swansway vw birmingham

  1. fezza68

    Manchester Van Service Centre...avoid!

    Had a sld issue on my shuttle,basically it locked itself and wouldnt open from inside or out. So booked it in to mvsc where it was diagnosed as a faulty module and wiring,the bus is 6 months old!. They gave me a vw crafter as a courtesy car ffs.(i give them a people carrier). After having my bus...
  2. kiter


    Collected my T6 yesterday, 204 dsg lwb. Wasn't a smooth journey home, 120 miles from home I had to call VW assist, engine management light came on, was told safe to carry on driving but to get it booked in and be looked at. Not the best start and local dealer cant see it till Monday. Very...
  3. WhiskyDisco

    Chirrup / Rattle from Dash

    Hello, My 2016 Caravelle has had two annoying problems since the day I collected it. Firstly the A-Pillar speaker crackles when using the phone or listening to talk-radio. Secondly there is a 'chirrup' or very high pitched rattle sound coming from the dashboard. It can be triggered by...