1. M

    T6 Shuttle Rubber Floor Mats

    Hi, I’m looking for some rubber floor mats for the 2nd and 3rd row of my T6 shuttle. Any ideas where to find some?
  2. MansfieldHQ

    rear bench to middle row?

    is it possible to move the rear bench forward to the middle row to give a large boot? pros/cons? (swb shuttle, t6.1) we currently have 1+1+1 removed from middle row which has been useful but need more boot space now so hoping i can shift the bench forward? thanks
  3. S

    Sold T6 LWB Shuttle Headliner

    Following my van conversion I have a T6 shuttle headliner LWB 2016 to get rid of. I have sold most of the stuff but just happy for this not to go into landfill. The van had done 40k and in very good nic. Headliner only. Pick up only in hitchin Herts. Message me if interested in any other shuttle...
  4. B

    For Sale 2018 DSG Shuttle SE LWB Euro 6. 52,000 miles. £33,500

    Reluctantly we are selling our T6 shuttle. Semi converted to a camper. Everything has been fitted into the existing fixings/anchors so meaning that the bodywork has not been compromised and that the Tent & slidepod can be clipped off/on. Fuel type: Diesel Engine size: 1968 cc Colour: Mojave...
  5. K

    Help with 3rd row single seat bracket locations

    Hi can any one give me advice on a 3rd row seat my van is lwb so drilled holes 4 r on cross member the other 4 r in side the rear trailing arms the metal looks to be 3l ayers thick in there do I need to try and get plates in there here’s the picture below of the holes inside trailing arm box...
  6. J

    Shuttle overhead light fixings

    while replacing the bulbs with LED's i damaged a few of the metal locating clips! Any suggestion where i could get some replacements?
  7. 3crispies

    Rear interior panel part no

    Looking for part number so can add one to passenger side. Sorry hoping not to remove to check on rear of panel. Thanks in advance
  8. C

    Arch trim with Shuttle doors

    Hi, anyone fitted arch trims with a Shuttle or Caravelle? Just wondering if the door will rub on the trim as they appear to stick out slightly.
  9. DaveCrampton

    For Sale 2017 T6 Shuttle SE LWB. £25k

    Hi, I'm selling my Shuttle SE to fund a camper. LWB 7 Speed auto Full service history 92605k miles MOT until 3rd June 2023 Clean inside and out. Cam Belt changed last November. I bought it as a prospect to convert to a camper. Few converters would accept it and after looking at lots of...
  10. DaveCrampton

    To sell or not to sell - to change...

    I have owned my 2017 T6 Shuttle SE LWB for 13 months now. I bought after seeing a friend's camper, after the price of campers skyrocketed during the lockdown. I could see prices of camper rising way beyond my budget. Since then my shuttle (may) have risen in price (autotrader) and would now...
  11. S

    Carista Central Electronics error

    2017 VW Transporter T6 Error 01838 Rader Interior Monitoring Control Module 2 (G305) This issue is linked to the alarm interior movement sensor. I have tested this by locking the car with me inside and moving around. I would expect to set the alarm off but nothing happens. The alarm fails to go...
  12. Steved55

    Admiral and Shuttle after conversion

    Hi - I bought my shuttle at the end of last year and after ringing round was pleased to find, because of its car classification, that I could add it to my multi car policy. We have slowly modified and converted her over the last six months and reluctantly we are parting with our t5 camper this...

    For Sale Folding triple bench, circuit trim, T6.1, £550.00

    I have for sale, the three seater bench seat from our T6.1 Shuttle that I’ve replaced with a 130 RIB Slider… I’ve included a few photos but wasn’t easy to get pictures to show accurately the great condition of the seat. It’s like new… Thanks for looking Jenxfive The most recent photos I have...
  14. S

    Doorcard retrim help

    Good afternoon guys. One of my first posts so go easy on me. I've acquired some shuttle doorcards similar to the caravelle ones but without the chrome trim down the center. I've decided I'm going to retrim them with faux black leather on the bottom and do the center panel aubergine, we're...
  15. abunnyuk

    VCDS - Auto lock/unlock not working (SOLVED)

    I've enabled both the auto lock and unlock adaptations on my T6 LWB Shuttle with a genuine VCDS HEX-2 but neither of them are working. I've also verified in long coding that the change was made: Other changes such as big MPH, needle sweep, and parking sensor volume have applied...
  16. abunnyuk

    For Sale T6 LWB Shuttle rear interior

    I'm converting my 2019 LWB Shuttle and the first step was to remove the plastic sides between the sliding doors and tailgate along with the pillar covers which now need a new home. Despite my best efforts, some of the white plastic trim mounts broke from the O/S panel when removing it and the...
  17. S

    Sold 2017 (66 plate) T6 SWB Shuttle SE manual (6 speed) 150bhp Indium grey day van/camper. £26,900

    Here for sale is my 2017 (66 plate) T6 SWB shuttle SE manual (6 speed) 150bhp in indium grey. I've owned since March 2021 when I bought it in completely standard condition from the first owner who bought it new and used it as a family vehicle. Owned outright, registered to me at my address...
  18. abunnyuk

    Shuttle roof lights reprogram

    At the moment I have an OEM roof on my 2019 LWB shuttle. When I turn the ignition off and remove the key, I'm able to use the ceiling lights for an amount of time (something like 5-10 minutes) but then they turn off and are unusable until the key is in again. I completely understand the purpose...
  19. C

    Found T6 Shuttle - Ideally LWB

    My friend has seen the light and realised how useful my T6 is so is on the market for one. Ideally LWB, Tdi, manual or DSG, 8 seater, SE spec. Other than that open to anything really. Would like cruise, parking sensors / camera. No high milers. What do you have? He will have a 2017...
  20. VioletVW

    3rd row QR seat installation - brackets?

    Hi all, I have already looked through the threads linked to this but do not have a definitive answer so here goes: Are the reinforcing brackets required when installing the 4 quick release brackets in the 3rd row necessary? I’ve seen responses mentioning that their factory shuttle does not...