1. S

    Air conditioning not working

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has any advice please. 2017 T6 shuttle with climate control. Owned about 5 months. Few months ago noticed the air con wasn't blowing cold. Not sure if it ever had to be honest, never really checked it until weather heated up. Had it regassed, think the chap said...
  2. J

    For Sale T6 triple leather bench seat £400

    Black leather , triple bench seat with seat belts, backrest folds down on to seat base or the whole bench tilts forward. Out of my 2016 Lwb shuttle, didn’t need 9 seats hence selling the rear row. It’s Missing a headrest but apart from that they’re in excellent condition as seen in pics. Any...
  3. G

    Can i retrofit rear Parking sensors to my Shuttle?

    Hi all can anyone help I have this head unit part no 1k8035150e can I add genuine vw rear parking sensors to it the shuttle I have is a treadline if that helps many thanks Steve.
  4. ShuttleBug

    For Sale Shuttle Middle Row 1+1+1 (eBay)

    Hi I have just listed my shuttle middle row seating on the E-bay machine ! If any one is interested 1+1+1 buy now for £575 They are still in the van but will be removed shortly.
  5. S

    Seats in Shuttle

    Hi I have a 2020 T6.1 Shuttle lwb and am in the process of looking for two child seats to fit in the middle row of seats it has 3 single seats, is it possible to turn the seats so they face the rear of the vehicle I think it will give more protection to the children.
  6. Rob The Daddy

    T6 Shuttle - Removing third row rear seats (one long piece)

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all safe and well. I've just read a thread in 2018 about this although the subject was just touched upon. I wondered if anyone has a You Tube/ media clip to show how the third row long seat can be taken out. The family have a recent baby addition (3 weeks old!); and...
  7. Z

    For Sale 2019 T6 Shuttle Seat Set -only 5600miles

    Lovely set of 3 front singles and 1 rear 3 seater from my 2019 T6- only covered 5600miles so seats in good order. Offers for the set.
  8. B

    Shuttle conversions with blinds

    Hi guys, I searched through a few old threads on here but wondered if any other shuttle owners have installed blinds/curtains recently and if so which ones? any pics would be great. Thanks
  9. N

    For Sale 2019 DSG Shuttle SE, Silver £26950.

    £26950. VW Transporter Shuttle, Diesel, 9 seat, (3,3,3) in Reflex Silver, T32 SE, DSG (7sp Auto box) LWB 2.0TDi 150PS 13,303 miles. First registered June 2019. Full service history. ULEZ. VW manufacturers warranty still in place until June 2022. 2 owners:- VW and then me. I purchased the Shuttle...
  10. Jonnydub

    Wiring shuttle lights and 12v sockets to leisure battery

    Hi all, on the road down converting my shuttle to day van and was looking for some lighting advice. Was thinking about running my rear lights and sockets off the leisure battery (under the drivers with diesel heater) and replacing the bulbs to LEDs. With there being so many lights and sockets...
  11. sam wildcat

    Shuttle rear-heater display not working.

    Any ideas rear display not working so no heating in back i have check the fuses under the gear stick I have pressed the rear button on main heater took display out and no wires broken thanks san Took display moved plug in and out it lights up and starts the heater then goes...
  12. M

    Convert to t30 Hubs from T32

    Hi All, I've a T30 shuttle which has the T32 front struts. Now that I've converted the van to become a camper, I'm looking to lower the vehicle and smooth out the harsh suspension. Looking online there are a number of Coil-over kits such as the Koni option but they're all T30 only. Looking on...
  13. Jongall

    Sold 2016 Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle. £21k

    2016 Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech SE Shuttle 102 Bhp (remapped) 5 speed FWD (s/s) 5dr in white. 34100 miles Due major service & belts change Slight surface rust on n/s door runner (pictured) & I broke the radio. Still works for rear camera but touch screen damaged...
  14. R

    For Sale T5/T6 triple seat + belts + brackets £450

    Rear seat bench in outstanding condition. Converting van to camper so not needed.
  15. Rossb

    Sold Triple bench seat £300

    VW Transporter triple fold down bench seat.(Pandu Trim). Taken out of my 2016 shuttle. Comes with floor brackets and seat belts. In nice condition Collection from Milton Keynes area. £300
  16. dErZ

    My Shuttle Day-Van Conversion

    I purchased a 2018 LWB SE shuttle a couple of months ago and began modifying it straight away. We have always dreamed of having a van so basically sold my motorbikes and purchased this shuttle from Scotland. Drove my car up there traded it in and drove this home. 4 hours after collecting it I...
  17. S

    Shuttle camper conversion?

    Hi guys, I’m looking at popping my VW Transporter cherry and have been trawling the net and eBay to find my perfect one. Ideally I want a lwb with tailgate and mfsw, which at sometime in the future I’ll be converting into a camper. I think I’ve now found the right one, but it’s a shuttle and...
  18. N

    For Sale 2019 T32 Shuttle SE LWB 150ps 2.0TDi 7sp DSG Silver 13250k miles. £28,950

    Hi, I have for sale my VW 2019 Transporter Shuttle T32 SE, LWB, 150ps 2.0 TDi, 7sp DSG gearbox. Price is £28950.00. It is in Reflex Silver, diesel and has 13350.00 miles on the clock. It is the LWB, 9 seat, 150ps 2.0TDi and has the DSG, 7sp gearbox and Euro 6BG. VW manufacturers warranty still...
  19. dErZ

    California door table into a shuttle

    Does anyone know if you can fit the california door surround/table into a shuttle and keep the pull up blind from the shuttle ?
  20. Duggers83

    For Sale T6 '17 LWB Shuttle interior parts for sale

    Hi, I have interior lights, seats, panels etc for sale from a 2017 T6 LWB Shuttle. All in superb condition and I want rid of them to clear space so please make me an offer. Interior fixtures, three single seats and rear triple bench seat from a ’17 shuttle. All in great condition. Specifics: -...