1. K

    FREE OEM T6.1 speaker covers + tweeters

    Having upgraded to Alpine Speakers I have the OEM speakers available for the cost of postage. I also have the covers if they are of use to anyone.
  2. yatesuk

    For Sale Alpine SPC106T61 Component Speakers & Tweeters for Volkswagen Transporter T6.1

    For sale - Alpine SPC106T61 Component Speakers & Tweeters for Volkswagen Transporter T6.1 Surplus to requirements as have change audio speakers to match new subwoofer installed in rear of van after installing leisure battery under the seat. Purchase from CEN in October 2023 but didn't get round...
  3. T6Plumber

    FREE OEM T6 speakers

    If they aren’t compatible, I’ll have a spare set of T6 speakers after the weekend all going well.
  4. secretK9agent

    For Sale T6.1 OEM VW Door Speakers and Tweeters price drop

    4 door speakers 4 tweeters (2 with housing) All working out of T6.1s Collection from RG4 8UG or two day postage. Would rather sell together, but can split to 2 sets. £35 inc postage
  5. z1ts

    FREE OEM T6.1 speakers

    I will post anywhere for cost of postage. Have upgraded to Alpine so have 2 door speakers and 2 A pillar tweeters going begging. Hit me up! Pics to folllow
  6. secretK9agent

    Sold T6.1 OEM VW Door Speakers and Tweeters

    4 door speakers 4 tweeters (2 with housing) All working out of T6.1s Collection from RG4 8UG or two day postage. Would rather sell together, first sensible offer gets them.
  7. gringo

    T6.1 Alpine 16.5cm Speaker Set with Sub & Amp

    Hi, I've installed the Alpine SPS-106T61 speaker kit and have been running it for a good few months now. Whilst doing the install I also sound deadened the doors and inside of the cards (see pics below). However I'm finding that the treble is really bright and I have to dial down the equaliser...
  8. secretK9agent

    Sold Alpine T6.1 Speaker Set

    Under a year old. Installed by VanHaven, then removed by absolut5 as replaced with their signature setup as part of a series of upgrades. £200 I also have a sub for sale and various other parts...
  9. B.different

    Caravelle rear speaker wiring

    Hi all I'm wanting to replace my speakers with either 6x9s or components. I've been working on one today and noticed that there are 4 wires going in to the speaker and another 2 for the tweeter. For the tweeter they are separate and not a piggyback. Does anyone know why there is 4 wires? Thanks
  10. kevtuft

    FREE FREE. T6.1 speakers

    T6.1 door speakers & A pillar tweeters + covers. Collection from N Wales nr Chester. Tweeter covers have slight removal damage on lugs.
  11. Tredder76

    T6 - No tweeters installed? Update: tweeter cable kit.

    Hi all, Bought myself the Alpine T6 speaker kit to upgrade my 2018 T6, and I've just discovered my van didn't actually come with tweeters! Great... I have searched the forum, but haven't come across this anywhere, apologies if I've missed it. Reading the Alpine instructions that came with...
  12. sipep

    Cheap way to change front speakers?

    I am going to take off the door cars in order to sound deaden them ( surplus dodo mats).. I was wondering if there are any "cheap" speaker upgrades.. I've seen some speakers but they are too expensive ATM. Any suggestions?
  13. M

    Pioneer + & -

    I'm in the process of fitting some speakers, which is the positive, the little plug or the big? Thanks
  14. S

    Speakers not working on 2017 T6

    Is there a specific fuse for the speakers on T6, and if so where is it? I've got no sound from any of my speakers, I can see the volume increasing on head unit but no sound. Thanks.
  15. B

    Rns 510 rear speakers

    hi does anyone know how to get rear speakers working linked to rns 510. any help welcome cheers
  16. Catmalvin

    For Sale T6 Front speakers and tweeters

    Genuine T6 front speakers and tweeters selling as upgraded mine to aftermarket set. £10 collection Oxford or happy to arrange postage at buyers cost.
  17. A

    For Sale Alpine SPC-106T61 speaker upgrade

    I am selling the tweeters and mid range door speakers from Alpine SPC-106T61 these items are virtually new, only been installed in the van for approx 6 weeks, these are a lovely upgrade from the OEM tweeters and speakers. ******PLEASE READ******the tweeter cases that come with the kit to install...
  18. Rjhg98

    For Sale Gladen ONE 200 speakers

    Really great sounding set up see photos for condition. Open to offers, cash collection from Shrewsbury area. £200 Fits into oem connectors. 2 way system 8” slim mid-woofer Incl. adapter plates & cable harnesses 2x 150/100 Watt 4 ohm impedance Paper cone midrange Crossover with 3 possible...
  19. S

    Speaker in sliding door

    Has anyone attempted putting a speaker in the sliding door (T6)? There is a 6 pin contact strip which may enable a speaker to work when the door is shut but looking at the wiring diagrams all the pins are already in use even on a standard, non-motorised door. Is that correct? Perhaps an...
  20. D

    What to do with old speakers

    Morning all, I’m hoping for inspiration and help please, The vehicle in question is a 2019 SE Shuttle SWB I’m soon to upgrade my basic head unit to Halo 9, have new Alpine speakers fitted upfront and an underseat subwoofer. My plan is to keep the old door speakers and pillar tweeters...