1. A

    Wanted Black shuttle sliding door cards

    Looking for left and right shuttle sliding door cards in black.
  2. Rob The Daddy


    Hi Everyone, I'm sorry if this has already been spoken of. Can someone point me in the right direction to "find out" please, how much I can load 'into' my T6 'T32' Shuttle. Rear third seat folded down. Thank you. Rob
  3. M

    Need help!

    Hi everyone. I am in need of a A/C control panel for a 15 reg Shuttle similar to the one in the photo. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  4. B

    Min To Max On Dipstick - how much oil?

    We have a 22 plate T6.1 and the oil level is now on absolute minimum level. How much oil does it take to top it up to full. The reason I ask us that this is a Motability vehicle so I am not allowed to top it up. This is the 2nd time I have brought it to VW to be done, last time they did...
  5. N

    For Sale 2016 LWB Camper conversion 150ps, euro 6, 6spd manual, 49k miles £29k

    For sale is my 2016 VW T6 T32 Transporter LWB 6 speed manual. This is a very clean and well specced van. MOT March 2024 original number plate now back on YT16OCH for checking MOT. Mileage 49,000miles Full service history Importantly ULEZ compliant with adblue. Exterior: NAVIS twin 5 20"...
  6. D

    Shuttle rear blower only blowing on to windows

    Evening all, Please point me in the right direction if there's already a post, I've looked through and can't see the same issue! 2019 Shuttle SWB My rear blowers fed from the fan in the rear are only putting air on to the windows, not on to the passengers. I've taken the panel off, the...
  7. abunnyuk

    Sold Rear (3rd row) seat belts

    Pair of 3rd row seat belts that came out of my Shuttle. Looking for £100. Related to T6 Rear Bench Seat + Brackets and I finally found the safe place I put them in :D Collection from Leeds would be ideal and I can drop them off if you're local, otherwise I can provide an estimate for postage.
  8. J

    Shuttle drivers side sliding door card removal

    Can any help with instructions on how to remove the drivers side (T6 shuttle) sliding door, door card? Does the door need to be removed to do this? The door has a rattle and apparently you have to remove the door card and cover the fixings with tape!!!¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Any help much appreciated as I can’t...
  9. T

    SWB Shuttle Seat Combination

    Hi, Not sure where I seen it and sure it was an older thread. Someone suggested you could move the rear bench to 2nd row and put the central 2nd row seat in the 3rd row. I wanted to share that I tried the suggestion and it worked. Quite hard doing it on your own but will be well worth the more...
  10. abunnyuk

    Help identifying trim part

    I have a tailgate window motor cover that I need to install which comes with the trim fir tree clips already installed but the van is missing the female plugs that are needed to connect it to the bodywork. I have a few already in other places around the van that are redundant after removing all...
  11. abunnyuk

    Shuttle Conversion - Asymmetric wheel arch metalwork

    I'm in the process of converting my shuttle and I've removed all of the rear trim and the HVAC. I've had half-height panels cut by Plyworx and I only noticed when fitting them that VW cut out sections of metal around the wheel arch, presumably for the HVAC, resulting in there being nothing to...
  12. abunnyuk

    For Sale T6 Shuttle LWB - Head liner, HVAC, and tailgate trim

    Recently removed the headlining (complete with lights and heating/cooling controls), HVAC unit (not A/C), and the tailgate trim. Wiring/piping not included. £100 for the lot or could sell itemised. Offers considered. Happy to deliver in the Leeds area, otherwise collection only.
  13. T

    For Sale 2016 180PS Combi Highline Diesel Manual

    VW Transporter Shuttle 8 seater full Bentley style cross stitched leather. No VAT. 180BiTdi Bluemotion Twin sliding doors. Twin captains seats...
  14. J

    Shuttle sliding door rubbing wheel arch and sill

    Hi, My shuttle door trim is rubbing the wheel arch, and has worn away some paint off the lower sill where the door closes. I know you can adust the door, but when the door is open it is not touching the wheel arch, I have watched it whilst opening and it doesnt touch. It was checked by VW who...
  15. MansfieldHQ

    Sleeping - shuttle/options

    Evening folks, So, I wonder if this type of product/solution is available… Essentially, I am looking for a bed base that fits in the middle row of a T6.1 Shuttle (motability so can’t adapt too much). We have bench only in R3 setup, for various mobility issues. We have removed the 3x single...
  16. T

    Newbie Advice for bike rack installation

    Hi, First post so go easy. I have lots of questions and not sure whether to post all separately or just as one? Just read some of the Hints and Tips thread and the don’t buy anything till you need it seems so true. Like a kid in a sweetie shop, want everything and want it now! Priority...
  17. nicktrst

    Shuttle Roof Switches in black?

    Hi, I have a 2017 Shuttle and I'm wanting to to the roof lining, A pillars etc in Suede. But all my switches for the AC, lights etc are cream in the rear. Has anyone done this and changed them to black, and if so where do I get the parts from.
  18. L

    For Sale 2016 LWB Shuttle TDI SE 9 seater, 73,000 miles now reduced to £22,750

    2 owners, full service history, LWB ideal for camper conversion. 9 seater Shuttle (driver, 2 seater front bench, 2nd row bench of 3, 3rd row bench of 3 (removable)), 6 speed, AC, Rear parking sensors, reluctant to sell but need to downsize. Used as family vehicle (5 kids). Mechanically sound...
  19. N

    Found Shuttle/kombi 6 seater

    Evening all I’ve sold my t6 caravelle and was looking for another caravelle lwb t6.1 but decided to wait. In the meantime I’m looking for something as new as possible/or very good history for the money- £20-£25k Twin sliding doors Lwb maybe Swb if kombi Dsg Minimum 6 seats Or open to...