1. sipep

    Cheap way to change front speakers?

    I am going to take off the door cars in order to sound deaden them ( surplus dodo mats).. I was wondering if there are any "cheap" speaker upgrades.. I've seen some speakers but they are too expensive ATM. Any suggestions?
  2. M

    Pioneer + & -

    I'm in the process of fitting some speakers, which is the positive, the little plug or the big? Thanks
  3. S

    Speakers not working on 2017 T6

    Is there a specific fuse for the speakers on T6, and if so where is it? I've got no sound from any of my speakers, I can see the volume increasing on head unit but no sound. Thanks.
  4. S

    Speaker in sliding door

    Has anyone attempted putting a speaker in the sliding door (T6)? There is a 6 pin contact strip which may enable a speaker to work when the door is shut but looking at the wiring diagrams all the pins are already in use even on a standard, non-motorised door. Is that correct? Perhaps an...
  5. D

    What to do with old speakers

    Morning all, I’m hoping for inspiration and help please, The vehicle in question is a 2019 SE Shuttle SWB I’m soon to upgrade my basic head unit to Halo 9, have new Alpine speakers fitted upfront and an underseat subwoofer. My plan is to keep the old door speakers and pillar tweeters...
  6. Daz395

    No sound from drivers side speakers?

    Having picked up my van I’ve only got sound coming from the passenger side. Balance is set to the middle on the standard head unit but drivers side is totally dead. I can see that there is a wiring loom under the passenger seat for a Kenwood subwoofer which I believe was installed by VW but now...
  7. Dave Lawson

    Found Standard T6 speakers

    Collection only
  8. L

    Door speaker rings/adapters

    I have some Audison Voce 6.5” speakers to fit in front doors and realise I’m going to need some adapter rings. I’ve deadened the door (outer, inner and card); do I just stick with some plastic rings I have kicking around, or is it worth getting some MDF rings and if so any recommendations on...
  9. ma77y

    For Sale Sony XS-162ES Mobile ES Series 6.5” 2 Way Component Speakers

    Brand new unused. Had intended to use them however going in a different direction now. Box is a little tatty from storage. Paid £240 from car electronics nottingham £190 collection from M41 7NE

    New speaker x/over - use the same wiring?

    Hi just got focal component speakers they come with crossovers but I wanna know if I can use the old tweeter connectors and use them on the new ones ? Thx
  11. P

    Audio Issues only tweeters working

    At the start of our journey the stereo (VW kit, no car play or sat nav) worked fine, but now the audio is only coming from the tweeters. I had thought this was a setting issue in the head unit, I’ve set all the audio back to factory settings. Still no sound from the door speakers. I thought it...
  12. jonzi

    Self fitting speakers and sound deadening.

    Hi All I plan on upgrading the speakers in my T6.1 to the Focal ones. At the same time I'll add some sound deadening. Is there any thing else I should do whilst the door cards are off? I planned on buying: Silent Coat 2mm Focal IS VW 165 I was going to fit the silent coat to the inside of...
  13. L

    Door Speakers - Water Ingress

    Is water ingress in the door speakers a common problem in the T6? The factory speakers coil complete seized after just a few years. Replaced them with a factory kit last year and now the left door speaker has become all scratchy and bad. Took the new speakers out and found rust on the backside...
  14. S

    Ceiling mounted speakers

    Hi, I'm considering mounting speakers to the rear of my Kombi, just in front of the Motexion bulkhead in the ceiling. These are just to add a bit of fill for the rear passengers so don't need to be fab, but any recommendations, and what depth can I go up to?
  15. Andysmee

    [GUIDE] Fitting rear speakers in C-pillar

    EDIT: Marking this as a GUIDE but you'll need to refer to Thread '[GUIDE] Head unit removal and rear speaker wiring' [GUIDE] Head unit removal and rear speaker wiring for how to enable rear speakers on the head unit and wire them in. Until this week I had temporarily fitted my old front...
  16. B

    Stereo gone tinny after battery changed.

    Hi all. After replacing my battery I noticed the stereo has gone tinny. All speakers work but lost main sound. Scanned full system but not error codes. Done a 15 min battery disconnect. Removed the stereo and refitted it after 15 mins but still the same. Reset to factory settings. Tried all the...
  17. Cairngorms

    Fitting T6.1 SPC-106T6.1 Alpine Speakers - From a Rookie!

    I was apprehensive about posting about my fitting experience to this Forum. What I see members doing is phenomenal. I am totally in awe. But there have been a couple of very small bits of advice that I've picked up that's been super-handy. If this post helps someone like me - a total rookie - to...
  18. Jontheone

    T6.1 multivan speaker wires.

    Hi all. Just bought a T6.1 multivan and I want to tap into the front right door speaker to run a sub wire to the boot. Can someone please confirm the colour of the front right speaker wires please. I have read a few threads and there is varying comments. My plan is is use the 12v in the boot...
  19. C

    Alpine vs Focal Speakers, anyone been able to compare?

    I've just installed a Focal amplifier and the 200mm Focal speakers with T6 mounting kit into my van. The good: 1. The tweeters are pretty nice. Much less fatiguing than the OEM ones. The bad: 1. The woofers are pretty poor. Very boomy and lose composure when turned up loud (I've used the...
  20. catfood12

    Alpine SPC-108T6 speakers - Custom fit T6 door speakers & tweeters

    Saw a reference to these on the 'What have you been doing' thread. They look awesome. Anyone tried them yet ? https://www.alpine.co.uk/p/Products/sound-systems-for-volkswagen/spc-108t6 Looking to be about £400 for the kit. There's a smaller 165mm door speak option available too.