Wheels: 8.5 x 20" ET35 Rear Wheel: 10 x 20" ET40 These are...
  10. Jamie2.0

    T30 rated tyres on a T32…opinions….

    Whilst looking at vans recently I was told by a VW dealership that they’ll sell T32 vans knowingly with T30 rated wheels in agreement with the owners if they think the owners aren’t going to be loading the van up as say in commercial use (little bit shocked by this but not surprised). My...
  11. C

    Found 20in Supermetal Cells or similar

    Will be on the look out for a set of 20in wheels soon. T32 rated. Ideally same width. Looking for something like Supermetal Cells/Rockets, Rotiform DTM, etc No Land-rover wheels or the likes. Single colour wheels. What you got?
  12. Robert Hallyburton

    Sold T6 17inch Steel Wheels ET56 x 3 Free to good home - Perthshire/Dundee

    Hi, I've had these in my garage for about a year and never got round to doing anything with them, would be good as spares or for restoration. Free to good home (to first person that messages me directly) as long as you collect and take all three. Came from a 2016 t32 Shuttle and removed...
  13. R

    Going mad over rim size for t32

    I’ve been reading the forum for the last couple days but can’t find definite info. 2020 transporter t32 The Stock 205/65/16 are terrible, so I’ve found a 19” amarok set but believe the 255/55/19 on them are too big and will scrub? Short of those rims, what is everyone running for a mix of...
  14. T6180

    Sold BRAND NEW - NAVIS Schmoov 20" Staggered Steel Wheels

    For Sale as surplus to requirements A brand new unopened set of 20" Navis Schmoov steel wheels in the following fitment Front 8.5 et35 | Rear 10 et40 Diameter: 20 Inch Bolt Pattern: 5×120 Fitment Only Centre Bore: 65.1 Colour: ANTHRACITE Style: Smooth Steel Wheel Load Rating 1100kg (per wheel)...
  15. G

    T32 which wheel, tyre and load rating

    We are new to the VW scene, we have a kombi T32 204bhp, we would like to change the stock 17" for a black alloy 19" 20" so I have read the threads about the pro's and con's and would like to hear from those more experienced of what to go for and where from. The van is being converted by me '...
  16. madforitbaz

    Sold 1Form EDT.1 Gloss Black alloys 19" 255/45/19 104Y T32 Load Rated.

    1 Form Edition.1 (EDT.1) Gloss Black Alloys with Nexen tyres. For sale £600 offers welcome. Collection Bournemouth. Front 19” x 8.5” ET45 Rear 19” x 9.5” ET40 Tyres: Nexus Nfera SU1 255/45/19R 104Y. Will need changing soon. Lowest tread is 4.5mm (Front nearside). Offside is average of 5mm...
  17. Mojo

    Devonport Tyre Sizes

    Please could anyone tell me which tyres came with their T32 Highline as VW list two sizes, one is 235/55/17 and the other is 215/65/17? Cheers.
  18. Stu1974

    T32 4Motion rubbing

    Hi my T32 2018 4 Motion is rubbing or what feels like bottoming out at the rear. The van came fitted with B14 coil overs. I've bought and fitted the Transporter HQ recommend setup 265 40 20, with correct offset rim and Goodyear asymmetric 3 tyres which are Awesome ride quality at 42psi by the...
  19. Butcher8109

    For Sale Devonports £350

    Set of T32 Devonports for sale. All in decent condition. One has had a re ferb and budget tyre fitted by the dealer when I bought the van. The other 3 have Michelin tyres on with good tread. All in a good condition as pictured £400 collection or meet locally Stafford
  20. Captain Mainwaring

    18” Tyre recommendations (T32)

    Sorry if this has been done but I trawled through the forums and not found anything I am running a T32 on 255 45 18 103. Up till now I have kept Nokian winter tyres all year round because I have been doing low mileage and live in Highland Scotland where it is regularly wet and the winters are...