1. FerrisBFW

    Snow chains in France

    We are off to the French Alps next week. So i did my research about winter tyres and have fitted Falken Wildpeak AT3WA tyres with a 3PMSF marking - Three Peak Mountain Snowflake. My Caravelle is 4motion Question is do i need snow chains legally? The place we are staying is not that high -...
  2. J

    Winter tyres and chains for the Austrian Alps

    Hi all, First-time post, so please excuse the lack of knowledge. I am hoping to plan a short ski-trip in the van and have started looking at winter tyre options (among other things). On checking my existing tyres (i.e. the ones the van came with) I was surprised to find that they have the...
  3. Texxaco

    Sold König XG-12 Pro 250 snow chains

    Hi All, As I recently sold my Q5 I have a set of Brand New König XG-12 Pro 250 snow chains for sale Tyre sizes they fit are below, see image also 235/75/16 235/70/17 235/55/19 215/65/17 245/65/17 145/50/19 265/70/15 225/65/18 245/45/20 235/80/16 245/70/16 245/60/18 I paid £195 for them, they...
  4. revdecal

    Sold Thule K Summit XXL K67 Snow Chains

    Never been out of the bag. £250 delivered. The Thule/Konig K-Summit XXL is designed for the crossover range of vehicles and smaller SUV's with loads exceeding 2000 kgs. The Thule/Konig K-Summit is one of the easiest fitting external mounted snow chains on the market today. The quality and...
  5. 3crispies

    Wanted snow chains for 16" wheels

    Heading off over new year and need some chains for the Alps anyone have a set spare ?
  6. #53

    20" alloys and snow chains?

    Hi, Just planning a van and was hoping someone could share their experience. Looking at fitting 20" Wolfrace Wolfsburgs (20x8.5J et42) with 255/40 tyres to a SWB 4Motion T6.1 that will be lowered on -30mm Eibach springs. The question is has anyone with a similar setup fitted snow chains and did...
  7. Markymark

    Snow-Sock Vs Chains

    A mate and I are going to take the camper to the Alps in March for some skiing. Previously I’ve use chains on cars but quite fancy the idea of socks made by Autosocks as they are approved for use in France. Has anyone got any experience of using them on their van in the snow? Many thanks.
  8. I

    Snow Chains or Winter Tyres?

    I am looking at driving my fantastic new t6 to Italy this winter and have started looking at snow chains or winter tyres. I have 275 40 20" and lowered so fitting chains i think will be a challenge and on initial search they are expensive. All help greatly appreciated
  9. T

    Snow Chains - your experience

    Hi folks. I have just got me a pair of snow chains for the first time. I am only front wheel drive, have steel wheels, and only ever, if ever, expect them to get me out of a hole, so no distance driving expected. For this reason i bought Polar for 4x4 and small vans with 16mm chain. They cost...