1. VR46

    Buying advice for used 102bhp Shuttle

    Hello everyone! Our family is about to gain 2 new members as my fiancee is 2 weeks away from having our twins. With the two we already have, we need the room and flexibility of a Shuttle. I've found a well priced 2017 102bhp with 38k on it that is in great condition all round, including leather...
  2. O

    shuttle conversion

    Any advice from those that have done similar would be great! Probably a relatively common one, I'm the proud new owner of a t5.1 2014 LWB DSG shuttle which I'll be putting a simple conversion in. I need 6 seats and want to keep it van-able for bikes, carrying loads etc... Thinking some kind of...
  3. ceejbee

    T6 Shuttle pre purchase question

    Hello all, what a lovely forum, found quite a lot out already! I used to have a T5.1 Kombi and miss it.....I’m looking at getting a Shuttle this time, I’ve downloaded an older version of the Shuttle brochure and done a few searches on Google but I can’t find this bit out. My question (and...
  4. burnercan

    C-pillar cupholder removal

    Some bits and pieces of the kid's phone charger came apart and fell down through the 12v socket in the RH c-pillar cupholder. Does anyone know if that cupholder can be removed without removing the entire lower rear side panel? I've been searching around as well as pulling and cursing and so far...
  5. M

    T6 Shuttle ULEV compliment

    I have decided it’s time to upgrade my 25 year old T4 Caravelle. I’ve been looking at ULEV compliment T6 Shuttles (2016 onwards), I have 4 children and it will be used mainly as a family car with trips to France and Scotland and some camping. Budget wise it seems that my main option is a 102...
  6. P

    2016 t6 9 seat shuttle

    Hi how do I turn middle row the 3 independent seats to face the rear bench ? The floor lugs don’t seem to accept the seats in this position, do I have to turn the floor lugs around as well ?
  7. bullracing

    Sold Kombi / Shuttle Swb Interior And Seats Package Or Seperate

    This was removed from my 2016 T6 Shuttle SE trim with 9500miles on. All parts are SE trim so thicker carpet, black panels etc. The carpet is a Shuttle carpet so will have some holes where the rear seats were. One row of seats already sold. Interior bits include: Both twin sliding door panels...
  8. W

    2015 Shuttle Bus Trim Removal

    Hi there, recently purchased a vw shuttle, and I’m looking to convert it myself. Being a newbie, I’m having trouble figuring out hit to remove the plastic panels. I have pry tool set at hand. But don’t want to wrench on something and snap the clips . Any help and advise is appreciated TIA
  9. B

    Irish Vw Shuttles

    Anybody know why most of the Irish shuttle buses are soooo expensive compared to mainland UK. They mostly have the specs that I want ie. a rubber floor throughout and 150bhp and are called Trendlines as oppose s and se spec shuttles!? If anybody know if there are loopholes to avoid maybe the...
  10. csnell71

    Swb T6 Shuttle And Rib Bed

    Hi I wonder if anyone answer a query. I've just sold a lwb van and now want a swb shuttle as I'd like to use the middle row single seat as an extra but also put a rib bed behind it. I know the rib beds need to be fitted further forward due to design but just down know if there would be room if...
  11. bullracing

    Roof Loom Diagram Or Uses

    The van was a shuttle so had the heater in the back and the roof heater controller in the roof. With the pop top now done I have a loom thats in the way and I dont know what to do with it. My front heater controller has a button called REAR. Which I assume turns the rear on. Is it possible that...
  12. TheHungryGhost

    Shuttle Seats Help!

    Hi, I've got a shuttle, and I can no longer get the seats to tilt or come out, one was like this when I got it, and the other has just stopped working. I've had a go, but I cant see how to get the seats out. I can get to the end of the cable that moves when you pull the seat tilt lever (to...
  13. C

    T6 Tsi Shuttle

    Put a deposit on this yesterday, all going well pick it up next weekend. We have had a T5 Shuttle SWB for last 4 or so year and its brilliant so was always going to get another. Been keeping an eye out for a few months and being a bit of a petrol head the Tsi appealed to me with a remap. A...
  14. C

    Tsi Shuttles

    Hi folks, just joined up but have had a T5 2.5 for about 4 years now. Its a SWB shuttle and used as family car etc but Im on the hunt for a Tsi Shuttle T6. The thing is they seem to be very rare. Who out there has one or knows of them? Ideal spec would be a remapped 8 seat SWB red Tsi...
  15. markob

    Shuttle (t32) Suspension Options?

    Looking to upgrade the suspension on my LWB Shuttle which according to the v5 is a T32. The standard setup is crazy high and really bouncy, this is probably not helped by the fact I removed all the rear seats (9 seater!) I have read about the van being designed to drive well fully loaded...
  16. bullracing

    Dvla And Changing From 9 To 5 Seater Mpv

    I had trouble getting insurance as it was classed as a 9 seater minibus. I took pictures of the van as a 5 seater. I got a video walk around and pictures of the front single seats and the middle 3rd row. I had a rug in the back and no seats. Would DVLA accept that or do I need to have the van...
  17. bullracing

    Shuttle To Camper

    I purchased a work van. I always go for the MPV versions for work vehicles as it allows me to do higher speeds and that helps with the long miles. However after doing a few jobs we simply cannot use it as a work van so its time for our T5 part camper to go and for this to be our full on camper...
  18. bullracing

    Changing/upgrading Heater Controls

    I have a shuttle ac controller or as vcds says the semi climate control. This one (part numbers taken from ebay ads) 7E0907047F When on vcds I noticed that the model is determined via can. I am changing the back to a camper and so the rear heating will be removed, I have also fitted front...
  19. bullracing

    For Sale Full Rear Shuttle Conversion From A T6

    As I am going for a full camper I will be removing all the rear of the van. I am hoping to fund a pop top with the sale of this and the caravelle seats (seperate ad) unless there is a pop top installer wanting to do a deal ;-) A complete rear shuttle conversion removed from a 2016 T6 with 10k...
  20. K

    Team Grey Taxi