1. phoenixfc7

    Main battery dead despite ctek and solar

    Main battery is completely flat, I am perplexed as I have a ctek and a solar panel so how has it run flat? I’m going to try jump start it tomorrow. Set up is 140 solar with Victron MPPT15/75 a ctek 250se and a agm leisure battery. I thought the starter battery would be charged first. Any ideas...
  2. AussieMick

    Too hot to park van in sun for solar..

    Having done a lengthy trip to central Australia I have noticed a few things about my solar setup. I have a 150w panel permanently mounted on my roof and a 150w blanket. My battery is a 120ah agm deep cycle. My fridge is a 80 litre dometic. In temperatures up to 25c I can park in the sun and...
  3. J

    ETFE solar panel supplier

    Wanting to run a couple of solar panels on my new van, I had a cheaper ebay one on my last van 150w which did the job but wanted to double up on input. So looking for about 300watts, also after EFTE panels because they have an all black surround so blend in with my black roof. Anyone used or...
  4. D

    Is my leisure battery on its way out , victron mppt

    Hi after reading lots on here i had the 150w panel and victron smart solar mppt 75/15 installed After a weekend away and thinking the battery was fully charged, it appears to be draining really quick, it seems to be constantly in bulk and charges to a decent level but drops to a really low level...
  5. O

    Which monitor for 160W solar?

    Hi, Im just putting together a wiring system for my new T6 LWB conversion. Was probably going to put in a CTEK 250SE (with a 160W solar panel) as it seems to be well recommended but wasn't sure what monitor to use on the system. Didn't want to spend the earth and don't care about bluetooth...
  6. Alanmh

    Separate DC-DC and Solar MPPT chargers

    Ok, so, I am thinking of adding a new solar panel (once I have got a new AGM leisure battery) and chances are it will have a Voc too high for the CTEK DC-DC charger and will need a separate Solar MPPT charger. I know lots of others have done this, and despite searching, I cannot find if how it...
  7. J

    Fitting rigid solar panels to pop top roof??

    Just wondering what opinions people have when fitting the rigid solar panels to pop top roofs, ie screwing the feet down with large washers or plates on the underside or just bonding the feet down with adhesive???
  8. OllieGBR

    No charge from Solar panel

    So, van has returned from its kitchen fit. All electrics now hooked up and every thing is working well, (so impressed with the Victron kit) except that I can't get my generated power to the battery. Kicking out 100W, the BVM reports no influx of juice. There's a plethora of settings in both the...
  9. S

    Dash Mounted Solar Panel

    I am thinking about buying a dash mounted solar panel that plugs into the 12 v socket to trickle charge the starter battery. Can i use either of the two sockets fitted as standard on the dash? Does it have to be unplugged when the engine is running? I've just hard wired my dashcam and i'm...
  10. F

    Is my solar panel cooked???

    I've recently noticed a lack of charging of my leisure battery from solar. Putting it down to the current Scottish weather. However, today its in full sun and not doing anything. Solar input across the ctek250se is 1.1V with the CTEK in rest mode. No solar light coming on. If I switch on the...
  11. Yetibeard

    Help -Solar Panels for awning/van - What to do?

    Hi, I've been reading a LOT of threads about solar panels and I'm still not sure on what would suit me best. If I describe my setup I'd appreciate any advice! The solar panels will be used for off grid camping. (off grid = no EHU! but probably still on a site) I have a leisure battery with...
  12. S

    Sold California Roof Panel for Solar Panel

    Hi All, I have a metal powder coated panel which bolts directly onto the California roof for a solar panel (see photo). Ideal if you don’t want to stick a panel directly to the roof. I purchased the panel from a company in Switzerland where it wasn’t clear this wasn’t the right product for my...
  13. OllieGBR

    Victron setup with solar and DC DC charger

    I bought my kit from a very helpful Travelvots last year, now that I've come to the connection and install I've forgotten all of his wise words. Is anyone willing to share their solar install and battery charging setup? I have the MPPT 75/15 smart solar charge controller, Orion-Tr Smart...
  14. Bryn23

    Reducing Solar Panel VOC

    I've been looking at upgrading my 180watt solar ever since i upgraded from the Votronic 30/20/250 triple charger to the 60/40/430 triple charger. While i'm waiting for the faulty 60/40/430 to be replaced, i though i'd explore upgrading the panels while im waiting. The VOC limit on the new...
  15. A2dczealous

    How to fit a solar panel video tutorial

    Hi fellow Dubbers. This weeks video is a solar install using the Skyline Roofs 150W solar panel kit and CTEK SE connection. A little geeky chat about PWM and MPPT too Also going to give away the PWM controller to one viewer, so check out the video and see what you think
  16. W

    CTEK 250SE Solar problem

    Hi All, First post so please go easy. I have searched the forum but I haven't found any other posts on this. I fitted my CTEK 250SE DC to DC charger around 2 months ago and all was working as expected , I would start the engine and after a few seconds the CTEK would start up and charge the...
  17. 1275MIN

    Roof-rail solar panel vendors?!/Alu-Montageplatte-Schwarz-für-den-T5-T6-California/p/125685103/category=0 For a solar panel, the frame should slip in under the side roof rails.
  18. B

    Renogy DCC50S woes

    Hello I’ve been running one of these for the past month with no issues been doing it’s job fine Had a look today and it seems to have stopped charging,no light on for the solar or the alternator but the voltage is reaching the unit ok 19v on the solar at the renogy and 14. odd from the...
  19. 8o8

    Solar fault (ctek d250)

    Connected up my solar last night, so from panel down through the van to mc4 connectors under the passenger seat (with 200a power analyser) to a Ctek d250 under the driver seat. Tested this morning and have 21v to under passenger seat, nothing on the power analyser?? And across the ctek 3v...
  20. Leigh T6

    Solar sunroof

    Is there such a thing out there as a solar sun roof? I really dont like the look of solar panels stuck on the roof of the van, and I would also like a sunroof, surely the photocells could be in the glass and it looks part of the van rather than an add on. 2 for price of 1 and would look really...