1. S

    Fitting an Amp to a Shuttle with rear speakers

    Anyone give me a heads up on how I get a line out for an amp on my Shuttle, it already has rear speakers, but I'd like some extra bass in the rear ideally in a separate box/amp set up. I want this removable as my van goes from Dayvan with Slidepod,to 9 seater,to stripped out as a bare van...
  2. Pete bee

    For Sale T6 Single rear seat

    Single quick release rear right seat with seat belt and floor fixings. Seat from 2016 shuttle in good condition but small hole on rear see photo. sorry Collection only as very heavy (Near Stansted Airport). £250 £200 £150 or best offer Please PM if interested.
  3. Marshy

    For Sale VW T6 Transporter Shuttle (5 seats)

    Hello everyone, I am selling my T6 Shuttle (5 seats). Excellent condition with only 21592 miles. Air con, leather seats, front and rear spoiler, side running bars, upgraded head lights and fitted front fogs, 20 inch Black Gloss Alloys. Very reluctant sale - a lovely van. £28950 £27950 OVNO...
  4. N

    2019 Shuttle conversion to campervan

    I am a newbie to the conversion process. I have a 2019 LWB DSG shuttle and I will be converting it over the next 6-9 months. I have arranged and booked a Pop top fitting but any advice on the best order to complete things, will be very much welcomed.I would like to know what I can be doing...
  5. O

    Would you let the van speed limit put you off buying a T32 LWB Kombi vs a Shuttle?

    Hi all. About to purchase a van, narrowed it down to a LWB T32 Kombi for £29k or a Shuttle for £26k. Same age (2019), both DSG and similar miles and spec. Kombi advantages to me would be the number of larger choice of mods, camping pods, converters, roofs etc and this particular one has a few...
  6. H

    Shuttle - changing MFSW + indicator & wiper stalks?

    I'm buying a Shuttle - collection soon so excitement is building - but one of the mods I want to do is to put a MFSW in. I have a standard T6 MFSW coming that has cruise buttons on the left (CNL button and no ACC), a little separate volume control below, and MFD on the right. Here is a link...
  7. W

    Shuttle road tax

    I’m just doing an HPI on a 2018 shuttle I’m considering buying and it says this; does that mean I’d have to pay £475 road tax?:eek:
  8. L3hm4nn

    My Shuttle Conversion

    Shuttle conversion started !
  9. H

    Boarding over Shuttle rear windows

    Hi all Did a search, but didn’t find anything. I’m seriously considering buying a shuttle as I quite like the full windowed look, but want the interior of a kombi. Has anyone stripped out all the panelling on a Shuttle and boarded the interior and covered the rear side windows? I would plan to...
  10. Neils3hg

    Shuttle rear bench seat stuck

    Anyone ever had the rear bench seat stuck in the van? Can’t seem to release the left hand side, I’ve had them out before so I’m pretty sure I’m doing it correctly!
  11. O

    Help with stuck-on window surrounds

    Hi all, not aure if these are shuttle specific but on one side of my van in the sliding door I have these black plastic trims, they arent in the other sliding door. The appear to be stuck to the glass? anyone have a clue how to remove them? Need to put my curtains in.
  12. S

    Warning triangle provision

    Anyone know if the Shuttle would come with a warning triangle? And where it would be?
  13. M

    Retrofitting rear AC to SWB T6 Shuttle

    Hi I have recently bought a SWB 2016 T6 Shuttle and didn't realise it didn't have AC in the rear. I have it in the front but would like it in the back as well. Is this something that is possible? Has anyone attempted it?
  14. T

    shuttle roof removal

    as title how easy/hard is it to do worked out b/c/d pillars need removing :) what next want to fix tv to roof securely thanks
  15. Pauly

    Sliding-window leak

    Cant believe it, heard plenty about T5 windows leaking and just assumed they would have fixed it by now but apparently not. Over the last week every time it rains i have a nice trickle of water running from the front lower corner of my OSR slider down to a nice wet patch on the floor, thats to...
  16. Duggers83

    Removing rear AC unit from Shuttle

    Hi, I would like to remove the rear AC unit from my '17 Shuttle. Can anyone provide advice on this subject OR recommend who I could speak to or the work, please? After speaking with a few garages, unfortunately, it doesn't sound straightforward. Many thanks, Ben
  17. Duggers83

    For Sale Shuttle seats for sale

    Hi, I have six seats that I would like to sell. They’re made up of one rear three seat bench and three individual seats which form the middle row of a 2017 Caravelle. The seats are in great condition and work perfectly. Any questions just ask. Open to offers. cheers Ben
  18. S

    Shuttle 10 seats!!!!!!!!?????

    Hi all. I am in the early stages of negotiation of buying a 2007 T5 shuttle with 10 seats in total. 2 in the front 3, 2 then 3 in the rear leaving a very small boot. I have been doing a bit of digging and haven't been able to find a listing of this as an original factory option. The van is in...
  19. A

    Brake disc wear at 15k on shuttle

    Hi, I’ve just bought a t6 shuttle 18 plate 15k on clock. I’ve noticed there is a bit of a lip on the rear discs compared to the front. Is this normal for this milage on a shuttle. I’m paranoid that it’s been clocked but no real way of finding out I suppose. Thanks Adam
  20. VR46

    Buying advice for used 102bhp Shuttle

    Hello everyone! Our family is about to gain 2 new members as my fiancee is 2 weeks away from having our twins. With the two we already have, we need the room and flexibility of a Shuttle. I've found a well priced 2017 102bhp with 38k on it that is in great condition all round, including leather...