1. Mianch

    Front splitter T6.1 by California Chris...

    I'm looking for the front splitter in this video from Cali-fornia Chris. At 1 minute 56 you can see the splitter. I find these other front splitters to much / bulky but this one is really nice. I wrote an e-mail to Chris his company Volkswagen Van Centre in Liverpool, UK but no luck so far. Is...
  2. Mkgolfnutters

    For Sale Leighton Vans 6.1 3 piece splitter £75

    Leighton Vans 6.1 3-piece splitter
  3. B

    How low / how much front clearance for kerbs / car parks?

    Can anyone with an lv-s chin / splitter or other alternative give me an idea of how much clearance you have at the front and how low you’ve gone on suspension pls? I sometimes do multi storey car parks and most worried about the ramps. I was thinking about 180mm would do it? Anyone got less and...
  4. Mkgolfnutters

    For Sale T6.1 Leighton Vans front splitter

    Leighton Vans 6.1 3 piece splitter £80 plus shipping
  5. richierockdog

    For Sale SPLITTER FOR FRONT BUMPER £60 open to offers.

    Splitter for front bumper recently taken off my low mileage 2019 T6 kombi. Finished in black but would need small amount of prepping for any colour. Good quality fibreglass front splitter in good condition. Collection only. £60.00 but open to offers.
  6. Dino

    Sold Free maxton splitter.

    Free splitter if you can pick up from East Yorkshire HU15. No fittings. Will wash it if tap thaws out. please don’t take it just to sell it on that’s not in the spirit of things.
  7. D

    Sold T6.1 Leighton Vans Bumper with chin/splitter + gloss dogbone grille

    Selling my T6.1 front bumper (Ascot Grey) with LV front chin & splitter all painted,couple of scratch marks but under the splitter it self so you can’t see them. Will be off the van next week I’m after £700 ONO the splitter alone is £1050 from Leighton painted Also comes with the lower gloss...
  8. J

    THQ T6.1 bumper canards with aero splitter

    Hi Has anyone fitted the THQ canards and areo spoiler to their van ?? I’m after a photo to see what it looks like before I purchase Thanks Jim
  9. S

    Found T6 Splitter

    Hi All Is anyone selling a front splitter to fit the standard T6 front bumper? Ideally looking for gloss black, maybe a Maxton Design or World of Carbon. Thanks Syme
  10. Bav

    Sold T6.1 gloss black upper grill and 3-piece front splitter

    Gloss black upper grill - £100 SOLD Gloss Black front splitter (3-piece) - £50 SOLD I purchased both the above from Gona66 (here) back in Jan 2022, but not fitted either to my van. As per Gona66's original "For Sale" thread, the centre-top clip on the grill (the one directly above the VW...
  11. powell7

    Van style front splitter

    Hi all Does anyone have this splitter fitted? Could you post some pics please? Thanks, Chris
  12. Gazbadge

    Sold T6 Vanstyle front splitter

    Brand new never fitted but no packaging. I had every intention of putting it on my van but never reached the required effort level to see it thorugh. £75 Collection only please.
  13. A

    Fitting an aftermarket splitter - fixings look flimsy.

    Hi all, Just bought a fairly basic gloss black splitter for my t6.1 and it came with some galvanised self tappers. I’m impressed with the rigidity and finish of the splitter, but am questioning the fixtures… They looked a bit flimsy for my liking, so I’ve got out some 25mm M6 stainless bolts...
  14. D11nyd

    For Sale Vanstyle subtle splitter

    Lower van style splitter Brand new never fitted Shortly after I purchased this I got offered a t6.1 bumper so I’ve decided to go down the facelift route and start collecting the bits for that instead £80 collected from Stockport sk7 postcode
  15. j4ckal

    Found Wtd: T6 splitter or bumper add on of some sort, what have you got? Maybe VW carbon, Sportline, ABT etc...

    I'm thinking of going back to a front splitter (for t6), unsure of what style I want yet so just wondering if anyone had one, unfitted and unloved, in the garage going spare? I'd consider any style, even full bumper add ons such as the sportline and ABT etc. Previously had a sportline and vw...
  16. Steved55

    Splitter splatter

    Have fitted a very basic front splitter which I am pleased with the appearance of, but finding it collects all sorts of debris! Currently 3k miles into a European trip and I've accumulated half a bale of straw! Is this a common issue with front splitters?
  17. Two7Five

    For Sale T6.1 Front Bumper Splitter.

    Hi All, Pure grey bumper c/w (nicely) fitted vw supplied Abt front spoiler / splitter. It’s bonded on so it makes the most sense to do it this way. I would take your standard bumper in P/X. You’re welcome to fit at mine, it’s not a huge job. I don’t need your front bumper however. I’d like...
  18. Texxaco

    For Sale Leighton Vans front spoiler

    Leighton Vans front spoiler for sale as no longer looking to put it on my van. £75 collection only or you can organise collection It will need a bit of bodywork but nothing a bodyshop could not sort easily enough, see images. Any questions please let me know. Thanks Pete
  19. Texxaco

    Sold T6 ABS Plastic front splitter gloss black

    For sale - £60, save £70 on current price, collection only Currently out of stock at TransporterHQ. Been on my van for 3 months, hardly driven so pretty much brand new with no damage. VW T6 Lower Bumper spoiler, ABS Plastic not fibreglass! Made from ABS Plastic High Gloss Black 1 x VW T6...
  20. F2JON

    Sold T6.1 ABT front splitter £400

    I have for sale a t6.1 abt splitter , painted on gloss black, I bought this with the intention of fitting it but now I’ve had air suspension it’s literally on the floor when I air out so I’m going to end up smashing it . Bought it brand new for just under £1200 took it to the body shop for...