1. OllieGBR

    Rigid solar panel weight on poptop

    Hello all! I'm having second thoughts on my 'free' solar panel I'm thinking of mounting to the West Dubs pop top of my van. It's rather large and weight just under 20Kg and measures 1000 x 1,700mm. (345W) I was OK with the plan, remove the old broken Flexi-solar panel, (140W) and replace with...
  2. A

    Roofbox Help - With a Solar Panel

    Morning all, After some advice and help. I've got a 200w solar panel bonded to the back of my roof, leaving me 120cm from the end of the panel to the top of the windscreen. I'm wanting to put a roof box up there too but not obscure the solar panel. Any recommendations? what have you done? So...
  3. Skyliner33

    For Sale Photonic Universe 160W mono-crystalline rigid solar panel.

    I was planning to put this on my garage roof and use it to trickle charge motorcycle battery over winter. But I cant seem to get round to it. So I thought I would offer it up to see if anyone is interested. £100 Cables are cut to approx 2m and there are some small homes drilled into the...
  4. slocumjoseph

    Extra solar power...or not.

    I have a newly installed 200w solar system to dual charge my batteries through a Renogy DC-DC charger and MPPT controller. I still have my old 100w portable panel and thought if I ever needed the extra PV power I could just plug it directly onto the leisure battery like I used to do. However I...
  5. Toufic_13

    lost with solar panel options

    hey all, I am lost with what solar panel to install. I was recommended this option Solar set 12V/160W with high performance module from Carbest - VW California TEAM but with my limited knowledge, I am hesitant to pay nearly a $1k on an item I have no experience with. I also read many blogs...
  6. Pedro20001

    Solar panel cables advice please

    Morning all, does anyone recommend cabling for a 100w panel? looking at approx 5m run and connectors, thanks in advance
  7. Sim73

    Solar questions

    I have bought two renology 175w panels to charge a 12v leisure battery. I have a few newbie questions. Am I best to wire these in parallel and if so would the best option be the Victron 100/30? Do I need to fuse between this and the battery? Do I need to leave an air gap between the van and...
  8. WillWillWill

    Faulty solar panel or MPPT controller?

    Hi everyone, long term lurker, first time poster. Hoping that someone might be able to help me out with a problem please. I have an issue with the solar charging on my van. This has been working fine and is not a new install. The important parts are a flexible solar panel (YH-150) connected to...

    Just bought a Reimo Poptop - Solar panel?!

    Hello! I've just pulled trigger on a all singing all dancing Reimo pop top, and thought whilst its in, ill get them to fit a solar panel and run the flex to the CTEK. (I know when I did the 12v system, its all set up ready for a solar, just never ran the cable to the roof at the time!!) Any of...
  10. slocumjoseph

    Solar monitoring

    I’ve now installed a 200w solar panel on my pop top and only need to route the wiring down to the controller. I have very limited information from the Renogy MPPT controller as I can’t get a bluetooth link through my old android smart phone…and can’t afford a new one with the latest bells and...
  11. F

    Solar cable to link MPPT to battery

    I have a surplus of solar cable left over from when I fitted my panel a while back. I’m now in the process of installing a separate solar charge controller and making the ctek solar charger redundant (due to solar panel being too big VoC). Is there any issue using solar cable to link the solar...
  12. stevieg21

    Solar Panel dead ???

    Hi All, I suspect my solar panel is dead but just wanted a second opinion from people who know more than me. It was working last summer but as the sunshine hours shortened I saw it's output dropping so turned my fridge off. And now I'm noticing that in these last few really sunny days it has...
  13. D

    Solar Panel Powered Hot Water Immersion Heater

    I'm looking to build a system that allows me to dump excess solar power to an immersion heater to heat a small 12 litre tank of water for hot showers. I have a 230Ah Lithium battery. The battery is monitored via a Smart Shunt, so I know exactly it's percentage charge. I was wondering whether...
  14. EdH

    Domestic Solar PV battery addition

    Hi all, Considering adding a battery storage system to my existing 2kW Solar PV. Given the recent/current energy prices I am thinking more and more about this, we had panels fitted around 6 years ago on our house. On a sunny day my little system generates around 8-12kW, we use some but the rest...
  15. B

    Solar panel fitting companies?

    Hi, I’m looking to fit solar to my pop top. Don’t really fancy drilling the roof myself so wondering if anyone can recommend a decent company to fit the solar panels for me? I’m based in Derby but happy to travel. Thanks.
  16. JimDiesel

    Which way to go with solar and batteries….

    Hi all, I’ve had a scan and nothing really hits the spot in the previous threads that I can see but apologies if it exists… We got out van (2019 kombi Swb) at Xmas, it has OEM rear seat and fold out kombi nation bed behind. It also has 230v hook up, 100 Ah leisure battery under the passenger...
  17. AussieMick

    Solar panel realities experiment.

    Just to show a true reality what to expect from a solar panel/ blanket. I have put out 2 solar blankets in the direct summer sun . One is 200w and the other is 150w, so combined 350w feeding into a redarc mppt controller. Temperature is around 30c , we can see by the screenshot I am not...
  18. Mike Dean

    Sold 12v Solar Battery Charger – 100w Briefcase (Sun Store)

    Hi All, I have this 100w Solar battery briefcase charger that is self contained, compact and portable. Ideal solution for 12v leisure battery charging needs. Specification: 100w Monocrystalline Solar Panels EP Solar Landstar charge controller (fully waterproof, IP66 rated) Sprung carry...
  19. D

    Solar panels fixing to my LWB T6

    First off, I have searched for the answer to my question here but not found it yet. I am not looking for advice of specific setups but instead on how best to attach two 100W panels to my T6 roof. A little background, I sea kayak and have a VW roof rack attached to the second and fourth holes...
  20. P

    Solar v lithium battery

    So I have just bit the bullet and ordered a new Crafter through Hillside leisure in Derby who will convert it to my specification. Have been told 9 month wait but expecting much longer! They purchased through VW as they are VW registered camper van manufacturers and as such I got lots of...