1. Samro

    Temporary extra seats in second row in camper conversion.

    I have a SWB converted kombi with 1+1+1 seats which is a great multipurpose vehicle. The seats are removed regularly to suit my work/family life and I find the arrangement very versatile. We are excited to have a second vehicle (LWB panel van) turning up in the next 30 days and this will be...
  2. veearrsix

    Cold feet, well foot

    Does anyone else have an issue with the footwell heating. The heater works fine, blows on all speeds, but when set to warm the footwell, there seems to be more hit or coming out of the dash vents than the footwell vents. Also, I only seem to be able to warm up my right foot, as a cold draught...
  3. K

    For Sale 2017 2.0 TDI BlueMotion Tech SE Shuttle Starlight Blue 21800 miles £31995 2 Yrs Warranty Reluctantly selling my Shuttle so please be gentle. Immaculate throughout lots of factory fitted options. 21800 miles 1 Owner Comes with All-in from Volkswagon 2 years' Warranty 2 years' Roadside Assistance 2 Services 2 MOTs Just get in...
  4. P

    Pop-Top - Shuttle roof liner fail :-(

    We have just had an new HiLo roof installed. We choose not to have the orignal roof linning replaced, as we saw no point in the additional expense (£900). When we collected the vehicle, it was pointed out that (see pic) 'this was the best finish available' as we had opted to not have roof trim...
  5. G

    Does VW factory fit 1+1+1 rear seats?

    I have a new T6.1 on order and I'm collection various bits (wheels etc) in keen anticipation of making the van my own. One of the mods I'll make is to replace the rear 2+1 seat with 1+1+1. The dealer tells me the factory wont do this but I read else where that people are selling new 1+1+1 from...
  6. T

    …about to order a shuttle but cannot settle on a colour

    About to order t6.1 shuttle, LWB, but torn between bay leaf Green or ascot grey. Unable to see anything in forecourts due to lack of stock which makes the choice harder! It’s through motability, so can only make minimal changes, but we want our wee man, the wheelchair user to have a cool van! We...
  7. Duggers83

    Removing rear heater / AC unit from Shuttle

    Hi, I would like to remove the rear AC unit from my '17 Shuttle. Can anyone provide advice on this subject OR recommend who I could speak to or the work, please? After speaking with a few garages, unfortunately, it doesn't sound straightforward. Many thanks, Ben
  8. N

    Newbie. Problem with back bench in Shuttle. Wont clip back in

    Hello. Looking for some advice, please. We unclipped and removed the back 3 seater bench in our 2017 Shuttle. It just won't clip back in! It looks like the clippy grabby pincer bits, which should grip onto the bars on the floor, are jammed half closed. Please, does anyone know how to fix...
  9. T

    First transporter… shuttle .

    Hi everyone Eventually purchased a T6 shuttle rather than kombi. Wife was unsure on the kombi as more van like .
  10. Jeffers316

    For Sale T6 2017 LWB Shuttle interior for sale

    My 2017 LWB T6 is having the camper conversion so the whole interior has been removed and I would like to sell it as a job lot. The drivers seat will be re-used and is not available and the front seat is a double. The rear air condition unit is also available. I would rather not split it and am...
  11. G


    This VW Transporter T6 comes with a high specification; air-conditioning, 20” Momo Alloy Wheels, Roof bars, side bars plus many extras. Photos shown with rear back 3 seats in and also removed. (6 Rear seats can be added or removed easily). Additionally remote locking, radio cd with bluetooth...
  12. Paynewright

    Seats - Caravelle / Shuttle hybrid?

    Anyone compared the Caravelle rear captains chairs and Shuttle single middle seat side by side? Just wondering if a caravelle seat will bolt to a shuttle seat base so you can get all the adjustability of a Caravelle seat to clip into the normal floor brackets? Could be an expensive folly...
  13. L

    Sold Full interior from T6 LWB Shuttle in black

    Headlining with all vents and lights except the ac control panel, both sliders and rear panels all with blinds, tailgate with surround, speakers and mounts. Collection from Camberley or can meet someone near by. £400.
  14. B

    For Sale VW Ocean 5th seat Moonrock Grey

    T6 OCEAN 5TH SEAT MOONROCK GREY We have never used it, been stored and covered in the garage covered taking space now required. As new condition except for a small scratch to side of metal base (see photo) no idea how!! £200 or make me a very good offer - BUY TO COLLECT FROM SW15 LONDON or could...
  15. DorsetJim

    Don’t buy a shuttle they say………

    Evening All, just thought I would do a mini thread on the build so far. After much research at the beginning and the useful knowledge on the site we decided to go for a 2018 shuttle as it had all the spec and was in budget. ours is our family daily that will also double as weekend warrior...
  16. L

    What’s this Shuttle worth?

    I have the chance to buy an ex NHS ambulance T6 that looks like it was used to transport organs from place to place as well as other duties. The Transporter is a Shuttle LWB SE 150BHP. Its an 18 plate with around 70K how much do think this is worth? Are ex ambulances worth buying? What would I...
  17. M

    Shuttle rear ceiling air conditioning / ventilation

    Hi all, hoping someone can help please? Got a LWB Shuttle towards end of last year and the air conditioning / ventilation vents on the roof just don’t appear to have ever worked. Up front in the cab seems fine. Can engage the ‘rear’ button on the dash and the light comes on and the lower rear...
  18. S

    Air conditioning not working

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has any advice please. 2017 T6 shuttle with climate control. Owned about 5 months. Few months ago noticed the air con wasn't blowing cold. Not sure if it ever had to be honest, never really checked it until weather heated up. Had it regassed, think the chap said...
  19. J

    For Sale T6 triple leather bench seat £400

    Black leather , triple bench seat with seat belts, backrest folds down on to seat base or the whole bench tilts forward. Out of my 2016 Lwb shuttle, didn’t need 9 seats hence selling the rear row. It’s Missing a headrest but apart from that they’re in excellent condition as seen in pics. Any...
  20. B

    Shuttle Caravelle ceiling vents stuck on side windows. VCDS adaptation?

    On my Shuttle the ceiling vents in the rear are stuck on side vent only, the control panel should allow you to swap between side vents, main vents or both, it has never worked on mine. Following advice on here I dropped the headliner at the rear where it meets the D pillar air duct and found...