1. P

    Gland to fit Tailgate hinge hole.

    Hiya. I'm in the process of fitting a solar panel to my pop-top roof. Does anyone know an appropriate IP68 glad that will fit in the existing tailgate holes at the rear of the van? Thanks
  2. J19WMK

    Renogy 200W Flexi-Panel Install

    Super Easy to install. The groves on the the roof allow air to travel through and massively reduces lift on the panel. Had it on for a couple months now, no chance of coming off.
  3. John7612

    Solar Shack, Ashington

    Recently had a 320w solar panel put onto my T6 camper, plus an upgrade to my leisure battery by Colin at Solar Shack in Ashington. This is a small company but great customer service. Colin is very passionate about all things solar. So with the summer around the corner, I thought I would take...
  4. CJW

    For Sale Solar Panel Z-Section

    I bought a five-pack of this Z-section and only needed 2 of the five for my install. £30 plus postage to any forum member for the other 3. Fits Omtec (OEM) rails and crossbars well.
  5. S

    Solar panel failed

    Our T6 has a poptop, with a solar panel bonded directly to it. The panel has failed, but we can get a replacement under warranty. However, getting the panel off the roof is not covered by the warranty, and my conversion company say it's impossible without causing damage to the roof. They suggest...
  6. W

    Sold 2016 T28 102PS SWB Camper w/poptop. £30k

    Our T6 journey is now completed (at least for now- we've moved away before). We are moving to a small narrow motorhome, primarily for the onboard shower and toilet. We wildcamp (a lot) and the Mrs is fed up of my showering at the back of the van in my undercrackers all year around As you will...
  7. B

    Routing for solar suitcase?

    I have in hand a new toy - 100w Renogy folding solar suitcase, and Victron MPPT 75/15 ready to set up (thanks to some great advice from here) Does anyone have good routes to run the leads to outside? My battery is underneath the drivers seat, and the most obvious location for the MPPT is...
  8. I

    is a night-heater and Solar an expensive addition?

    Hi being new I think I've found the campervan that's suits me how ever I'd like to have a night heater and solar panel fitted are these expensive to have fitted.
  9. Littleblackflash

    Renogy Solar Monitor using the Hub

    I have a Renogy system all working fine. (Battery, Solar panels, inverter, DCDC). The all connect through a data hub and transmit their status over bluetooth to my phone app. I have a monitoring screen for the solar which works then connecting direct to the Elite Solar changer, but doesn't work...
  10. Strettyp

    Solar / off grid installers

    I have zero skills with electricity/mechanics and want to add a couple of solar panels to my T6 lwb roof so that I can keep a fridge running in the summer especially, and generally not need a hookup for off grid camping Can anyone recommend a company that can supply and fit all the kit - based...
  11. racT6bus

    Solar panel on front of roof

    I'm getting a 120w solar panel fitted on my SWB T6, unfortunately the only place it will fit (due to roof rack etc.) is at the front of the roof. It's all on the flat surface and stops just before the roof curves down to the windscreen and will be using a flexible panel. Has anyone else done...
  12. G

    Solar panel stuck on top of old one.

    My Solar panel a flexible stuck on one failed several months ago. I got a free replacement but am now thinking about putting replacement on top of old panel. Not convinced it will last so it may limit damage to roof. Has anyone done this.
  13. J

    solar install on skyline roof

    Hey everyone, where are you running the cables when installing solar on your skyline roof (or similar) looking to drill through the rear of pop top and maybe go through the canvas but are there any better options
  14. Deviant Tubs

    Found Anderson SB50 with solar connectors

    Bit of a long shot... But here goes.. On the hunt for a Anderson SB50 to Solar MC4 cable (see picture attached) Needed to connect my portable solar panel to my existing solar controller. I've got one on order which was supposed to be here by now.. but Mr Bezos has let down, yet again!! Off...
  15. Mattsuze

    Engine battery charging using leisure battery?

    Hi All, due to my limited understanding of electronics, I’m asking for some help! I have a campervan, professionally converted T6.1 Transporter. it has a solar panel and leisure battery with the following kit: Victron units: ORION TR Smart isolated DC-DC CHARGER next to leisure battery under...
  16. K

    Attaching semi-flex solar panel using twinwall polycarbonate

    So bear with me. Been looking at getting this (btw, any thoughts on how good these ones are where the wires are discreetly positioned under the back of the panel?): Solar Technology – 150 Watt Flexi Solar Panel – Black Rear Exit – STPVF150RBS - Batteries and Solar ...And after watching people...
  17. Milarepa

    Flexible solar panels failing.

    I just wondered what your opinion would be. I wild camped for one week and noticed that my two 60 W solar panels and my MPPT controller, would work in the morning drawing a charge of 20 to 30 W but when the Sun rose there would be no charge at all. In the evening as the Sun dropped there will...
  18. D

    Solar panel and alternator charging battery at same time

    Hi I have a Victron alternator charger and a 100/30 mot charger, just wondering if there is an issue with the 2 charging the battery at the same time? How does this work? Thanks
  19. Cooper

    California with solar panel

    We fitted some solar panels and associated bits to our camper the other other day and just wanted to check I had it set up correctly…. Should I have the battery presets set to AGM spiral cell whatever that is? (See attached from the VictronConnect app)
  20. D

    Solar panel wiring sanity check

    Hello, not sure this is the best place to discuss, I have bought a Victron 100/30 mppt smart solar controller to go with my 360w panel. I am looking at the wiring required and breakers and not 100% confident i have it correct. So any feed back would be greatly appreciated. I am looking to buy...