1. hunta

    For Sale Slidepod to fit SWB Kombi £2,200

    SWB Kombi Slidepod for sale Full spec Slidepod in carbon black with grey surfaces, excellent condition including all available upgrades: Removable Table Swan Table LED lighting Cutlery holder 12v Auto Socket Double USB charging point Tailored anti-slip matting Fold-out king size bed Shower...
  2. J

    For Sale Slidepod LWB / SWB.

    I bought this but sold my transporter so Its never been used. Comes with the thicker deluxe memory foam mattress These are a fantastic design with superb engineering. I've got it in my 9 seat shuttle and can still retain all of the seats. I've also got extra bed slats and rails so it can go into...
  3. R

    Sold SlidePod for Kombi SWB £2500

    For sale: Slide Pod for Kombi, top spec and hardly used, its been in the van since I owned it and its a brilliant bit of kit, only selling this as I want to change the system to something like the forty winks where the bed is up behind the rear seats to free up the rear part of the van, used it...
  4. GONA66

    For Sale Slidepod Price Reduced to £2500

    Due to a set up change my Top spec slidepod is for sale ,I have used this twice and it has been fitted to my T6.1 Caravelle for almost a year now. Primarily for a Caravelle model but will fit a Transporter, it has the side cutlery option, the shower attachment ,worktop and underside lights...
  5. B

    How do you use your rear kitchen/camper pod/boot system?

    I have a Kombi that I camp in with the kids, normal Kombi with some bits to help me camp in like front swivels and a slot together ply bed that goes in the back. Food and hot drinks are usually sorted from the boot and under the tailgate, and sometimes inside if the bed isn't assembled. But it's...
  6. RDT

    Sold SWB Kombi Slidepod £2750.00

    SWB Kombi Slidepod for sale Full spec Slidepod just over 1 year old, gloss white with slate grey surround, excellent condition, still under Slidepod warranty, including all available upgrades: Removable Table Swan Table LED lighting Cutlery holder 12v Auto Socket Double USB charging point...
  7. Nickdaw

    Slidepod owner near Halifax

    I’m just thinking about getting a slidepod but would like to see one in the flesh so to speak. So is there anyone near Halifax that has one, that I could come and have a look. Thanks
  8. Jwoodhea1

    Sold 2017 LWB 204 4MOTION DSG T32 Kombi 42k miles NO VAT Fully loaded kombi to caravelle conversion. £40000

    Time to sell up. Two new toys arriving on the drive so this one has to go. Huge spec and unique custom conversion carried out to the highest standards by Bognor Motors and Slidepods. Too much to list but here's a start 2017 T6 T32 LWB 204 4MOTION DSG Kombi twin slider highline in stunning and...
  9. V

    Sold Brand New Black Slidepod for Kombi SWB Van

    Hi all, Looking to sell my brand new Slidepod in black for Kombi van, purchased for my factory van order that I've now given up on due to further delays (14 months so far) so I now have £4k's worth of Slidepod sat in my garage that's never been used. It is a full spec Slidepod so take a look...
  10. N

    Warning -re indecision, deposits and refunds

    Just a word of warning on contracts and deposits. In February I agreed to have a lot of work done including installing a pop top roof from what I understood was a reputable convertor Slidepods. I paid a deposit of £500 and an additional £5000 to order the roof as I was very worried about the...
  11. S

    Sold SWB Kombi Slidepod

    T5/6 SWB Kombi Slidepod for sale The pod slides out the rear of the van to offer a fully functional kitchen, with a double hob, sink, and substantial storage cupboard. The bed system in this model allows the rear kombi seats to fold down into a full king size flat bed. This unit is less than a...
  12. TW2904

    Wanted Slide Pod for LWB Shuttle

    Hi folks, I’m looking for a SlidePod that’s compatible with a LWB Shuttle. If anyone has one and is thinking of selling, please give me a shout :thumbsup: Thanks!
  13. G

    Wanted Bed or Slidepod

    Hi, I'm looking for a bed or maybe slide pod for a kombi. Thanks, Gary
  14. L

    Need slidepod help

    Hi …. Just installed the slidepod and there was no user handbook … my sons taken it away now to Scotland and can’t find tap for the waste water tank … hopeless aren’t I ….anyone help ??
  15. W

    Ovano, JC Vans, Slidepods, Plyguys, Steelpods, Fortywinks, Vanessa - Kombi dilemma!

    Hi all, Other half and I have been going around in circles evaluating all of the options out there to make a Kombi my versatile as a day van/camper. It's great having all of these options out there, but it makes narrowing them down to a decision that much more difficult. We had a camper but...

    Sold Seatpod Slidepod

    Selling our beloved Slidepod to help fund a new direction for the campervan. (Due to the puppy growing into a big dog) Perfect for couples, go check out for more information, this model RRP at £4650. And there is a waiting time on them too! People who don’t know about...
  17. hunta

    Slidepod owners - what's your set up?

    Inspired by the photos in the for sale post @Malalajan has put up I thought I'd ask everyone with a Slidepod or similar what they've found works well and what doesn't. We've got ours ready to go, just waiting for the weather to warm up a bit so we can use it. I like the idea of cargo nets for...
  18. M

    Sold Slidepod - Red and Grey

    Hi, am selling my slide pod in red with grey frame and top which would look great with most colour schemes. It’s a great thing and is spec’d with all of the options, including the shower unit, lights and USB connections. There is also a table that fastens to the pod unit. Photos attached, as...
  19. T

    Any VW detectives out there?

    Calling all VW detectives. I'm due to collect my VW 6.1 Kombi next Monday. Just been told by Slidepods it drives sluggishly and they found a long list of fault codes, though they ca't tell me what fault codes... It's going to see an auto electrician near Slidepods tomorrow am but I'm wondering...
  20. explodingkitten

    Sold Slidepod Kombi - kitchen pod and bed (reduced)

    Hey all. For sale, my Slidepod Kombi in a really funky rust steel colour and matt black two tone. Our family is too big for a Transporter; and (sadly) we are going to change to a full on dull motorhome. The pod was bought new early 2021 from Cosmic Campers, we have only used it a couple of...