1. Loz

  2. Alexzeat

    Swamper air filter.

    Hi guys! im looking for a air filter for my t6. im interested in a off road filter , which you recomend? thanks
  3. KombiKommando

    Snorkel Fitting

    Has anyone fitted a snorkel to their T6?
  4. T6 Seikel Snorkel Red

    T6 Seikel Snorkel Red

  5. RickT64motion

    Wanting to fit a Snorkel

    Hi guys, Just seeing if someone could help me with trying to install a snorkel to my right hand drive 2017 t6 multivan 4motion. I have a fabricator who can make me a custom inlet pipe but he can’t work out how to get into the air box without going through structural panels of the guard. I know...