1. RikParr73

    Solar Power Monitor - CTEK250SA

    Hi I have a 120w solar panel running to my CTEK250-SA. I have just bought the Victron SmartShunt (Not installed yet) and would like to see what power I am getting from the solar panel. Not sure the shunt does that, so what would be the best kit to install to monitor solar output please along...
  2. Rids

    Solar and 12V system plan

    So I'm planning my solar & 12V system & having read through a couple of other threads I would appreciate comments & suggestions on my plan... I've done a demand calculation and it comes to 56Ah (672Wh) per day, this is dominated by the inverter/mini kettle giving a couple of brews first thing...
  3. TK-421

    Lensun delivery delay. Offered alternative panels

    Im having some delivery delays on a Lensun solar panel I ordered at the start of the month. The panel I've ordered isn't in the UK. To be fair to Lensun they let me know straight away, suggesting a 10 day delay, which I said was fine. However we are now on a 3rd delay to that with them now...
  4. joe_j_barnes

    Is my Solar panel doing well?

    Hi not knowing exactly what this is in converted watts anyone tell me if this is a good draw and typicality what does it mean I can run for free? thanks
  5. Finn the T6

    Solar charging fault issue

    Hi all, I’m hoping some of you solar gurus can help with a problem I’m having with my converted T6 campervan. My set up which has worked perfectly for the past 2.5 years is: Photonic Universe 120W semi-rigid panel Photonic Universe MPPT charge controller CTEK D250SA DC-DC charge controller...
  6. TK-421

    Flexible Solar panel on Westdubs pop top

    I have a semi flexible panel on order. Having done plenty of research I was confident with how I was going to fit it. That was until I realised our pop top (west dubs) has 2 ridges down the middle, which all the examples I'd seen didn't. Can anyone share photos of their west dubs pop top with a...
  7. S700

    Routing solar cables with pop top and cabinets installed

    Hi all. I’m trying to figure out the best/easiest way to route my solar cables. I’ve got a barn door van and I’ve located the two grommets that I can feed the cable in through, but having the pop top and kitchen/cabinets already fitted, it seems it’s a bit of a pig to get hold of the cable...
  8. RikParr73

    How to add 2nd (portable) leisure battery to current Euro 6/CTEK 250 System

    I currently have a Euro 6 engine with CTEK 250SA set up, using a single 110ah LB and 110w solar panel. All is working fine. I want to add a second leisure battery that I will house in a portable tool box that I can connect to the system in the van to either simply charge it or to add additional...
  9. S

    Solar panel connector broken away

    Just joined as picked up a 66 plate T6 campervan yesterday. The solar panel has a broken connector, it looks like it was siliconed on before, I guess this is unrepairable and time to source a new one? Any tips on removing the panel from the pop top roof? Thanks
  10. F

    Clear vinyl / stone guard tape for solar panel install

    Morning all, I’ll soon be installing a flexible solar panel to my pop top roof and have read with interest how some people had applied a vinyl wrap to their roof, to protect the true paint surface from adhesives etc. whilst pondering about DIY clear vinyl wrapping I got thinking about 3M stone...
  11. L

    Solar charging no longer working

    Hi All. Just joined yesterday. VW Camper-conversion owner, after some advice. I've had my VW Camper-conversion for over a year now with no issues at all, she runs like a dream. Recently been noticing issues with the power setup. It has Sargent EC155 PSU, Sargent EC50 panel and a PMW Solar Charge...
  12. Rapt0rUK

    Anyone fitted a solar panel to a Hilo roof?

    Has anyone fitted a solar panel to a Hilo roof? Wondering how you went about it, roof bars or bonded direct to roof etc...and which way you ran the cabling etc. When the roof is up on a Hilo there is quite a big gap to bridge from the back end of the roof and the tailgate so wondering how people...
  13. AlanC

    Sold PV Logic 150w Flexi Solar Panel Kit

    Hi, The solar panel on my van failed which I had replaced locally with another panel after which, the manufacturer of the original panel unexpectedly sent me a warranty replacement - I'd been speaking with them for advice on testing the original panel so I could be sure it needed replacing. As...
  14. J

    To infinity....or at least out of Sussex: My T6 conversion build thread.

    So the time has come to convert my LWB 2015 T6 into a camper. I have owned it for the last 5 years, it's had a very easy life and has only racked up 31k on the clock. I have been reading build logs and a large number of posts to learn, get up to speed, and make myself aware of the many many...
  15. S

    Lithium, AGM, mixed battery chemistry and solar.

    I am planning the electrics for my new vehicle (when it arrives soon) and I have a question about charging. I will have: 150W of solar 30A DC-DC charger. 110Ah LifePo leisure battery. My question relates to the DC-DC and the connection of the solar controller: Whilst I initially wanted to use...
  16. S

    Dual Solar panels

    One for the solar experts! I half understand there is a difference in connecting 2 panels in parallel or series and under certain circumstances 1 is better than the other. Is there ever a situation when connection of 2 in either way would result in a lower charge than 1 on it's own. I have a...
  17. 4

    Battery goes flat within 5 days

    I have a 2019 T6 camper van with solar panel. The engine battery has a permanent minor load (van computer, clock tracker etc) which is well within limits according to the local VW van centre. The battery goes flat after aboiut 4 to 5 days. The van centre say that the battery is fine and does...
  18. Ricardo T

    'Plug and play' solar panels.

    So looking to boost my solar for off grid...currently have roof mounted solar and leisure battery and wanting to add to for more flexibility. Don't have too much of an idea when it comes to this tbh.....every day is a school day.....but would a portable folding solar panel assist with this? For...
  19. M

    Help with solar needed

    Hello All. I've tried looking for stuff on this, but seem to be going round in circles. I have the current twin leisure battery setup in my van, which was in when i bought it. I want to add 2 x 100W panels via a Victron 75/15 MPPT, as below. My question is, what is the correct way to do this...
  20. S

    Magnets for temporary solar-panel mounting

    Quick question for anyone using magnets as temp fix for solar panel on roof .... are they simply stuck 'through' the panel or are you using some sort of fixing? Using it on dash at the moment but would be handy to put on roof occasionally for better gain.