1. M

    Slow Burner Reaches Paint Milestone

    Bit of a slow process this one for me, The first 12 months of my ownership I had it mothballed completing my T5 and a Range Rover project got in the way however I think it’s turned out nicely so far and as a bit of a newbie to transporters I can’t wait to attend some shows to help with...
  2. C

    For Sale maxton design v2 front splitter

    Maxton design version 2 front splitter ( gloss black ) For sale brand new bought a few months ago and I've changed my mind All fittings still in bag and protective film still on splitter . The marks that can be seen on the photos are on the protective film , under the film is un marked . £85...
  3. M

    Travelin-Lite Splitter instructions?

    Bought a front splitter from travelinlite but arrived with destructions. It is not pre-drilled and has 2 bags of different types of fixings. Anybody able to offer advice on how to install it or point me in the direction of help
  4. MarkW-T6

    For Sale Gloss Black Splitter

    1 x Gloss Black Front Bumper Splitter. T6 Front Bumper Splitter - gloss black Both have been fitted/used for short periods and as such have small marks associated with that use. Once fitted though most are hidden. I’ve tried to catch everything in the pictures. Collection only. Gloss...
  5. F2JON

    Sold T6.1 gloss black splitter

    As title I have a t6.1 splitter for sale, bought it with my fakelift kit but decided against fitting it. £50 collection from Rugeley
  6. Pewt

    Sold Leighton Vans front splitter

    Looking to move on the LV front splitter now i have gone Sportline. There is some slight damage but nothing major that a body shop could not sort out easily. Looking for £280 .......i could post as i have the box the Sportline came in but collection would be ideal.
  7. Howzat

    Splitter fitting: Better with bumper off or on?

    So my bumper is off this weekend due to upgrading the lights and I have a splitter to fit so just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or advice as to whether it's better to fit this with the bumper on or if it's easier with the bumper off? Anyone done it with the bumper off?
  8. BiTurbo

    For those who were asking at Busfest about Steve’s bumper kit

    Had a few questions about the bumper extensions fitted to Steve’s van Here are the links https://van-styling.co.uk/products/vw-t6-front-splitter-bumper-lip-spoiler-valance-add-on-st...
  9. Abx

    ABT splitter fitted to my 6.1 Cali

    So whilst I was waiting the 9 months for my Cali to arrive I was struggling to make a decision on what front splitter to fit, at the end of the day it's a camper so did not want anything to in your face but also wanted something to make it less like a bog standard camper. Options were: LV, not...
  10. Mike Dean

    Lost lower splitter under the Sportline splitter….

    Not the sportline OEM plastic but the black aftermarket splitter that sits below. the banded steels make me sit that bit lower and it decided to #uck off driving around today! it was one of the cheap crap gloss thin plastic ones from travelinlite.. does anyone do a better quality solid one?
  11. S

    Gloss Splitters- how well do they wear?

    I’m looking at fitting a front splitter, and considering a black gloss one, but how well or not do the fair after a few months on the road. I saw a T6.1 with gloss inserts at the front, and they were very chipped and pitted and it was a 70 plate.
  12. Pauly

    T6 Multimedia System Wiring Diagram 2016

    Multimedia System Circuit Diagram This diagram applies to vehicles with dual USB sockets and shows the USB hub/splitter and audio input connections VIP Membership is required to download this document
  13. S

    T6.1 Front splitter fitting - DIY?

    Can I, a DIY hater/idiot fit a front splitter to my T6.1 ( if it ever arrives ) without jacking up the van?
  14. E

    T6.1 front splitter

    Ok i am on the hunt for a 6.1 front splitter - i chocked on my coffee at the price of LV..... these look ok from www.km-parts.fi any other suggestions? my T6 one was a 'world of carbon' and i see they do one for 6.1 now
  15. Abx

    Raceline/CustomVanz T6.1 splitter?

    Does anyone know where they get these from, they are asking £300 + Vat where most of this style are £150 tops, could go with the Vanstyle one but prefer this as its more simple. Not keen or Leighton as think its a rip off (my genuine Carbon M3 parts cost less than this) and not convinced on ABT...
  16. A

    Sold SwissVans front spoiler Indium Grey

    Swiss Vans Wasp front splitter/spoiler - used - has a number of chips but no cracks. Collection only M25 J18. Open to offers
  17. A

    What is this bit called please?

    Hi there, could anyone please let me know what the bit added on across the front below the number plate is called and if it is easy to remove? I am putting on swamper wheels & tyres and wondering if I should remove this bit as it has quite a few chips in it which I can only imagine are going to...
  18. andythom188

    For Sale Swiss vans front splitter

    Swiss vans front splitter removed from my van few years ago and just sat in storage taking room up £50 collection only from oswestry but do commute to manchester mon- fri m56-m53
  19. Vanborghini

    Van Haven Splitter vendor

    Hi guys, is there anyone selling the Van Haven splitter, or one very similar?
  20. eddie_iom

    ABT Replacement for clearance

    First of all; Hello (first post and all that) My 2016 T6 has the full ABT body kit which I absolutely love but sadly the van had an unfortunate meeting with a curb, cracking the splitter, grill and apparently also losing the badge :mad: (not me driving). I was looking at just replacing like...