1. Pauly

    Jackery Solar Generator Review

    Thought it was about time i shared my recent testing, Jackery contacted me and asked if i would be interested in testing out some of their kit, my leisure battery failed recently so the timing could not have been better I have been looking for new power options as im waiting on a T6.1 van which...
  2. C

    For Sale 150w 24v flexible solar panel

    For sale 150W flexible solar panel. Dimensions 1205mm x 791mm x 4mm. Weight:4Kg Open circuit voltage 24v Made from durable ETFE material Purchased from Rayne automotive as part of kit, fully working but was replaced with new panel due to concerns re adhesion to Sikaflex at rear. Would be...
  3. D

    Pop Top Solar Cable Run

    The solar panels on my van enter the vehicle through the pop roof and can be seen at the end of the pop bedroom just in front of the rear canvas. From here they are surface mounted and run along the recess above the bed board recess to the B pillar. Here they then fold over the framing (very...
  4. OllieGBR

    Solar panel too large?

    Hello all! I'm having second thoughts on my 'free' solar panel I'm thinking of mounting to the West Dubs pop top of my van. It's rather large and weight just under 20Kg and measures 1000 x 1,700mm. (345W) I was OK with the plan, remove the old broken Flexi-solar panel, (140W) and replace with...
  5. Ayjay

    Replacing a lost solar panel on a pop top - advice needed.

    My apologies in advance for the length of this post but I thought it was necessary to give a bit of background as well as asking for advice. Firstly, here's the pictures: As some will already have read in my post about our recent trip to South of France, the 160W flexible solar panel...
  6. andy greenwood

    Narrow width solar panel (2024mm x 523mm wide ) Has anyone fit one of these narrow width solar panels ? ( 2024 x 523 wide ) My pop top only has one ridge down the middle so I think it may look a bit naff if i fit it central over the top of the ridge. I suppose i could fit it to one side but...
  7. OllieGBR

    Solar panel bonding method

    Hello. I’m investigating which type of Sikaflex I should use to bond the aero panels upon which I’ll fix my 325W rigid solar panel. I purchased two sets of the black aero panels from Batteries and Solar The panel is large, 1m x 1.7m so I want to make sure there’s no chance of it coming off I...
  8. W

    Fixing solar panel cables to underside of Reimo roof

    Hi All, I've installed a solar panel and the cable exits at the back out side of the tent and I want to run the cables underneath the reimo roof. The issue is I can't find anything to stick to it. I've prepped and solvent cleaned the surface but VHB tape doesn't work , 5 min epoxy won't hold...
  9. slocumjoseph

    Semi Flexi Solar-panel failures?

    I have recently decided that a Flexi panel with a rear facing junction box is what I want on my pop top. The Photonic Universe 180w is the one I’ve chosen but I have recently heard some bad reports about this particular panel and was wondering if any members have any experience of this...
  10. slocumjoseph

    Rear junction box flexi panel

    I already have a folding portable Dokio 100w solar panel which I’ve been happy with. I have not heard any bad reports about the company so decided two Dokio Flexi 100w panels at £100 each seem my best option to get 200w up on my pop top. However, I’ve been procrastinating for the last few days...
  11. furtive

    Connecting solar panel to PMS3

    I've got a PMS3 in my van, and have got a 120W folding solar panel (this one). The solar panel has just been used to charge power banks but I would like to see how I could use it to charge the leisure battery (and maybe the main battery). I would need to buy an MPPT controller, but how would I...
  12. W

    Roof wrap for solar panel- whole roof or panel coverage?

    Hi All, I'm going to fit a flexi solar panel in the next few weeks. For those in the know, will an oversize panel of wrap on the roof hold down a glued panel or would I need to have the whole roof wrapped?
  13. Deanfitz82

    New to forum looking for a bit advice on solar set up any help would be appreciated

    Hi guys new to the forum I’m looking for a bit of advice on solar panel fitting to my t6 camper with Sargent ec155 I’m wondering if I could connect a panel and controller directly to the leisure battery would this work any help would be appreciated tia Dean
  14. Nigel W

    Help with solar connection

    I am trying to wire up a solar controller inside my camper and run a lead to a point at the back so I can plug in my suitcase panels as and when required. All is going well so far but I am struggling to find an easy solution to the connect/disconnect plug and I have butchered so many MC4 and...
  15. OllieGBR

    325W solar panel

    Can I just run my [limited] knowledge and plan past the team for critique; I'm being given a new 325W solar panel by my local installer as I'm buying enough for him to throw one in for 'free', (I've having an additional 5KW system added to my house roof). It measures 1656x992x40 mm and I will...
  16. Salty Spuds

    Another failed solar panel

    After a second flexi solar panel failure, I'm going for a rigid type in the hope that it's a last time fit & forget job. The first flexi to fail was a generic chinese one factory fitted to the poptop by Reimo, that lasted around 2 years. The second one, which has just failed was a Carbest...
  17. M

    Trickle Charge - Is it this easy?

    So I have a Sterling DC to DC B2B charger and have bought an AMT 12-2 to keep the starter battery topped up (Leisure Battery topped up by separate solar). Is it as simple as connecting the AMT 12-2 to the connectors in the Sterling unit labelled 5, 4 and 3 or am I a clueless :rolleyes: AMT
  18. Chris Joyce

    Self-adhesive solar panel, any good?

    After spending the evening reading all of the great threads regarding solar panel installs Im planing on placing an order tonight. Has anyone used one of the self adhesive solar panels? I'm looking at a photonics universe model.
  19. RikParr73

    Solar Power Monitor - CTEK250SA

    Hi I have a 120w solar panel running to my CTEK250-SA. I have just bought the Victron SmartShunt (Not installed yet) and would like to see what power I am getting from the solar panel. Not sure the shunt does that, so what would be the best kit to install to monitor solar output please along...
  20. Rids

    Solar and 12V system plan

    So I'm planning my solar & 12V system & having read through a couple of other threads I would appreciate comments & suggestions on my plan... I've done a demand calculation and it comes to 56Ah (672Wh) per day, this is dominated by the inverter/mini kettle giving a couple of brews first thing...