1. S

    T6.1 Kombi - Front Speaker Upgrade

    Hi All, I am looking at recommendations for front speaker upgrades for my T6.1 I see Alpine do some stock replacements but didn't want to dive in. I am not looking for a massive bass/amp setup just a decent speaker/tweeter upgrade. Any suggestions greatly received.. Many thanks
  2. cbrblade

    Esatto Comando plug n play

    Hi all Mrs has bought me a plug n play Esatto speaker kit for xmas,i want these wiring to amp so will not be using factory wiring,the tweeters have a crossover attached do i wire from amp to tweeter then from tweeter to speaker thanks
  3. N

    T6.1 amp

    So I've already upgraded my front speakers to a good set of Rockford Fosgates with tweeters, and the doors were covered in sound deadening. They sound 10 times better than stock, but the audiophile in me wants the next step. I'm guessing it's amp and a small under seat sub. Anyone done this...
  4. L

    Barn Door speakers

    I am looking at installing a replacement head unit in my van and new speakers. I know nothing at all about speakers and head units etc. But wondered if anyone had installed any speakers in their barn doors? If so which speakers would you recommend? Thanks
  5. B

    Waterproof door speaker covers

    Upgrading my door speakers and putting in sound deadening. Whats the general opinion on waterproof covers for the speakers? I have read several posts about water running inside the doors and larger/longer back speakers getting wet. TIA.
  6. S

    Focal speakers being fitted this weekend - amp or sub next?

    I'm getting some Focal speakers fitted by a local ICE specialist this weekend on my 17 plate Kombi. I'm happy with the head unit for now but am looking to do a few more upgrades as funds allow and was planning on having an amp fitted as the next stage. The company fitting the speakers are...
  7. K

    T6.1 speaker & tweeter upgrade

    After 2 days of surprisingly little swearing, I have all the wiring done inside my t6.1 for an Amp in the near future ( big job got canceled! ). Absolut5 Jason has recommended the hertz mille pro 2 way speakers for the doors but I'm seeing if anybody has any other speakers to check out...
  8. P

    Caravelle/beach rear speakers

    I want to upgrade the speakers in my beach, which has the 6 speaker Composition media. I was intending on fitting the Etons in the front. What size are the rear speakers so I could order some coaxials to fit?
  9. Skyliner33

    Loom connectors needed.

    I'm in the process of fitting an amp to my headunit. I have done all the connections and run the wired to my amp which is under the passenger seat. I've run wires from the amp to the speakers then realised I'd bought the male plug part of the connector rather than the female parts I need. I...
  10. Skyliner33

    sponge / foam surround for loom - where from?

    I am looking for some insulation like in this pic as the wires to the ceiling lights in my ply roof (that I taped down) seem to have come loose and I can now hear them bouncing on the ply roof. I was hoping to find some of the sponge tubing in the pic will stop this even if the wires are not...
  11. Sabre

    Eton 3-way

    Just had a quick search around the forum but not mentioned, so, just spotted a set of Eton 3-way speakers at Nottingham car audio, for the T5. Any reason this can't be shoehorned into the T6? Seems to have a small speaker below the tweeter in the a pillar? Anyone know it?
  12. N

    Speaker Things And Leisure Batt Charge

    The guy before me had fitted some speakers with these kenwood things, I’m guessing I will have to retain these, there were four of them under the drivers seat so relocating them also not sure where the jumpers should be, I disconnected them all before realising I may need to keep them, also...
  13. S

    Up Grading Door Speakers

    Evening all, anyone recommend a particular model of door speaker to upgrade my standard vw ones? They’re okay but not as good as other vehicles I’ve had over the years Skinns
  14. J

    Speaker Recommendations

    I'm sure this has been done a million times over but can't seem to find any up to date answers. I have a 2017 factory kombi.. I'm looking for some front speaker replacements, and then to install some rears. I'm not looking for anything too dramatic or expensive, just want to improve the dismal...
  15. markob

    Loss Of Bass / Only Tweeters Working

    Anyone come across this before? Went to use the radio today and only the tweeters are working!
  16. Dellmassive

    T6 T6 Speakers 2020-01-11

    T6 Speakers
  17. Skyliner33

    Cable Colours To Speakers.

    I'm trying to find out the colours of the cable to the front door and a pillar speakers. I am making a loom to connect an amp to the spearers, so I need to know which wires I need to connect to the amplifier OUT + and OUT -. I am running the loom that I am making directly from the amp to the 4...
  18. Elliott

    Standard Head Unit Help!!

    I think it’s a discovery media head unit, sat nav etc Apple car play. The previous owner has fitted rear speakers and sub under seat. But when the car turns of at traffic lights I.e start stop function the stereo goes quiet at the front but I can hear it from the rear speakers but quiet, if I’m...
  19. R

    Speaker Upgrade

    Having upgraded the radio in my T6 van to a pioneer F80DAB, I would like to upgrade my speakers the people who will be doing it have suggested JL audio, what do you good people think ?
  20. Shaun Witts

    Is It Worth Lining The Inner Skin Of The Doors?

    I am about to install new door speakers (from Skipton Car Radio) and was planning on lining the inside of the door skin as well as the metal carrier assembly. I was thinking that it should be fairly easy to remove the carrier assembly to gain good access to the door skin, but reading the manual...