1. williecba

    Hunter Elite Suspension Alignment after damaging sub-frame report

    I posted help messages after I drove over a pedestrian refuge and damaged wheels tyres and front suspension. The subframe had twisted in position but was not damaged. Bognor Motors answered my query as to where I might get it fixed. They said, "Just need to get it on a Hunter Elite and adjust...
  2. williecba

    Help! Transporter sub frame alignment specialists needed. Anybody out there have any suggestions?

    I had an accident which resulted in my offside wheels going over a pedestrian refuge island at about 25mph. This not only destroyed 2 wheels and tyres but also did some damage to the suspension. This is easily fixed. However the impact seems to have caused the sub frame to turn slightly...
  3. Paynewright

    Front-end Knock [Resolved]

    I've always had an occasional knock from the front when hitting a speed bump or pothole, from either side, which has got more frequent of late. Occasionally, the knock is a fair bit louder and can be felt through the floor via my feet. I recently put the winter wheels and tyres on and there was...
  4. Mattsolar

    Shorter drive-shafts / raised sub-frame

    I’ve just fitted SoLows with modified top mount and now have pretty bad drive shaft judder. I've been told to get some shorter drive shafts to sort the problem out. transporter HQ haven’t got any in stock. BeLow are out of stock does anyone know anyone that sells or has some for sale. It’s...
  5. Van Buddy

    Subframe Alignment

    Hi Is there a set procedure for aligning the front subframe after removal if alignment bolts have moved ? I was thinking of measuring the wheel base, 3000mm, and setting offset/inset equal each side to the rears. Thanks
  6. K

    Steering Wheel Off Centre After New Clutch And Driveshaft

    Hi everyone, Just had a new dmf and driveshaft fitted and my once perfectly straight steering wheel is now off centre! Reading around this I suspect the reason is that the sub-frame was not aligned properly upon refitting using the correct pins. My question is, can I just get wheel alignment...
  7. K

    My T6 is pulling to the left (RHD)

    Hi I read a post on the forum about this previously, but I can no longer find it. My T6 Transporter is a year old now, but after getting wheel alignment done twice, I am still convinced that the vehicle pulls slightly to the left. I have tested it on long trips, and obviously been cognisant...