sun canopy

  1. E

    Kampa Air Shelter 300

    I’ve recently purchased a Kampa Air Shelter 300 (still waiting on delivery) to put up by the side of the campervan (also still waiting for delivery) for when we are camping, attaching sides as and when wanted. I chose it because I didn’t want poles to potentially damage the van and also I didn’t...
  2. H

    Which model Coleman event shelter are these doors/sunwalls for?

    I bought a Coleman event shelter 2nd hand but very lightly used a while back. I think the guy must have mixed up his doors as the shelter was 3x3m but it had one to suit but then 3 other doors that were the largest(?) 4.5m The fittings however are different to what I have on mine, being toggle...
  3. Andyham105

    Sold Reimo premium mauritius sun canopy/Awning

    I bought this earlier in the year for my t6 however we have only used it once as we tend to go away for longer periods now so use our large awning with rooms in etc. It's a Reimo premium mauritius sun canopy. It has the sides attached so easy to drop them down if weather takes a sudden turn...
  4. S

    Sold stitches and steel tarp + 2 poles

    I have a used once stitches and steel tarp with 2 aliminium poles used once ,selling as the wife wants an actual awning. The tarp has been used once it works as it should . £115 posted
  5. B

    For Sale Outdoor Revolution sun canopy, with side and front panels. Used once.

    We’ve decided to shift this on as didn’t feel it added enough convenience or time saving over our other vango air beam awning to warrant keeping both. As it’s used only once (for 2 dry nights) expect it to be as good as new. Would still be under warranty for 9 months or so. Looking for 225 plus...
  6. Nickdaw

    Sold Sun shade, SunnCamp 240

    Only used it once so like new. Got this one in a rush as I couldn’t find the one I wanted. A doddle to put up it just slides into the awning rail if you have one. It’s definitely waterproof as it persisted it down on our last day. I want one that has sides. Looking for £75. HX64QG
  7. M

    How big is yours…….?

    Sun canopy, that is! Looking at the Wild Earth canopies but can’t decide between the 2.4m or 3m. What size canopy seems to be the norm?
  8. Sharpe

    Sold Khyam Sun Canopy and Side Walls

    Planning on buying a Vango Hexaway so selling off some bits that it will replace. Khyam sun shade, had it a few years and use several times a year. Always stored dry. I’ve added some SOLAS tape to the poles. Not got many pics of it up but link here. Along with the side walls, they Velcro on to...
  9. Gavinsky23

    Found Vango sky canopy

    Hi Looking to get a Vango sky canopy - 2.5m for a SWB van. Ideally the newer version that allows the sides to be added. Anyone got one they aren’t using before I order a new one?
  10. goldeneye243

    S+S Tarp Awning - thoughts?

    Thinking about getting a simple side awning and I was looking at the Kiravans Sailrail, then stumbled on the Stitches and Steel Tarp Awning that looks like a similar shape but significantly cheaper... I'm not sure that it is waterproof though - I have emailed to ask... Has anyone seen or used one?

    Has anyone used or got a Sun-Canopy Awning from The Funky Leisure

    Has anyone used or got a Sun-Canopy Awning from The Funky Leisure ..... What do you think or it it ok for a overnight cover Or is there any other makes out there that will do the job ..
  12. Andrew Wilkinson

    Awning Rail Help

    I'm a bit confused by the combination options for awning rails and sun canopies. I have a LWB T6, I don't want a fixed wind-out awning on the side. I want a discreet awning rail (black) and think that the Reimo one seems to fit the bill. Does anyone have a combination of the Reimo rail and a...
  13. ZipcodeUK

    "Day trip" awning / canopy

    So I'm on the hunt for a canopy / awning for short trips. Something that can be put up in 5-10min, packs down easy and doesn't take up a lot of room. I want it for short trips with the kids where we may not be camping for more than a day where using our large awning is not really feasible. Or...